In most of our Language schools you will have to take a level exam before starting your program in order to understand your education needs and also to help to continue a successful learning process. 

Please check out the following information to have a better understanding of current knowledge:
A1 Beginner/Elementary user

you know how to introduce yourself.  As well, you remember some isolated words or memorized commands. For example: What is your name? My name is Ana. 

A2 Elementary user 

you have a basic knowledge of daily life expressions and you are able to communicate basic messages to others. You are able to understand scenarios you are familiar with and talk in simple tense. For Example: I need to buy a Newspaper.

B1 Independent user

Your reading comprehension and pronunciation are clear to you and you are able to talk more fluently about day to day situations.  You can express yourself at a meeting, you can describe situations or define your ideas. For Example: I really like Anna’s dress, it is very elegant!
B2 Independent user

your understanding is wider and you can interpret more complex information. As well, your vocal expression allows you to get into deep conversation about specific subjects, making your communication clear to others.
C1 Experienced user

At this point you have advance knowledge of the language. You can read and interpret difficult texts, articles or films. Your pronunciation is precise and natural. Your level of English will allow you to join casual conversations with abstracts subjects fluently and with a good range of vocabulary.

C2 Experienced user 

You are practically a English Native Speaker! You can understand everything around you and your vocabulary is extended. 

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