We are the Nacel Educational Travel team! A company with more than 65 years of experience, we have the pleasure of guiding every step and being part of the plans that are sure to change the lives of those who take part in the programs. 

Explore the biographies of the Nacel family. Learn more about who we are.

Laurent Huc - Nacel International

Laurent is the director at Nacel International. He lives in Uvita, Costa Rica. Father of three marvelous little girls, he runs the operations from Costa Rica and travels the world to link up with all the different Nacel local communities. Laurent holds a BA in Business from the University of West of England as well as a Master degree from INSEEC Business School, France, the country where he is originally from. He has been involved in Nacel since 2006 when he took over the liaison bureau between the different Nacel entities. Over the years, the operation has become the main international promotion office for Nacel programs. Having travelled extensively as an exchange student from the age of 8 he had the opportunity to learn the 4 languages he now speaks as well as to understand what students needs are during their exchange program.

Céline Gibassier – Nacel International

Céline manages relationships with partners worldwide and develops international programs. She is an International Educational Advisor at Nacel since 2006. After her French and German high school diplomas, she has been interested in learning more about international relations and in learning new languages. After years of hard work and dedication, she got a Master Degree in Political Sciences and International Relations. She also got a Postgraduate diploma in International Development of European companies and in Business Intelligence. Céline loves spending time with her family and her little 3 years old daughter. She has lived in France, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland and Spain. That is why she speaks French, English, German, Hungarian and a little Spanish. Thanks to her experiences abroad, she understands what students may need during their stay abroad as well as the challenges they may have to face so that she can develop empathy with them and their parents.

Jojanneke de Jong – Nacel International

Jojanneke started working with Nacel in February 2022. She communicates with students from all over the world to understand exactly what they are looking for and to advise them on the programs that best suit their interest and their budget. She feels very fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to many different countries and work in the Netherlands, Guatemala, Spain, Portugal, France, Bulgaria and Luxembourg. She studied at a Dutch university. Jojanneke also participated in a Spanish language stay in Guatemala and has studied in France. This is why she knows perfectly the needs of future exchange students. But as a mother herself, she also understands the needs and concerns of parents who send their child abroad. She provides the empathy and understanding that parents and students need throughout the process of their project.

Alexa Bella – Nacel International

Alexa joined Nacel in May 2023. As a professional in the airline industry, having lived in Ecuador, the United  States, and Europe, and her journeys around the world, she firmly believes that travel is an unparalleled catalyst for personal growth and cultural enrichment. She is keen to empower students to broaden their language proficiency and horizons and embrace the world as their classroom. She has a Bachelor's in Business Management. While her trajectory hasn't directly intersected with the realm of educational travel, she takes this opportunity to explore another facet of the travel industry and harness the boundless potential for crafting exceptional student experiences that Nacel embodies. As an exchange student, she understands the fears and concerns the students experience before their journey starts, so she assists them in preparing them for this exhilarating new chapter. At the same time, she supports the parents when their children embark on this transformative life experience.

Giselle Nazário – Nacel International

Giselle has been an educational consultant at Nacel International since November 2023. She has a degree in Business Administration from the Federal University of Santa Catarina and a postgraduate degree in Strategic Marketing from the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (Brazil). Her international experience, with an exchange in Sydney and studies in San Diego, has deepened her understanding of the needs of students abroad. She demonstrates empathy by understanding students' emotional needs. Her commitment extends to parents, keeping them informed and reassured throughout their children's educational journey. She very much wishes them all success and well-being. And of course, that they have the best experience of their lives, transforming them, just as it did for her.

Emmanuelle Vaissière – Nacel France

Emmanuelle is the head of the Welcome to France department. This department is in charge of managing all Nacel programs dedicated to international students in France, from partnering with French schools, finding host families, coordinating students' transfers, conduct orientation and closely following and monitoring the students’ progress throughout their stay in France. Emmanuelle has been working at Nacel since 2000. She is mainly involved in the production, marketing and supervising of language stay programs in France. She has a Bachelor in English, German and Japanese languages and a diploma in Export Director’s Assistance. As she had a beautiful experience being an exchange student in the United States, she has always encouraged her four children to participate in Language Travel Programs. Since they were teenagers, they have participated in many. They have found that these trips have helped them grow, learn a language faster, and be more open-minded.

Rae Lenway - Nacel Open Door

Rae is the Director of Nacel Open Door, located in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. She has worked in international education for the past 23 years, and loves the endless learning opportunities for all persons involved! Rae has traveled extensively, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, a Master degree in Educational Leadership, and a Doctorate degree in Education with a concentration in Leadership and Communications. Rae is the proud mother of twin daughters, and also the proud grandmother of one grandson. Discover our exchange programs in the USA!

Diane Young – Nacel Canada

Diane is the Director of Nacel Canada HSP/CLC (Culture & Language Club) Inc. Diane leads the Canadian Operations from the head office, located in Edmonton, Alberta. Diane joined the Nacel group in 1991 after working previously as a Resort Manager for a British Tour Operator. Primarily based in Spain and France, where she improved both her Spanish and French language skills, her work gave her the opportunity to travel to many different countries and to experience different cultures. Understanding the importance of accepting cultural diversity she works with agents abroad and travels to various countries to promote Nacel Canadian programs. She has instilled the importance of understanding and welcoming cultural diversity into her two children who also have taken up her passion for worldwide travel!! Study in Canada with Nacel!

Maria Carmen Molina – Nacel Spain

Maria Carmen is Educational advisor at Nacel Spain since 1994. She studied English at the University of Granada, the city where she has spent most of her life. When she was a university student, she had several unforgettable experiences abroad, especially in the UK. Being an Au Pair in England for a year was a wonderful experience for her. Because she created a beautiful friendship with her host family, she was able to return many times to England. She is passionate about travelling, getting to know other cultures and working in this industry. When she is abroad, she tries to share a lot with local families because it is the best way to learn the culture and language of the country. She speaks Spanish, English and French and a little German. Learn Spanish in Spain with Nacel!

Anabela Barros - Nacel English School London

Anabela managed the acquisition of the school in 2001 and has subsequently managed the daily running of the Nacel English School London which is a Tier 4 Sponsor, accredited by the British Council and top rated by ISI - The Independent Schools Inspectorate. Her first-hand experience in being a study abroad student, a teacher and her vast experience in international education brings insight and understanding to her role at the School. Anabela has a friendly, dedicated and professional approach to her work, which has led to her building strong relationships with students and partners across the world. Study English in London with Nacel!

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