Learn more about High School Abroad in Spain! Experience a Spanish High School in Spain – 15-17 years old– 4 weeks to 1 academic year.
¡Hola! ¿cómo estás? Spain is waiting for you! Learn more about our student exchange in Spain

Become an exchange student in Spain: Immerse yourself deeply into the Spanish culture and its rich history of several centuries. We offer student exchange programs in Spain for a few weeks, a term, a semester, or even a school year! 

Attend a Spanish High school, called "Instituto" and live with a Spanish host family welcoming you as a new member of their family. During your school year abroad in Spain, practice your Spanish with your schoolmates and teachers!  Studying abroad in Spain is your chance to become bilingual in Spanish and embrace a country, a lifestyle, and a new family! Do not miss our school exchange in Andalusia!

Nacel, your high school study abroad organization to study in Spain

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Classic High School Exchange in Spain
Become an exchange student in Spain for a term, semester or the school year! You will go to school with your Spanish classmates…
2025 Registration Open
High School Abroad Spain - High school exchange in Spain - study in Barcelona
Nacel Educational Travel
  • Personalized Support Service
  • Carefully selected host families and schools
  • 24/7 assistance for parents and in-country
  • More than 35 years of experience in Spain
  • Price from : 6840 EUR
High School Exchange in Andalusia (Select program)
Enjoy this High School exchange in Andalusia and speak Spanish fluently! Travel to Spain to experience the life of a Spanish high…
High School Abroad Spain - student exchange in andalusia - Granada City Spain
Nacel Educational Travel
  • Experience Andalusian culture from inside
  • Village or City Experiences
  • Mediterranean climate all year long
  • Experienced Local Coordinators
  • Price from : 6840 EUR
High School Exchange in Madrid (Select program)
Travel to Spain with Nacel and experience a high school exchange in the Madrid Metropolitan Area! You will be welcomed by a…
High School Abroad Spain - High school exchange in Madrid - Girl with traditional Spanish clothes
Nacel Educational Travel
  • Enjoy the Capital city's cultural attractions
  • Private school placement
  • Host family life in a quiet residential area North of Madrid
  • Easy to reach!
  • Price from : 14990 EUR

Becoming a High School Exchange student in Spain with Nacel

Your foreign exchange program in Spain with Nacel: Nacel High School Exchange programs in Spain allow you to discover the beauty and cultural heritage of this Mediterranean country in a very unique and complete way: not as a tourist, but from inside. You live with a Spanish host family and study in a local high school in Spain. Immerse yourself into the Spanish culture by attending school in Spain with Nacel.

Contact us to get a detailed information about:

  • School year abroad in Spain
  • Spanish school system
  • Spanish Bachillerato and high school graduation in Spain
  • Boarding school in Spain
  • Study abroad Spanish programs over the summer or during the school year
  • Gap year in Spain
  • School trips in Spain and Discovery Tours
  • International schools in Spain

Thanks to a wide range ofstudy abroad programs in Spain, we will find the most suitable program for YOU. Spending a school year in Spain is not just about taking a gap year in Spain: it is a real cultural, academic, and life-changing experience that will open you to a bright future. Come to study in Spain!

Why should you apply to a student exchange in Spain?

Our High School Exchange in Spain is an immersion experience that offers high school exchange students the perfect combination of educational and cultural enrichment. It allows you to not only perfect your Spanish skills, but also to live and study in Spain like any other students of your age, and thus gain a strong cultural knowledge.

You experience the everyday life of Spaniards, learn about Spanish literature, arts, and architecture, and also taste delicious Spanish dishes.

This is not only an academic or a study abroad Spanish program, it is a cultural journey. Embark for a school year abroad in Spain!

Discover our Spanish High School Study Abroad in Spain:

  • High School Term in Spain: mid-September to Christmas
  • High School Semester in Spain: mid-September to January or mid-January to 3rd week of June
  • High School year in Spain: mid-September to 3rd week of June

Which is the best high school exchange program in Spain for me in 2024?

Where would you like to spend your exchange year in Spain? Nacel offers you to attend high school in various regions of Spain. Your Spanish foreign exchange program starts here! 

  • High School in Andalusia (Select Program): This program is designed for international students who specifically want to live and study in sunny Andalusia. Host families welcome our exchange students in Spain as a new member of their family. As an exchange student in Andalusia, you may attend a public or a private high school. You enjoy a wonderful climate, diverse landscapes like mountains and sea, and a rich cultural history.
  • High School Exchange in Madrid (Select Program): attracted by the capital city of Spain? You will no doubt enjoy your exchange year in Madrid. You live in a residential area of the Madrid suburbs and attend a local private high school. 
  • Classic High School Exchange Program: This Classic Spanish exchange program is offered to students looking for an intercultural experience anywhere in Spain. Our Classic High School Study Abroad in Spain allows you to attend a public or a private school and live with a local host family. One very popular destination is Asturias: the region offers wonderful landscapes and welcoming people for a successful school year abroad in Spain.

Consult us so that we can help you make the best choice for your student exchange program in Spain. Live your Spanish cultural immersion in Spain with Nacel.

Study in a Spanish high school: How does it look like to go to school as an exchange student in Spain?

