High School Exchange in Brazil

High School Exchange in Brazil
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Embark on a Portuguese-learning journey with the Nacel High School Exchange Program in Brazil! Learn Portuguese to fluency and dive into the Brazilian culture. You do not just study Portuguese, you live it! 

Immerse yourself in the culture, values, and traditions of this beautiful country. A Brazilian host family warmly welcomes you as a new family member and accompanies you at all times during this immersive experience in Brazil. 

So, if you're looking to study abroad and explore Portuguese, choose a High School Study Abroad in Brazil

Foreign exchange student in Brazil in Brazil - Rio de JaneiroHigh School Study Abroad in Brazil - welcoming host familiesHigh School Exchange in Brazil - Brazilian celebrationsExchange Student in Brazil - with school friendExchange Student in Brazil - visiting interested placesHigh School Study Abroad in Brazil - Brazilian beachesHigh School Exchange in Brazil - Brazilian coastlines
  • study abroad All over the country Brazil
  • age from 15 to 18 years old
  • Language Portuguese
  • dates January to December
  • length Term, Semester, Academic year
  • price from 4890 USD
High School Exchange in Brazil : Description

Next possible start dates: July 2024 and February 2025. Apply now!

Student Exchange in Brazil: Study in a local high school and live with a Brazilian host family

Nacel's student exchange programs in Brazil offer you the unique opportunity to live with a Brazilian family and study at a local high school. Like just another Brazilian teen! 

If you have some knowledge of Portuguese and want to improve your Portuguese skills as much as possible, choose a High School Study Abroad in Brazil. Live an unforgettable experience and discover the educational system of South America's largest country. 

What should I expect from this High school exchange in Brazil?

  • You can study one term, a semester, and up to a complete academic year at a Brazilian High school.
  • You will live with Brazilian host families who will welcome you as a new family member.
  • As soon as you arrive in the country, you will attend an orientation session with your local coordinator who will provide you assistance and support throughout your program. We will keep your parents informed of your adventures in the country.

Your High School in Brazil

You attend a local Brazilian High School interested in welcoming international students for an exchange program in Brazil. You attend all the subjects your Brazilian classmates attend at this age. They are conducted in Portuguese so you are fully immersed in the language. 

  • Portuguese Language Arts: This is a Portuguese language arts course not a course of Portuguese for foreigners. We include a 10-hour introduction course to help you with your Portuguese! 
  • Brazilian Literature, 
  • English Foreign Language,
  • History
  • Geography
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Maths
  • Biology 
  • Arts
  • and Physical Education.

Brazilian teens go to either morning schools (7:30 am to 1:30 pm) or afternoon schools (from 1 pm to 7 pm).

Note that you may need to wear a uniform: sometimes it is an entire specific uniform but sometimes it is just a specific t-shirt; it depends on schools! 

Graduating from a high school in Brazil is unfortunately not possible. 

Important Information: Nacel cannot guarantee that you will be able to obtain a report card from your local Brazilian high school. It will depend on your performance and school decisions. However, the school should be able to provide you with a certificate of attendance

Your Exchange Program Duration

Academic year:  February to December

  • January to July
  • July to January

Visa information: Information regarding visas are provided after acceptance in the program. To learn more, visit the Embassy of Brazil website.

Sign up for this authentic exchange program in Brazil with Nacel! 

High School Exchange in Brazil : Video
High School Exchange in Brazil : Extra activities

Teenage life in Brazil includes extracurricular activities that Brazilian students attend at school or in local clubs, such as sports, language courses, Arts, Music, Theater, gym, etc.

Popular sports include Soccer, or Futebol, Futsal (court soccer), Futebol de Areia (Beach Soccer), and Futvolley (a mix of soccer and volleyball)! 
Volleyball and Volley de Praia (beach volleyball) as you know are two sports Brazilians appreciate! Discover the fascinating Capoeira
Other sports usually offered are Basketball, Handball, Swimming, Aerobics, Cycling, Running, Tennis, Dance, and Martial Arts (mostly Judo, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, and Tae-Kwan-Do).

