If you are looking to study Japanese abroad during the summer, we have Japanese summer camps that may interest you! Japanese courses in Japan for teenagers with activities!

A fun language camp that combines homestay or supervised residence, Japanese courses, and activities to immerse yourself in the country's culture. Come back home speaking the language! All levels are accepted. Japanese beginners are welcome too!

Studying Japanese in Japan is easy with Nacel. You can travel alone or with a friend. You will meet other international students at the Japanese language school in Fukuoka or Kyoto. Come and take part in these Japanese summer camps in Japan! Find your Japanese summer programs for high school students!

3 Summer Camps
Japanese courses for Teens in Japan
Redefine your world in Japan! Improve the language and learn more about Japanese culture: Kawaii, anime, fashion, art,…
Limited spaces left!
Summer Camps Japan - Japanese course in Fukuoka - flowers arrangement
Nacel Educational Travel
  • Suitable study and living environement for teens
  • Residential accommodation available
  • Quality Japanese classes with Cultural workshops
  • All included international camp
  • Price from : 220000 JPY
Japanese courses for Teens in Kyoto
For students who love Japanese traditional culture, Kyoto is the best place.  You will stay with a Japanese family and attend…
Summer Camps Japan - Japanese courses for Juniors in Kyoto - Kyoto
Nacel Educational Travel
  • Suitable study and living environement for teens
  • Japanese host family immersion in Kyoto
  • Quality Japanese classes with Cultural workshops
  • All included summer course to explore Kyoto
  • Price from : 295000 JPY
Japanese courses for Teens in Tokyo
For students who love Japanese pop and modern culture, Tokyo is obviously the best place.  You will stay with a Japanese…
Summer Camps Japan - Summer camp in Tokyo - school area
Nacel Educational Travel
  • Explore Tokyo from inside!
  • Japanese immersion with a host family from Tokyo
  • Quality Japanese classes with Cultural workshops
  • An all-inclusive summer experience in Tokyo
  • Price from : 315000 JPY

Japanese Summer camps in Japan for teens

The participants of Japanese language camps in Fukuoka and Kyoto are:

  • teens of different nationalities
  • students interested in improving their Japanese speaking skills abroad
  • students interested in taking Japanese courses and participating in activities
  • very eager to participate in a Japanese language camp with activities in Japan
  • hosted at a local supervised student residence or host family

What should I expect from my summer camp in Japan with Nacel?

Our Japanese summer camps in Japan include Japanese courses at all levels in a local language school as well as a program of cultural activities. Japanese classes are held by native Japanese teachers experienced in teaching Japanese to international students. They usually take place in the mornings, but in high season they can be also in the afternoon.

The camp also offers you to participate in cultural activities to really experience the Japanese traditional or modern culture. You will live with other international students of similar age at a supervised student residence.

The best way to learn Japanese next summer!

A typical day at the Japanese language camp in Japan

  • Arrival at the Japanese school
  • Japanese courses
  • Lunch
  • Activities
  • Dinner with your friends at the residence or with your host family at home.

Discover now our summer camps in Japan!

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