Spanish students usually study in school from 8 am to 2 or 3 pm, from Monday to Friday, sometimes later. Afternoons are dedicated to extracurricular activities, sports, and homework. Your student exchange in Spain is not just about studying! :-) You can do extracurricular activities after school, on afternoons or weekends, outside of school campuses usually. This allows you to meet Spanish teens outside of your school and practice your Spanish in a relaxed and fun environment. 

Study at a High School in Spain: 10th grade (4º of ESO) is the last mandatory year and students graduate at that time with a Secondary Education Certificate. Grade 11 and 12 (1º and 2º of Bachillerato) are dedicated to the preparation of the Bachillerato.

Students may study up to 10‐12 subjects per week. For your 11th and 12th grade, Spanish students have to choose a specific “stream”, among Humanities, Science and Technology, Social Science, and sometimes Arts; there are also 4‐5 core common subjects for all students. As a student on an exchange program in Spain, you attend the same classes as any other Spanish student. Students in Spanish high schools usually remain in the same classroom the whole day and teachers rotate. 

Students study hard to attend examinations at the end of each term. Final exams take place in June. An official transcript may be awarded at the end of the study experience for students who complete an academic year in Spain. This allows you to earn credits from your high school study abroad experience.

If you are interested in the student exchange in Spain please click on “Discover more” to have access to more information.

Prepare yourself for this exchange experience: we are here to inform you, advise you, guide you, and answer all questions you may have about the school year abroad in Spain!

Welcome to Spain! Study abroad with us! Become an exchange student in Spain with Nacel!

Get used to Spanish meals and mealtime during your high school exchange program in Spain!

Our Spanish host families host exchange students because they are interested in the experience and wish to share their everyday life, culture, and language with a student coming from abroad. The families get a stipend from the program to help them cover extra costs such as food or energy costs.

Spanish meals and mealtimes can sometimes be very surprising for our exchange students in Spain. 

Breakfast or “desayuno” in Spanish tends to be a light meal. Spanish people eat a toast with olive oil, tomato, or tuna, and drink a glass of orange juice, as well as a coffee. Some people rather have breakfast at 10 am in a nearby coffee near their workplace. 

Lunch or “almuerzo” is very important for Spaniards. They have lunch rather late compared to other countries, usually between 2 and 4 pm! As a student, you may have lunch at home or bring a takeaway lunch to school. In the summer this lunchtime may be followed by the siesta!

Dinner or “cena” is a rather lighter meal for Spaniards and they may have dinner as late as 9 or even 10 pm! 

It may be challenging at first for you to get accustomed to these specific Spanish mealtimes but do not worry, you will get used to it and enjoy it! 

What are the benefits of a student exchange in Spain?

From our experience, the benefits of a student exchange in Spain are not only educational and cultural: Spanish language immersion, exposure to a different way of life, and cultural enrichment. A Spanish exchange program in a transformative experience of cultural immersion.

The benefits for a student are also personal; our exchange students in Spain:

  • become more independent and autonomous,
  • boost their intercultural and adaptability skills,
  • build lifelong friendships with a Spanish host family and Spanish friends,
  • gain a global and broadened perspective on current world affairs,
  • and grow as a person!

Read some stories of our past participants!

Program Highlights

International students go to school just like any other Spanish student, enabling a full immersion into the Spanish culture from the very first day.

Short-term High School Integration programs in Spain are available for 4 to 10 weeks. Placements are usually arranged in Asturias and Andalucia.

Spanish High School Study Abroad: Student Support and Safety

Nacel has more than 65 years of experience in offering study abroad programs worlwide.

Learn more about the Nacel program support and safety measures:

  • Our Spanish coordinators welcome international students from many different countries every year and thus earn strong intercultural experience.
  • Our warm and welcoming host families are carefully selected through an interview and a home visit. They are screened and vetted by our Nacel Spain staff.
  • Nacel places exchange students in fully accredited Spanish high schools offering a safe and engaging study environment.
  • Nacel supports you at each step of the Spanish student visa application process.
  • Exchange students and their parents have access to a 24/7 hotline and our support team.
  • In-country Support team: Nacel Spain keeps in regular touch with exchange students, host families, and schools. 
  • Nacel Educational Travel provides English-speaking support to parents during the whole experience of their child in Spain.

Spanish School System: Key Facts

Spend the school year in Spain that suits you best! There are various types of High Schools in Spain:

  • Public schools: No tuition fees. Co-educational and no uniform. 
  • Subsidized semi-private schools ("concertadas"): These schools are subsidized by the government and parents' monthly fees. A uniform is sometimes required. 
  • Private schools: tuition fees required. Uniform required. 

The Spanish school year generally starts in mid‐September and finishes mid to 3rd week of June. This also applies to an exchange student in Spain. The school year is divided into 3 terms (no semester organization). There are usually 2 1/2 weeks of vacation for Christmas and New Eve, and 8-10 days for the Easter break. 

Students study hard to attend examinations at the end of each term. Final exams take place in June. An official transcript may be awarded at the end of the study experience for students who complete an academic year in Spain. This allows you to earn credits from your high school study abroad experience.

Classes begin between 8 and 9 am and end around 5 pm with a break of 1-2 hours for lunch, or by 3 pm, with a 20-30 minute break at 11.30 am. 

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