We encourage you to sign up for extracurricular activities: you make new friends, practice Portuguese in a different environment than the classroom, stay fit and busy, and build strong relationships with teens from different backgrounds. This is an additional value to your exchange program in Brazil. 

High School Exchange in Brazil : Accommodation

During your High School Study Abroad in Brazil, you will live with a vetted host family who provides you will accommodation and meals

Your journey starts by meeting your Brazilian host family who opens their home and heart to you. Your Brazilian host family does not just host you and provides you with room and board. They introduce you to the family culture and Brazilian life and are your passport to this immersive Brazilian adventure!

They are your family away from home and guide you throughout the experience with the support of your local coordinator!

You create memories of a lifetime and build a strong relationship with your Brazilian family for the rest of your life.

Travel & Orientation

Once you land in Brazil, you are warmly welcomed by your host family and/or your local coordinator. Your local coordinator remains in touch with you throughout your stay in Brazil and is a support worker: you can rely on this staff to help you at any time during your exchange in Brazil. Your local coordinator will conduct an orientation so that you settle in in your new life and can start this adventure with all the necessary information and tips!  

High School Exchange in Brazil : Procedures

Enrolling in our High School Exchange Program in Brazil is a straightforward and exciting process!

Follow our step-by-step application guide:

1. Learn more about our Study Abroad Programs in Brazil: Carefully read our Program Booklet, available on request, have a look at country information, and be inspired by former participants of the High School Study Abroad in Brazil. Compare durations and start dates

2. Contact Us: Get in touch with our dedicated Advisor to ask questions and even schedule a call to discuss the program further. We are here to clear any doubt, answer your questions, discuss your needs and preferences, and guide you throughout the process. 

3. Book your Program: Ready to join us on this immersive journey in Brazil? Book your program online and receive a login and password to prepare your application package. 

4. Prepare Your Application Package: Complete your application package. It usually includes an application form, a host family letter, school records, medical records, and sometimes an introduction video. 

5. Attend an Interview: Upon receiving your application package, we schedule an interview with you to get to know you better and learn more about your motivation, expectations, and preferences towards your exchange program in Brazil. We also answer any remaining questions you may have. 

6. Receive your Program Acceptance: You submit your application package and we assess it. If you are accepted into the High School exchange program in Brazil, you receive a letter of acceptance and a deposit invoice. Payment of your acceptance deposit confirms your commitment to attend the program. 

7. Placement Process and Ongoing Orientation: While our local in-country team works on securing the most suitable school and family placement for you in Brazil, you receive from us ongoing program information, orientation on Brazilian family life, introduction to the Brazilian school system, and pre-departure information. 

8. Apply for your Brazilian Visa: If you need a visa to study in Brazil, our team provides you with visa guidance and all necessary documentation to apply for your Brazilian Student visa

9. Work on your Travel Arrangements: Once you have your visa on your passport, it's essential to plan your arrival and departure according to the program dates and destinations. Book your flight accordingly and we arrange your pick-up and transfer. Do not hesitate to consult your Advisor for guidance! 

10. Departure: Prepare your suitcase and check in! Our in-country support team welcomes you in Brazil and provides you with assistance during the first few days to make sure you settle in smoothly! Rely on your local coordinator and Nacel support team to support you throughout your student exchange in Brazil

Begin your journey with Nacel now: take the first step on this incredible adventure.

High School Exchange in Brazil : Prices

High School Exchange in Brazil

* Costs in USD per participant

High School Abroad in Brazil: 

Start Dates: 

  • January start
  • July start

Price includes

  • 20+ years of experience providing high-quality study-abroad programs
  • Processing of student applications
  • Host school placement and tuition fees
  • Host family selection and placement including room and board with the host family
  • Airport pick-up and transfer from/to the local airport on arrival and departure
  • On-site orientation given by the Area Rep with an introduction to Brazilian family, school, and cultural life
  • 10-hour Portuguese language class
  • Visa support and guidance
  • Necessary documentation for the student to obtain a student visa for Brazil
  • Access to an in-country support team, and Nacel Student Support staff
  • Regular Progress Feedback
  • Support, assistance, and 24/7 Hotline

