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Top 10 reasons to learn Portuguese in Portugal with Nacel

1. Portuguese is the third most spoken European language in the world after English and Spanish.

2. Portuguese is spoken by more than 200 million people, it’s the official language in Brazil, Portugal…

3. Portuguese is the official language of 9 countries.

4. Portugal has a very rich literature.

5. To learn Portuguese is very important if you want to get to known the Portuguese culture, speak to people around the world and create a closer link to locals who don’t speak English.

6. The Portuguese language is currently the most active on the Internet.

7. Thus if you travel or if you want to work in Latin America, remember that the official language is Portuguese, so it’s worth to speak it.

8. Learning a language means discovering a thought, a culture, a different lifestyle.

9. Brazil is a very dynamic emerging country to be discovered.

10. Portugal is a very beautiful country with monuments and cathedrals.

Since 1957, Nacel offers a wide range of Portuguese courses in Portugal and Brazil. Our Portuguese collaborators will make your language travel in Portugal an exceptional and unforgettable experience.

We offer you Portuguese courses in the most beautiful destinations of Portugal: learn Portuguese in Portugal!

Our value for money is incomparable, and hundreds of our former participants can testify it: Learn Portuguese in Portugal with Nacel, you won't regret it.

Portugal in short

Country: Portuguese Republic
Number of inhabitants: 10,760,305 (July 2011 est.)
Climate: maritime temperate; cool and rainy in north, warmer and drier in south
Capital: Lisbon
Government type: republic; parliamentary democracy
Currency: euro (EUR)
Religions: Roman Catholic 84.5%, other Christian 2.2%, other 0.3%, unknown 9%, none 3.9% (2001 census)
Languages: Portuguese (official), Mirandese (official, but locally used)
National Holiday: Portugal Day (Dia de Portugal), 10 June (1580); note - also called Camoes Day, the day that revered national poet Luis de Camoes (1524-80) died
GDP per capita: $23 000 (2010 EST.)

It is the language of majority of people in Portugual, São Tomé and Príncipe, Brazil and Angola.
If you wish to discover Lisbon city, visit the Tower of Belem and Jeronimos Monastery. You will discover the various districts of the city and its organization and you feel a village atmosphere! Lisbon is a city that never disappoints!

Book a Portuguese language course in Portugal with Nacel!

Book a Portuguese language course in Portugal with Nacel!  Whether you decide to go to an academic year in Portugal or in a Spanish language school, we offer a whole range of programs to meet your needs that will allow you to learn Spanish in Portugal!

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