The origins of Nacel date to 1957, when two language teachers from France began organizing summer programs in England for French teenagers. Their goal was to provide opportunities for students to extend language learning and knowledge of another culture through a well-organized and affordable summer program.

During the sixties, these programs grew steadily and spread to Ireland. In 1969, the organizers decided to ask some American teachers of French to arrange a summer homestay program in the United States for French teenagers. Over succeeding years, programs with Germany, Spain, Mexico, and Canada were added.

Since 1957, Nacel programs have provided young people with the opportunity to discover new things about themselves and the world around them. More than 65 years of success


Nacel comes from the French word "nacelle," which is the basket of a hot air balloon as displayed in our logo. Like the balloon explorers of long ago, our participants have a spirit of adventure, are eager to learn about others, and are open to discovering the value of cultural diversity.

NACEL Educational Aim

No one learns the same way, no one has the same level, and no one has the same goal. Nacel proposes a large variety of stays abroad, which will help you to develop your personality.

Students aged less than 18 years old (minor children) are kindly requested to book the assistance service of the major airlines and train companies for unaccompanied minors, to avoid any difficulties during the travel. NACEL programs never include the travel between home and host country. Parents of children aged less than 18 years old will be requested to sign a Parents Travel Release.

Nacel's partnership with Transfermate

Nacel has a strong partnership with TransferMate, an online payment platform based in Ireland. 

This platform allows our students to make international payments: 

  • Cheaper: International Bank Transfer fees eliminated (Local Bank Transfer). Plus, Preferential Exchange Rates.
  • Faster: Make a local Bank Transfer in your currency. Payments can be processed and receipts issued within 24 hours.
  • Easier: 24-hour customer support via live chat, skype, phone and email.

Learn more about How to use Transfermate to pay your Nacel educational travel fees

Company Registration

NACEL INTERNATIONAL S.A. ; # 15, Uvita Info Center, Frente al BCR, Uvita de Osa, Costa Rica

If you are a Spanish citizen, do not hesitate to contact our Spanish team at NACEL ESPANA: + 34 958 223 368

If you are a French citizen, do not hesitate to contact our French team at NACEL FRANCE: +33 5 65 75 55 00

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