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Look for your High School abroad with Nacel. We have more than 60 years of experience in organizing student exchange programs all over the world. Nacel team helps you make your dream come true and create the conditions for you to enjoy your study abroad program peacefully: we take care of your studies, your accommodation, your arrival, your insurances and your visa. We follow up your progress and support you in case of difficulties.

Thousands of high school students have travelled with us and many of them share their experience with you. Choose now the best places to study abroad. 

Dutch High School Abroad
Student exchange in Paris - Join a Public High School Program in Paris with Nacel
French High School Abroad
Student Exchange in Berlin - Join our High School Program in Berlin Germany
German High School Abroad
student exchange in Italy - International Students at Pisa Tower
Italian High School Abroad
student exchange in Japan - Join our High School Program in Japan
Japanese High School Abroad
Portuguese High School Abroad
Russian High School Abroad
Student Exchange in Argentina - Student exploring the Argentinian Wilderness
Spanish High School Abroad

What should I expect from my student exchange program abroad with Nacel?

For students looking for a broader experience of life in a foreign country, Nacel offers High school student exchange programs abroad during a few weeks, a term, a semester or a full academic year. Exchange students live in a host family or choose a student residence or a boarding school. They attend a public or private high school abroad, giving them the opportunity to learn about another culture and improve their language skills.

ELIGIBILITY : 13 – 18 years old (according to the country). Student exchange programs are  open to high school students from any country. Some restrictions may apply due to visa and foreign residency conditions. 

LENGTH : High School abroad is possible with a duration of:

  • a month,
  • a term,
  • a semester
  • or an academic year.

SCHOOL TYPE : Public & Private Student Exchange Programs.

ACCOMMODATION : During the high school abroad program, accommodation is offered in:

  • host families,
  • boarding quarters 
  • or student residences.

When hosted in a family, exchange students are placed in a safe and pleasant home. The home is carefully selected. Every attempt is made to match family and student where possible in terms of interests.  

LOCATION : 17 countries 

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS : Participating in a High School abroad means full immersion in the host country's life, and as such it is an ideal way to achieve proficiency in the spoken language of the country as well as gain a complete cross-cultural experience. the best way to bilingualism! The student exchange program is selective : every student must be interviewed before being accepted.

Each student needs to comply with the following requirements :

  • Age specification according to the country,
  • 2 or more years of language study with good grades,
  • An above-average academic record,
  • A previous experience of living away from home,
  • An interest in learning about another culture and language,
  • A willingness to make new friends and to share the daily life of a host family,
  • An open and flexible attitude.


The exchange student is not guaranteed:

  • placement in a certain grade level,
  • or that transferable credits will be granted,
  • or that a diploma will be awarded at the end of the High school exchange program.

These decisions remain at the entire discretion of the national educational authorities. Accreditation for courses taken while on the program is the responsibility of the participant. Nacel is not responsible for the procedures needed in this process but may assist and advise.

APPLICATION DEADLINE : Applications for student exchange programs abroad are usually accepted:

  • until March for sessions starting in August-September
  • and until September for sessions starting in January.

Please check accurate deadlines for each program. Late applicants may be accepted, depending on availability and visa delays.

Early application is highly recommended. A student interested in this high school study abroad should contact us immediately and email us the pre-application to secure a place.
Then the student will have to carefully fill out the full application form.

VISA: A High School study abroad program may require students to apply for a student visa, depending on the home country of the applicant, the destination country of his exchange program and even the duration of the student exchange abroad. We inform and assist our exchange students during their visa application process.

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