Study Italian with Nacel! Book your Italian course in Rome or attend an exchange program in Italy. You will live the Dolce Vita and enjoy a country with a rich culture and history.

You will practice your Italian language skills with Italian native speakers and discover Italian arts and architecture. Enrich yourself while you learn Italian in Italy

Why learn Italian?

There are many benefits to learning Italian. And we at Nacel are here to make sure it happens in the best possible way to study Italian in Italy.

Italian is spoken by more than 85 million people and the language is used in Italy, San Marino, and Switzerland, as well as other countries such as Cyprus, Egypt, Lebanon, Malta, among others.

It doesn't matter if you want to learn Italian because:

  • Do you have a passion for Italian food: pizza, pasta, Chianti wine?
  • Looking for spaghetti recipes?
  • Interested in Italian soccer?
  • Want to visit Rome, Milan, Florence, or Venice during your next vacation?
  • Looking for a villa on the Italian Riviera?
  • Are you passionate about Italian fashion and design?
  • Are you lost in Little Italy?
  • Do you need to translate something from Italian into English?

The fact is that the Italian language helps you in business, communication, culture, and even in your studies. Coming to learn Italian in Italy with Nacel is the best way to improve your language.

Discover all the culture and gastronomy of Italy, visit places, and immerse yourself in the Italian language. Choose from Homestay immersion, High school programs, Summer camps, or Language schools.

Invest in your education, and learn Italian with us. Hundreds of students have already traveled with Nacel. You too are welcome in the Nacel family!

Would you like to learn how to speak Italian?

Learning Italian will offer you greater opportunities for your future and career!

Italian is a Romance language originally spoken in Italy and part of the Italo-Western group of the Romance languages. Italian is considered to be one of the closest resembling Latin in terms of vocabulary and Italian grammar is very close to other Romance languages grammar, which makes the learning process easier for French or Spanish speakers. The language is written with the Latin alphabet.

Enthusiastic about mastering Italian fluency? Learning Italian quickly? Dedication is the secret sauce. Dive into these tips to enhance your language skills:

  • Incorporate daily practice: do you like podcasts? watching series? reading articles? Whatever it is, set aside a few minutes a day to do these activities in the language you're learning.
  • Bring it closer to your reality: learn words that help you in your daily life and vocabulary that is useful for your goal. If you want to travel, try to learn phrases that will help you on your journey. Or is it for work? What phrases do you use to write an email or answer a phone call? Link the learning to your current goal.
  • Develop a note-taking habit: whether on your cell phone, notebook, or computer, make it a routine to jot down new words or sentences. This aids in memorization.
  • Tap into available resources: explore online classes, language apps, or study groups. There are many ways to practice. See which one interests you most and get started.
  • Have formal lessons: while immersive experiences are important, structured learning time is equally crucial.​
  • Consistency is key: immersion is crucial for language fluency, so choose your method and stick with it consistently.

Would you like to learn how to live with a host family in a foreign country and explore new culture? Please take a moment to check out our content Live in a host family abroad and discover a new country!

These tips will help you learn Italian faster. And can you imagine putting all this together and accelerating your language knowledge by living abroad, studying, and still enjoying the local culture? We'll help you with that. 

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Which tests prove proficiency in Italian?

Proficiency tests are widely used by companies and universities. They consist of reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written expression, vocabulary, and syntax. Here are some of the best-known Italian proficiency tests:

  • CILS - Certificati di Lingua Italiana: assesses the ability to speak and write in Italian, ideal for those who intend to study and work in Italy. It ranges from level A1 to C2.
  • CELI - Certificato di Conoscenza della Lingua Italiana: is an alternative test for non-native Italian speakers. Candidates must be able to communicate in Italian in a limited number of standard everyday situations. It also ranges from level A1 to C2.

Are you convinced? Choose your program and discover all the study possibilities. Nacel has the right program for you.

Surviving in Italian: Basic vocabulary and phrases

We'll give you some tips on Italian vocabulary and phrases that can help you when you're traveling abroad.

Italian greetings are famous and you can start your introduction with "Salve" (Hello), "Il mio nome è..." (My name is...) and end with "Arrivederci" (Goodbye). As well as the nice "Grazie mille" (Thank you).

There are simple phrases that can be very useful when you arrive in a country:
Non capisco. (I don't understand)
Può aiutarmi? (Can you help me?)
Può ripetere per favore? (Could you repeat that, please?)
Può parlare lentamente, per favore? (Can you speak slowly, please?)
Non riesco a capire. Può aiutarmi a trovare la strada? (I'm lost. Can you help me find my way?)

And others for everyday use:
Vorrei ordinare... (I would like to order...)
Quanto costa? (How much does it cost?)
Dove si trova la stazione dell'autobus/ferrovia/aeroporto? (Where is the bus/train/airport station?)
Dove posso comprare un biglietto? (Where can I buy a ticket?)
Può consigliarmi un buon ristorante? (Can you recommend a good restaurant?)

These are just a few ideas that can help you travel to an Italian-speaking country. Like them?
Nacel is here to guide you and help you choose the best program. Count on us!

Learn Italian now with Nacel!

Study Italian with Nacel! We offer our students a range of opportunities to learn how to speak Italian.

Teenagers will enjoy studying in a High School exchange in Italy and learning about the Italian language, history, and culture. Adults looking for an intensive course will rather choose our Home Lessons program or can choose Private lessons at the teacher's home.

Students may also visit our Language School in Rome.

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