Study abroad in Italy, a dream for you? Learn more about High School Abroad in Italy! Experience an Italian High School in Italy – 14-18 years old– 4 weeks to 1 academic year.

Let’s make your dream come true. Get in touch with us to start this enriching journey on the road to bilingualism and biculturalism! Become a high school exchange student in Italy! Enjoy the Dolce Vita lifestyle during a Nacel student exchange in Italy: explore the culture while living with an Italian host family and going to a local Liceo!

Immersed yourself into the Italian language and culture and become almost Italian yourself!
An Italian host family will open their home and heart and help you fulfill your expectations. You will go to a local Italian high school as an exchange student in Italy. We include an Italian language course at the beginning of your stay to help you transition to your new life in this country. Book your school year abroad in Italy. 

Nacel, your high school study abroad organization to study in Italy.

High School Exchange in Italy
Become an exchange student in Italy and immerse yourself into the Dolce Vita lifestyle! You are welcomed by an Italian host…
High School Abroad Italy - High School exchange in Italy - students visiting Venice
Nacel Educational Travel
  • From 14 to 18 years old
  • Language : Italian
  • Length : Semester, Academic year
  • Price from : 7590 EUR

Be a high school exchange student in Italy!

Your foreign exchange program in Italy with Nacel: within this student exchange in Italy, international students are welcomed by volunteer Italian families interested in sharing their everyday life, language, and culture with a student coming from abroad. The family members expect a real cultural exchange during the school year abroad in Italy: they wish the exchange student to participate in the daily activities with the family and to communicate with them.

We place high school exchange students all over the country: you will not be able to choose a specific location. the most important is for us to match a host family with you. As soon as your host family is found, we enroll you in the local High School, where you attend classes like any local student.

For those interested in arts, Italy is no doubt an unavoidable destination. No need to be in Rome or Florence: arts can be found at every corner of Italy! Interested in Ancient History, this country is definitively made for you: make a walk among the ruins of former palaces!

International high school exchange students will also make the best of their student exchange it Italy while enjoying the famous Italian food: pizza and gelato are nowhere better than in Italy.

Apply for your school year abroad in Italy and embark on a rich cultural experience. Benvenuti in Italia!

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