Price does not include

  • International airfare
  • Travel insurance (luggage lost, flight delay etc.)
  • Visa, passport, immigration, and medical exam fees
  • Extra activities and excursions organized by the school or others
  • Extra language courses
  • Local transport (also from and to school)
  • School supplies and calculators, various school fees, activity fees, uniforms etc.
  • Personal phone charge or other personal items
  • Personal expenses and pocket money
  • Medical, Liability, and Emergency Repatriation Insurance

High School Exchange in Brazil : Deadline
September 30th for January start, April 15th for July start
High School Exchange in Brazil : Eligibility

For this High School Abroad in Brazil, you:

  • must be between 15 to 18 years old. 19-year-old students and graduates may be considered on a case-by-case basis, inquire!
  • need to be interviewed by our counselor before being accepted for a High School Program in Brazil
  • need to have a minimum of one year of Portuguese study (either in a face-to-face language class or online)
  • need to have good grades at school

Motivation and Enthusiasm are an absolute requirement for your foreign exchange student in Brazil! 

High School Exchange in Brazil : Testimonials

Saying good bye to my parents was difficult; I mean I was not going to see them in a long time and I kept wondering how was it going to be to get up in another house and say “good morning” to a family that wasn’t my family. That really scared me a lot. When I cross the gate of the plane, I looked into myself and notice that I was going to experience a huge change. I was not going to be a teenager anymore that relies on his parent´s to get everything that I need and also most importantly, I realized that I needed to start to make my own life. When I arrived to Brazil something strange happened. I was no longer afraid, it was like something changed in me and made me feel that everything was going to be fine. When I first met my Brazilian father I knew that this experience was going to be incredible and when I met my Brazilian mother I felt happy and secure. Suddenly I felt that a needed to know this lovely country from the top to the bottom and did my thing. Brazil it’s a country full of contradictions, on one hand it’s a growing economy with a first class growing economy and population; on the other hand they have also people that lives in extreme poverty. That reminded me of Mexico a lot, and also made me thought, what it´s going wrong in the world? I mean, how aren’t people realizing what it´s going on? They live like they’re in a bubble that cover´s them from the reality that their living? I got very angry with myself, because I had to go to another country to realized that Mexico it´s in a very bad situation too. I guess that the big difference about Brazil and Mexico it´s that Brazil wants to make a change and the ones that are searching for it are the young ones. I saw how the teenager´s wanted the best for their future and how they were searching for ways to improve the economy, health and most importantly the education. They are doing it and Brazil it´s changing because of them. I really didn’t know why I chose Brazil to make my academic exchange, but something inside me told me that Brazil had a lot to show me and teach me. My feeling weren’t wrong at all. Now I have tons of new ideas and a new sense of change and I don’t know how, but I would like to share these with my family, friends and the entire world. So now I know why I chose Brazil, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I really would have loved to stay a little bit more and without a doubt I would love to go back, mainly to visit my Brazilian family and also my new friends that I really love and also consider them part of my family and why not to dance a little bit of samba.


Last year I had spent a year in Brazil ! I had a father, mother, brother and sister in Brazil – they treated me like a real son and brother. When I first arrived I did not know anything in Portuguese, just “ Hi, bye, sorry mother, father” ( oi, tchau, desculpa, mãe, pai ) so having a conversation with my host Family and friends was so difficult. But my host Family and friends helped me a lot – so I think I have learned Portuguese really quickly ( everyone: THANKS VERY MUCH ) I thank you all ! Brazilian people are wonderfull, they are friendly, fun ... I was in a good mood every single day ! We danced, laughed, travelled; last year I have done so many things ! The year went by so fast – passed away so quickly. At first I did not know how to speak and write in Portuguese, now back in Japan I can write and talk in Portuguese and another thing I have learned is to be GRATEFULLNESS – I believe that every day in Brazil I said the word “obrigado” because everyone helped me, so I repeated “thanks” all the time ... before in Japan I did not say thanks a lot, but now I say thanks all the time as well. This program is really good – I grew a lot in the past 10 months. It is not easy and also there are difficulties but just to make me stronger There are no barriers in the language of the world ! Now I know , every human being are friends 

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