At Nacel, we always try to already offer the best prices to all students, not only to selected students.

We want our students to get the best programs, at the best prices, and we don’t want to lure them into thinking that we offer scholarships while increasing our prices at the same time.

Looking for the cheapest study abroad options? Select a language school program. You may attend language classes in the mornings and live with a host family for one or two weeks for a few hundred dollars.

Homestay immersion abroad is usually also a cheap option and allows a deep cultural and language discovery.

The best value for money for money remains the high school study abroad program: you become bilingual and bicultural within a few months!

How to get financial aid, a grant, or a scholarship to study abroad?

You’re thinking of traveling abroad to learn a language but you feel that you will not afford the program’s cost? Funding your language travel abroad may indeed be the most difficult part of your preparation.

Fortunately, there are some options for students, like scholarships to go abroad. Here are a few trails on where to look to get a grant, financial aid, or a scholarship to travel abroad!

Some general tips for you:

1) International or local organizations may offer language scholarships to travel abroad
These organizations may offer you a scholarship or financial aid to study abroad a foreign language. For example, organizations that promote peace and intercultural understanding can award scholarships to study abroad or financial aid to learn languages.

2) Companies may grant you a scholarship to go abroad
Some companies are helping out students by offering them scholarships to study abroad. For example, a German company in the USA can offer local students German scholarships to learn German in Germany, a French company can offer French scholarships to learn French in France, a Spanish company can offer Spanish scholarships to learn Spanish in Spain etc...
Many banks also offer scholarships to students who want to learn a foreign language abroad!

3) Your parents’ workplace may help you out with financial aid to study abroad
Maybe, your parent’s company can offer scholarships to travel abroad. Ask your parents to check if their company offers grants or financial aid to go abroad! If the company doesn’t offer grants or scholarships to study abroad, try to see if the company offers financial aid for summer programs, like summer camp’ scholarships or financial aid for summer camps.

4) Some service providers offer scholarships to study languages abroad
Try to see with your insurance company, your bank, your pension fund, etc., if they offer grants to study abroad or scholarships to learn languages. They may sometimes offer financial aid for students who study abroad!

5) Your school and local district may award you a grant or a scholarship to study a foreign language abroad
In high schools and colleges, scholarships may be available to excellent students. Some high schools give grants to students who want to study abroad or help them find a scholarship to go abroad. Some high schools organize academic contests and offer scholarships to learn a foreign language abroad! You can get financial aid from your school district too. Ask your counselor if he knows of any financial aid that can help you fund your study abroad program!

6) Clubs may grant scholarships or financial aid to go abroad and study a language
In your high school, there may be a French language club or any other foreign language club. These clubs sometimes award language scholarships to study abroad, like French scholarships, German scholarships, Spanish scholarships… Try to see with these clubs if they have some scholarships to study abroad you could apply to!

7) The Education’s Office can grant scholarships to study abroad
In some countries, the Education Office/Ministry awards scholarships to eligible students so that they benefit from financial aid to study languages abroad! Try to have a look at your Education Office/Ministry website to see if they offer language grants or scholarships to study abroad!

8) There are some specific scholarships to study abroad
Some foundations offer financial aid to study languages abroad. These scholarships can require you to fill in some very specific conditions to be eligible for these language financial aids. Some specialized websites can help you see if there are specific language scholarships to study abroad you could be eligible for!

9) Welfare benefits may grant you scholarships to travel abroad
In some countries, families with a lower social background can benefit from scholarships, grants, or financial aid to study abroad. Try to see if such scholarships to learn languages abroad exist in your country, and what are the conditions to be granted of such a language scholarship!

Beware of scholarship scams or fake scholarships!

Some people don’t hesitate to use student’s credulity to try to send them fake scholarships. They will tell you that you have won a scholarship but need to pay fees to get it! Beware of scholarship scams! Type “scholarships scam" in the search engine, and you will see that there are many scholarships scams around the world nowadays! Be careful!

Some travel abroad organizations may tell you also that they offer a grant or a scholarship for a student to participate in a summer program. But check their prices first: their prices may be already much higher than the ones offered by others. Beware of “scholarships for everyone” announcements, since it is more likely that you will pay a higher price and get a fake discount!

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