Please check out the following information to have a better understanding of your current knowledge of a foreign language and determine the most suitable program for your language level. Do not hesitate to contact us to get an advice, we are an experienced team of language learners!

A1 Beginner/Elementary user

You know how to introduce yourself. As well, you remember some isolated words or memorized commands. For example: What is your name? My name is Ana.

A2 Elementary user

You have a basic knowledge of daily life expressions and you are able to communicate basic messages to others. You are able to understand scenarios you are familiar with and talk in simple tense. For example: I need to buy a Newspaper.

If you have a A1 or A2 level, Junior Language Courses may be the most suitable program for you. You will attend a language course adapted to you level every day during the week and enjoy a program of activities and excursions during afternoons. Those activities allow you to practise what you have learned on mornings!

Alternatively, you may also book a summer camp : you will attend a language course in the morning and practice the language in the afternoon while doing your favorite sport! You will make friends from around the world! Speak your Passion!

Students who already reached a A2 level may also opt for a Homestay immersion abroad: you will live with a welcoming host family who will share with you the language and culture. Constant language immersion will allow you to improve quickly!

If you are 16+, we advise you to attend a language course in a language school. You be able to attend a course from beginner level and may continue up to advanced level and take language exams.

B1 Independent user

Your reading comprehension and pronunciation are clear to you and you are able to talk more fluently about day to day situations. You can express yourself at a meeting, you can describe situations or define your ideas. For example: I really like Anna’s dress, it is very elegant!

If you already reached a B1 level, you are ready for an student exchange abroad: you will spend several months in a foreign country, live in a host family or in a boarding school abroad and go to a local High School. You become bilingual and bicultural!
If you do not have the time or the budget to invest into a high school study abroad program, a summer homestay immersion can be a good choice as well.

If you have a few weeks to dedicate to language improvement, choose the Home Lessons program: this is the most intensive and efficient language learning program we offer. You live at your teacher's home and get one-to-one language lessons adapted to your personal needs!

B2 Independent user

Your understanding is wider and you can interpret more complex information. As well, your vocal expression allows you to get into deep conversation about specific subjects, making your communication clear to others.

The Home Lessons program allows you to get one to one language courses and to concentrate on your weak points. It may also allow you specialize your language knowledge into a specific field of interest: law, medecine, engineering etc.

C1 Experienced user

At this point you have advance knowledge of the language. You can read and interpret difficult texts, articles or films. Your pronunciation is precise and natural. Your level of English will allow you to join casual conversations with abstracts subjects fluently and with a good range of vocabulary.

At B2 or C1 level, you will make the best of an exchange program abroad: living in the country where the language is spoken will give you a deeper cultural understanding. You can surely study in this country and even consider graduating and continue into University!

C2 Experienced user

You are practically a English Native Speaker! You can understand everything around you and your vocabulary is extended.

We advise to take international language exams to have you level officially recognized. this can help to get a job or get a better job than the one you already have!

In most of our language schools you will have to take a level exam before starting your program in order to understand your education needs and also to help to continue a successful learning process. Language schools usually offer language classes from beginner to advanced level. You may even take international language exams at various levels.

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