Spain with its sunny beaches, tasty food, lively fiestas, flamenco, bustling Ramblas, soccer, the famous Spanish fashion stores with its affordable prices, and catchy Spanish tunes. That's what comes to mind when you think of Spain, isn't it?

Students love Spain because it's a country with a good climate, lots of things to see and do, very friendly people and the ease of weekend travels at affordable prices Learn Spanish in Spain with Nacel for a few days, weeks, months, or the school year. Explore our captivating destinations!

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Why should you learn Spanish in Spain?

We give you excellent reasons to choose this destination.

  • To learn Spanish in Spain with Nacel is an affordable way to improve your Spanish abroad.
  • Discover Spain, a country where you can find sunny beaches and snowy mountains.
  • Discover the Spanish culture! After your Spanish courses at the language school, you can go to a Flamenco show.
  • While you learn Spanish in Spain, meet new friends and speak with them in Spanish!
  • Take a lot of photos while visiting the most famous monuments in Madrid, Barcelona, valencia or in Andalucía.
  • Taste the traditional Spanish food, so tasty and famous, while you study Spanish in Spain.
  • After your Spanish courses, go shopping in one of the numerous and trendy boutiques with affordable prices.
  • Immerse yourself in the so different Spanish lifestyle, while you learn Spanish in Spain
  • Our host families will help you to understand the Spanish culture after your Spanish courses.
  • Nacel has more than 60 years of experience in language courses and high school exchange programs and it's a language course leader on the French and European market.

Since 1957, Nacel offers a wide range of study abroad programs in Spain for students and adults. We have: High school exchange programs, Spanish courses at language schools or at your Spanish teacher's home, summer camps and homestay programs. Our Spanish collaborators will make your language trip in Spain an exceptional and unforgettable experience.

We offer you Spanish courses in the most beautiful destinations of Spain: learn Spanish in Madrid, learn Spanish in Barcelona, learn Spanish in Granada, learn Spanish in Cadiz

Invest in your education, learn Spanish in Spain with us and travel cheaper and more local. Hundreds of students have already traveled with Nacel. You are welcomed in the Nacel's family as well!

Do you want to know more about Spain?

Let us give you some key information:

  • Country: Spain
  • Number of inhabitants: 48,345,223 (2023 est.)
  • Climate: Temperate; clear, hot summers in the interior, more moderate and cloudy along the coast; cloudy, cold winters in the interior, partly cloudy and cool along the coast
  • Capital: Madrid
  • Government type: Parliamentary Monarchy
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Religions: 37.5% non-practicing Catholic, 16.5% practicing Carholic, 14.9% Atheist, 12.6% Agnostic, 12.3% different or no religion
  • Languages :  Spanish (official)
  • National Holiday: National Day, October 12
  • GDP per capita: $ 50,471 (2023 est.) 

Spanish is a Romance language. It is the world’s second most-spoken language by native speakers. Spanish is the official language in Spain, in Equatorial Guinea, and in most Latin American countries: in total, 20 nations have chosen Spanish as their primary language. There are variations among the regions of Spain and in South America in the way the Spanish is spoken. However, these are minor differences, mainly accent’s differences. Whatever their origins are, two Spanish speakers of different countries will understand each other perfectly.

If you wish to discover Madrid’s charms, his Puerta Del Sol, its museum, Barcelona’s beaches, or Granada’s Alhambra, come and learn Spanish in Spain with Nacel, and take the opportunity to live a matchless experience thanks to our Spanish courses in Spain!

Source: Wikipedia.

Did you know that in Spain...

... people take a break after 2 pm? It's called "siesta" and lasts between one and a half and two hours.

... there is the custom of "go for tapas"? This consists of going out to eat small portions of food in bars and restaurants - a great way to socialize with friends.

... January 6th is magical and important? Yes, the Spanish celebrate Kings' Day (Día de Los Reyes), where the Three Kings bring gifts to children. 

... soccer is the most popular sport? There are famous teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona. Their matches rock the country.

... you find fine art and spectacular beaches? That's right, the country caters for all tastes. You can see Antoni Gaudí's masterpiece (Sagrada Familia), visit Santiago de Compostela Cathedral and enjoy the beaches of Ibiza, for example.

A complete place, huh? Want to learn Spanish in this paradise? Book now.

How to apply for a student visa to Spain?

We at Nacel are going to give you some tips so that you can have a relaxed and stress-free trip.
For you to be able to obtain your student visa, there are the requirements that must be observed.

First, have a valid passport, it is important to check that it will be valid for the duration of the trip. Fill in the Visa application form and take a photograph.

Choose the program that best suits you and have the acceptance document from your chosen institution.

Separate proof of financial means documents and take out health insurance.

You can find all the detailed information on the website, click here.

And don't forget, we're here to help you and make everything easier.

Want to know more about studying in Spain? We'll explain!

The school year starts in September and ends in June. The schools you choose can be public or semi-private and classes usually begin at 8 am and last until 2:45 pm. (with a 30-minute break at 11 am). It is possible to choose extracurricular activities.

The education system is divided into 3 stages: elementary education (6-12 years old), secondary education (12-16 years old) and the Bachillerato (16-18 years old).

In secondary school, there are the following subjects: Mathematics, Spanish and literature, Natural sciences, Social sciences, Foreign language (English), Physical education, Plastic and visual arts, Music and Technology.

During the two years of Bachillerato, the subjects are: Philosophy, Spanish and literature, Foreign language, History and Physical education. And 3 subjects can be included, such as: Technical drawing, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Latin, old Greek, etc.

We have different programs so you can choose how you want to study in Spain. Talk to our Expert Advisors and see which option is best for you. Book now.

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