Study French with Nacel! Learn French will give you access to French literature and culture and allow you to travel to France, Belgium, Québec and many African countries.

French is also an important language for international relations and in international organizations! Do not miss the opportunity to study and practise French in France

There are 1000 reasons why you may be interested in the French language and culture. And the best way to discover France, its culture and its way of life is to learn French in France with Nacel!
The French language is originally spoken in four European countries: France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland. Today more of 350 million people speak French around the world and French is the official language in 31 countries.

It’s an official language of all United Nations agencies and of a large number of international organizations.

Why learn French in France with Nacel?

  • To learn French in France with Nacel is the best way to improve your French.
  • Admire the Tour Eiffel with your own eyes after your French courses.
  • Taste the French Gastronomy while your stay in France.
  • After your French courses or during the weekends travel and discover France.
  • Learn while enjoying the rich cultural life of this country.
  • Go to the French Riviera after your french courses.
  • Eat cheese and baguettes while drinking wine, and practice your French language with local people.
  • Learn French, the language of love, and put it on practice after your French courses.
  • While you study French in France, your host family will make you discover their culture.
  • Nacel has more than 60 years of experience in language classes and is a language course leader on the French and European market.

Since 1957, Nacel offers a wide range of French courses in France. Our French coordinators will make your language travel in France an exceptional and unforgettable experience. We offer you French courses in the most beautiful destinations of France: ParisLyonMontpellierRouen

Invest in your education, learn French in France with us and travel cheaper and more localHundreds of students have already traveled with Nacel. You are welcomed in the Nacel family as well!

Discover our wide offer right now to learn French in France!

French high school abroad

High School Exchange in Paris

Study abroad in France and become an exchange student in Paris Greater Area.

Live with a French host family that will welcome you as a new member of their family. Go to a local French High School in their area. You will have opportunities to discover Paris from inside

West of France Boarding school

As an exchange student in Cholet, you will be able to experience the everyday life of a French high school student.

Attend a French private boarding school and live at the school dorm during the week and are stay with a French host family living in Cholet area, during the weekends. 

South of France Boarding school

Travel to the South of France to experience an exchange program in boarding schools located in Rodez and Masseube.

You live at the school dorm during the week and are welcomed by a French homestay on weekends and during school breaks. You improve your French and make international friends while immersing yourself into the French culture and language.  

International School in Paris

If you would like to study abroad in an international school in Europe, but in English, you can study in an American boarding school in Paris Greater Area.

Prepare your IB Diploma Program in France or earn US High School credits in France (and even graduate with a US High School diploma) with your international classmates and learn more French while spending your weekends with a French host family! Our international school in Paris is also a Boarding School in France.
Study and have fun at our international school in France!

Loire Valley Boarding Schools

Travel to this highly touristic French region and immerse yourself in the hearth of the country. Become an exchange student in France in the Loire Valley!

Attend a French private boarding school in Nantes or Angers and live with a local host family during your weekends and holidays. 

High School Exchange in France

Study abroad and improve your French accent! A French host family and a French high school are waiting for you!

A real High school exchange program in France! To become an exchange student in France allows you to improve your French language skills and to experience the culture and country from inside, and not as a tourist!

French Riviera Boarding school

Travel to the South of France and especially to the French Riviera to experience a sunny student exchange in France!

Study abroad and attend a private boarding school in La Seyne-sur-Mer. Live with a lovely and caring French family on weekends and holidays. A real seaside experience! 

Permanent boarding school in France

Looking to be full time boarder in France? Our Boarding school in Espalion is waiting for you! 

You will live full time at the school dorm (7 Day boarding school in France) with your French and international classmates and use your weekends to explore the region and do cultural activities

Paris Boarding School

As an exchange student in a Paris Boarding School, you will be able to experience the everyday life of a French high school student living in Paris. Enjoy Paris attractions! 

You will attend a private French boarding school and live at the boarding school on weekdays and will stay with a French host family living in the Greater Paris Area during the weekends and holidays. 

French homestay programs

Summer Homestay Immersion in France

 Improve your French and discover more about the French culture by enrolling in this French homestay. Live with us the summer homestay experience in France! 

Spend a few weeks in France to improve your French speaking skills and become the newest member of your host family. Discover all about France with Nacel! You can choose the length and the dates of the program. 

Summer Homestay Immersion in France and Discovery Paris

If this is your first time in France and you definitely want to visit Paris, this French homestay experience in France is made for you!

Improve your French by living with a French host family and at the end of your stay live close to Paris with another host family to discover the city together!  You will live France from inside BUT also enjoy tourist attractions! Live France during the summer with Nacel! 

Summer Home Schooling in France

If you have study French for a year and you want to live an immersion in France, this program is made for you!

In this French summer homestay program, the French host family will organize 15 hours of conversational French lessons so that you can feel more comfortable with the language and make the most of your stay in France. 

Private French lessons at a teacher's home in Paris
If you have little time to improve your French, live and study French with a native teacher in Paris!

Study French for 15, 20 or 25 hours per week! A Full French immersion is what you need to improve your language skills. During your free time, discover the city and its surroundings
Private French lessons at a teacher's home in France

They say travels can change your life. Improve or learn the language from scratch thanks to one-to-one French courses in France!

Embark on a new adventure abroad with Nacel! Take a French courses and live at your teacher's house. In your free time you can discover the area and meet new friends on your own!

