Are you interested in the culture of the country of the thousand and one nights? the Arabic, the food and its traditions? Nacel helps you travel to Morocco in order to study Arabic for a few weeks or months

Study Arabic in the mornings at an official language school in  Morocco, Tetouan. In the afternoons, in your free time you can participate in other activities that the city offers you or you can go out to discover the area with your new class friends! Improve the language abroad with them, with your teachers and talk with the native arabic speakers.

In this program of Arabic courses in Morocco for young people and adults of all levels, accommodation is included! You can live with a local Moroccan family, live in a studio or hotel. Nacel will help you and assist you throughout the program! Book your Arabic course at a language school in Morocco.

Arabic school in Morocco
Are you considering living in an Arab country? Live an adventure in Morocco studying the language and meeting new friends!Take…
Language School Morocco - Arabic courses in Morocco - on the coast
Nacel Educational Travel
  • From 18 to 99 years old
  • Language : Modern arabic
  • Length : From 4 weeks
  • Price from : 1340 EUR

Try our Arabic courses in Morocco for students and adults! You can pick the dates and the type of accommodation!

Learn Arabic in Morocco: Travel alone or with your friends!

  • learn a new language abroad
  • improve a language abroad
  • live a new experience abroad
  • discover a new place
  • meet other international students
  • a program with great flexibility

Learn Arabic in Morocco while attending Arabic courses at a language school in Tetouan.

You can choose the dates of the program and the type of accommodation you want!

My day studying at a language school in Morocco

  • After you have eaten your breakfast, take the closest transport to your home so that you can attend the Arabic language school.
  • As you will have your class schedule from day one, you will already know which class to settle into. Listen carefully to the teacher and try to speak Arabic as much as you can!
  • After classes, you're free to do whatever you want!
  • The Arabic language school offers free or paid activities that are completely optional. Ask for the calendar of activities at the school secretary's office.

What can I do in my free time?

  • Review what you have learned in class
  • Visit tourist sites in the area
  • Eat in local restaurants
  • Going to the cinema or theater
  • Visit museums, monuments, shops, markets, etc.
  • Going out with new friends
  • Doing part-time work
  • Participate in activities offered by the school

On weekends, there are no courses, so you can discover the city and its surroundings. you can even spend the weekend in another city!

Discover more about Tetouan!

Start preparing your trip from now! Learn more about monuments, major events, shopping centres, what to see and to do, food, activities, and a lot more of your favorite city! Book your course at a language school in Morocco and discover:

For more information about our Arabic courses in Morocco, Contact us!

Live the best moment of your life in Morocco with Nacel!

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