Study Spanish with Nacel! Spanish attracts more and more students. It allows them to travel to many different countries around the world.
Spanish is widely spoken and studied around the world. Start or complete your Spanish studies with Nacel by booking a Spanish course. You may participate in a Spanish summer camp or attend an exchange program in Spain


  • Are you living in an American state with many Spanish speakers?
  • Do you intend to travel to South America?
  • Planning holidays on the Costa del Sol?
  • Looking for recipes of the Spanish omelette, the tortilla?
  • You have a passion for Flamenco, Spanish guitar or Corrida?
  • Wishing to understand Spanish songs?
  • Looking for results of the Spanish football league and especially from the FC Barcelona?
  • Looking for a job in relation with the growing Spanish world?
  • Do you travel to Madrid or Barcelona?
  • Needing to translate something from English to Spanish?

There are 1000 reasons why you may be interested in the Spanish language and culture!
Spanish is spoken natively by 400 million people. The Spanish language is the official language of Spain, most Latin American countries a swell as in Equatorial Guinea.
21 countries use Spanish as a first language. The language is also used in several international organizations and its importance is growing.


Learning Spanish will offer you greater opportunity for your future international career and open your eyes to new cultures.

Spanish or Castilian is a Romance language originally spoken in the North of Spain and derives from Vulgar Latin. There are important variations in vocabulary among the regions where Spanish is spoken. Formal differences in grammar between Peninsular and American Spanish are few and someone who has learned the dialect of one area will have no difficulties using formal speech in the other. Note that, in some senses, employing Spanish verbs correctly is difficult for native speakers of English. Spanish is written with the Latin alphabet.


Convinced? Are you beginner in Spanish? Then have a look at our programs designed to help you to learn Spanish in Spain or in Mexico! We offer classes from Basic Spanish to Advanced Spanish. Our teachers will help you to improve the four language skills: reading, speaking, writing, and listening!
If you already have an Intermediate level of Spanish, don’t hesitate to prepare Spanish Language Exams in one of our language schools to let your skills and level recognized officially.

DELE: The DELE (Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language) issued by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry for Education and Science are official qualifications levels of ability and command of Spanish. This diploma is recognized worldwide by private companies, chambers of commerce and public and private educational systems.


Study Spanish with Nacel! We offer our students several opportunities and locations to learn how to speak Spanish.

Teenagers will enjoy staying with a Spanish or Mexican homestay and get some Spanish language lessons or have Spanish courses on mornings and practice Sports activities on afternoons in our Summer Camp in Barcelona.

They may also visit a High School in Spain or Mexico. Learn English in Barcelona or Madrid! Adults looking for an intensive course will rather choose our Home Lessons program or visit one of our Spanish Language Schools.
Students will improve their language skills and CV by having jobs in Spain!
Discover our wide offer right now!

Spanish high school abroad

High School Exchange in Mexico

Looking for an affordable study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country? Take a look at our High school exchange in Mexico!

Being bilingual opens many doors! Work that Spanish abroad and live a unique experience that will help you in your personal and academic development. Live with a Mexican family and attend school as if you were a local Mexican student. Nacel accompanies you during this adventure studying abroad!

High School in Andalusia

High School exchange in Andalusia and more! Travel to Spain to experience the life of a Spanish high school student: you will live with a Spanish host family who will introduce you to their language and to the local culture. Discover the cultural diversity of Spain as an exchange student in Andalusia! 

High School Exchange in Ecuador

What is the lifestyle like for an exchange student in Ecuador? Find out thanks to our high school exchange!

Study abroad in Ecuador and discover the Ecuadorian culture while you practise your spanish speaking skills with your host family and with your classmates at school. In your free time, sutdy, discover the area, participate in school activities and meet new friends! 

High School Exchange in Argentina

Study abroad and become an exchange student in an Argentinian high school.

Thanks to this Spanish high school abroad program, you will be able to discover more about the culture, values and traditions of this country. Improve your spanish talking with your new friends at school and with your host family for a semester or school year.

High School Exchange in Spain

Student exchange in Spain: meet a volunteer Spanish host family eager to share with you their language and culture and improve your Spanish knowledge through a constant immersion into Spanish! Becoming an exchange student in Spain you will go to school with your Spanish classmates and make new friends. 

Environmental Volunteer Exchange program in Costa Rica

Dreaming of living in Central America? Experience the life of a student in the Caribbean with this high school exchange in Costa Rica!

Studying abroad has never been so much fun! Live an adventure in Costa Rica, participating in activities at school, living with a Costa Rican host family and exploring the area. Travel to this georgeous country for a semester or school year. 

Spanish language schools

Spanish school in Alicante

Live in Southern Spain for some weeks and discover why many students fall in love with this country! 

Our language school in Alicante offers Spanish lessons for adults and students. All levels are accepted. There are many things in Alicante that you can in your free time with your classmates or new friends!

Spanish school in Barcelona

Have the best time of your life in Europe! Take Spanish lessons in Barcelona and experience the Catalan way of life!

Broaden your mind discovering a new culture and meeting new friends abroad! Beach, mountains, good restaurants, nigthclubs, museums, markets...Barcelona has a lot to offer to its visitors and international students! Our language school is available all year around. So, come whenever you want with your friends or on your own.

Spanish school in Madrid

Travel with your friends or alone to Europe in order to learn Spanish in Madrid

Live a intensive Spanish immersion adventure in Madrid! In your free time, you will be able to discover the area, go shopping, eat in local restaurants, participating in nice acitvities and a lot of incredible things! After your stay in Spain, you will be able to talk, sing and watch your favorite Spanish/Latin series without help or subtitles!

Spanish school in Valencia

Have a brilliant year, living new enriching experiencies abroad! What about living in the Paella's city: Valencia ?

Valencia stands out for being a student city with full of things to do and festivities. Don't miss the Fallas! Live and study Spanish in Valencia for some weeks. In your free time, you will be able to participate in fun activities, go to the beach, go shopping, meet new friends and much more!

Spanish summer camps

Spanish and Surf summer camp in Santander Spain

Live a bilingual Spanish and French experience abroad during this surf summer camp in Spain.

Take English classes in the mornings and surf with other French students in the afternoons.  During this two-week camp in Santander, you will be able to participate in cultural and fun activities as well. Improve your Spanish and French during this immersion abroad!

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