Homestay and School Immersion in France

Live an enriching experience in France by participating in a school exchange in France for a few weeks. This is a mini high school exchange program in France. 

This Homestay and High School in France program allows you to be an exchange student for a short period of time during the school year. Live with a host family and discover the French school system and the life of a French teenager!

Homestay Immersion with French high school experience for Australian students (December - January)

You live in the Southern Hemisphere and are on vacations in December and January? Join us in France to experience a French host family immersion, live a Christmas abroad and attend a French school for a few weeks with your new French classmates! 

For many years we welcome Australian students during the French Winter: you are welcomed and hosted by a French host family and go to a French school every day with your siblings. You also spend the 2-week Christmas break with your French family for a deeper French cultural immersion. Discover our student exchange in France for Australian students

French language school

French School in Normandy

Take French courses in Rouen, the historic capital of Normandy. It is one of the university cities in France par excellence.

Live in France for a few weeks or months and attend a language school where you can learn, improve your French language skills and meet new friends of other nationalities. In your free time go sightseeing, work or study! Paris is 2 hours away! 

French School in Lyon

Lyon has a lot to offer its visitors. Take French lessons at the language school and discover the city who is very similar to Paris!

Disconnect and learn French in France to discover and learn more about this beautiful country. Lyon is near the Alps and French Riviera! In your free time, study, enjoy the city and meet new friends from France or other countries thanks to these French courses in Lyon.

French School in Montpellier

Study French in Montpellier! One of the most picturesque and amazing cities in the country!

Fall in love with this beautiful city while you study French at a language school. In your free time you can discover this student city that has a lot to offer its visitors! Take French courses in Montpellier and explore the city in your free time!

French School in Paris

Adopt the Parisian life for a few weeks and attend French language courses in Paris. Together with your French teacher and your international classmates, you study the French language on mornings and discover Paris on afternoons, evenings and during your weekends.  Travel to France and attend a French School in Paris with Nacel. 

French summer camps

Soccer summer camp in France

Practice scoring goals safely in France with French students in this Soccer summer camp in France!

If you've studied French and want to improve it while playing your favorite sport, enroll in this French summer camp for one or two weeks! This is a full French immersion that's fun and supervised!

Summer camps in France for teens! you can travel with your sibling or best friend! We can place you in the same dorm.

Tennis summer camp in France

If you like tennis and France, we have the perfect summer camp for you!

Summer tennis camps in France are supervised and safe. Train and practice your French speaking skills with French teenagers your age while participating in sessions and participating in fun activities.

Basketball summer camp in France

Can you imagine living an immersion in France this summer? Play basketball with other French students your age!

Our Basketball summer camps in France give you the opportunity to improve your level of French speaking skills and have a good time meeting new friends while playing your favourite sport!

Soccer and French summer camp in France

Nacel immersions are fun! Study French and play soccer at the same time!

Don't miss our Soccer summer camps with French lessons. Meet new friends from France and other countries who share your goal: have fun and improve your French as much as possible!

Tennis and French summer camp in France

Nacel's immersions are fun! Study French and play tennis at the same time!

Don't miss our Tennis summer camps with French lessons. Meet new friends from France and other countries who share your goal: have fun and improve your French as much as possible!

Basketball and French summer camp in France

During this summer camp in France, practice basketball with French students in France for one or two weeks!

On afternoons you study French with international students and on mornings you play and train basketball with the French campers. You'll love this basketball camp in France because you'll meet new friends and improve your spoken French!

French and Sports summer camp in France

If you want to improve your French and have a great time during the summer, try our Sports summer camp in France 2022! This is a real French immersion camp in France. 

We have a variety of sports to choose from! Choose your favourite sport and practice it on afternoons with French campers. On mornings, you participate in French classes with other international students. You will experience an authentic French immersion for one or two weeks. Select your best summer camp in France! 

French Courses in Paris: course, visits, activities and fun!

Discover Paris like never before! Meet new friends on your French immersion summer camp in Paris and take part in fun tourist and cultural activities.

This intensive French course in Paris is a good option to improve your French in France in a few days and to discover the famous French capital with other teenagers of your age. Our French language camp in Paris allows international students to boost their french skills, both orally and in writing. You meet with international friends and discover Paris together. The course also allows you a French cultural discovery. Travel to Paris this summer! 

Dance summer camp in France

A unique summer dance experience in France with French teens! Join our Dance summer camp in France and meet new friends!

Accommodation and meals included. Come and improve your Modern Jazz technique with professional French coaches! Discover new styles and have a nice and safe summer speaking French in France with Nacel!

Volleyball summer camp in France

If you want to improve your French and have a great time during the summer, try our Volleyball summer camp in France!

We have a variety of sports to choose from, including Volleyball! Choose your favourite sport and practice it on afternoons with French campers. On mornings, you participate in French classes with other international students. You will experience an authentic French immersion for one or two weeks.

Teen French Summer Camp in Paris

Enjoy Paris next summer! Travel to Paris and join your international friends to learn French and discover Paris! Our Teen Summer Camp in Paris includes French language courses on morning, activities on afternoons and excursions on weekends. You live in a boarding school in Paris, fully supervised. 

Add some excursions to your program: have fun in Disneyland or Astérix leisure parks!

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