A language school abroad is the most traditional option for learning a language. In our language school abroad, you will find language courses for young people and adults at all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. This program stands out for its great flexibility. You will have plenty of free time after class to do other activities. Travel alone or with a friend!

Accommodation is included in the language school program! You can live with a host family, in a student residence or in a shared apartment. Learn German, English, Arabic, French, Spanish or Italian with native teachers living in the country of your choice! 

It is possible travelling abroad with the goal of learning or improving a new language in a few weeks with Nacel!

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Travel and learn a new language abroad with Nacel! 

Student profile for this program:

You are a

  • high school student (from 16 years old)
  • adult who is/who's not in working life
  • retired person
  • university student 

and you are looking for

  • learning a new language abroad
  • improving a language abroad
  • living a new experience abroad
  • discovering a new place
  • meeting other international students
  • a program with great flexibility

We offer language courses at a language school abroad in several countries!

Choose a language, a country, a type of accomodation, and the dates when you'd like to travel. You choose you language school abroad.

You can travel from one week up to several months. The length of the program is up to you according to the period of time and budget you can spend to study a language abroad. 

Language school program: Travel alone or with friends

We offer language courses at all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) with or without accommodation! From Monday to Friday, attend language courses during the mornings with other international students at a language school. During the weekends and in your free time you can do whatever you want

Our language schools are highly reputed and offer a variety of language courses :

  • General language courses
  • Business language courses
  • Exam Preparation courses (for TEIC, TOEFL or Cambridge Certificate preparation)

A Language School abroad also organizes socio-cultural, excursions, visits and sporting activities. These activities are optional (free or paid activities). They often take place on afternoons and on weekends as mornings are dedicated to language courses.

As a general rule, the program starts with a language test which enables teachers to determine the participant's level on arrival. Courses can be organized in groups or for individuals only (one-to-one lessons). These language schools, generally open all year round, are well equipped with educational material.

The schools are accredited centers. Teachers at Language schools are selected carefully in order to ensure a quality program. Usually, they are native speakers and have experience in teaching the language abroad

What will my routine be like during the week?

Arrivals are on Sundays in the accommodation of your choice. Classes are held Monday through Friday mornings or afternoons, depending on your schedule. After breakfast, you can take public transport to the language school.

At midday, you can buy your lunch near the school as there are street food restaurants, shops, grocery stores nearby or eat your packed lunch in a park nearby. If you don't have classes in the afternoon, we recommend that you organize your time well so that you make the most of your stay abroad. Remember to arrive in time at your host family's house for dinner (if it's included in the package)

What can I do in my free time?

Activities are not included in the program but you can do an infinite number of things, as long as you remember to respect the laws of the country, the host family or the student residence and Nacel rules naturally! Some ideas are:

  • Revise/reread what you have learned in class
  • Sightseeing in the area
  • Eat in local restaurants
  • Going to the cinema, or going to the theater
  • Visit museums, monuments, shops, markets, etc
  • Hang out with new friends
  • Do a part-time job

How to choose the right language school abroad for you? 

  • Choose the language 
  • Choose the country
  • Choose the available city
  • Choose the dates of your travel
  • Think about: available type of course, weekly hours of language courses, and your budget
  • A Nacel agent will confirm the availability of the language courses for the dates indicated. 

Our top destinations

Looking for supervised language courses programs? 

Language courses at language schools are for students and adults that are mature, independent, responsible and used to taking public transportation alone. If you are between 13 and 18 years old and you are looking for a language course program supervised, with accommodation and all meals, we have the following ones:

Invest in your education, take language courses abroad with us and travel cheaper and more localHundreds of students have already traveled with Nacel. You are welcomed in the Nacel's family as well! Watch videos on our Youtube Channel.
Fin the most suitable language school abroad with Nacel! 

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