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Top 10 reasons to learn English in New Zealand with Nacel

1. To learn English in New Zealand with Nacel is the best way to improve your English

2. Admire New Zealand fabulous landscapes after your English Courses

3. Discover Maori culture while your learn English in New Zealand: dances, songs, tattoos…

4. After your English courses, taste a cosmopolitan, multi influenced cooking

5. While you learn English in New Zealand, discover an outstanding wildlife, and perhaps observe a kiwi, which is the emblematic bird of New Zealand

6. New Zealand is the heaven of sports’ lovers…

7.  And above all of rugby’s lovers and you will discover that after your English courses

8. While you learn English in New Zealand, discover a fabulous flora, whose most species only exist in New Zealand

9. Our host families will know how to make you discover their culture after your English courses

10. Nacel has more than 60 years of experience in language classes and is a language course leader on the French and European market.

Since 1957, Nacel offers a wide range of English courses in New Zealand. Our New Zealander coordinators will make your language travel in New Zealand an exceptional and unforgettable experience.

 We offer you English courses in one of the most beautiful destinations of New Zealand: learn English in Auckland!

 Our value for money is incomparable, and hundreds of our former participants can testify it: Learn English in New Zealand with Nacel, you won't regret it.

New Zealand in short

Country: New Zealand
Inhabitants: 4 million
Climate: Temperate with sharp regional contrasts
Capital: Wellington
Government’s type: Parliamentary democracy  
Currency: Neo Zealander Dollar
Main religions: Anglican 13.8%, Roman Catholic 12.6%, Presbyterian 10%, Methodist 3%, Pentecostal 2%, Baptist 1.4%, other Christian 3.8%, other 2.2%, unspecified 2.2%, none 32.2%
Languages: English (official), Maori (official)
National holiday: Waitangi Day (Treaty of Waitangi established British sovereignty over New Zealand), 6 February (1840)  
GDP per capita: 28 000 $ (2010)

English is the third native language in the world, but above all, it is the best known language in the world. English is a pluricentric language, with variations of expressions and accents according to the countries. The accent considered as the most prestigious one is the “received pronunciation”, which was used for a long time by the monarchs of England, but also by the presenters of the BBC.

If you wish to discover the beautiful city of Auckland and its harbour, come and learn English in New Zealand with us. Take the opportunity to live a matchless experience thanks to our German courses!

Book an English language course in New Zealand with Nacel!

Whether you decide to go in an english language school, to an academic year in New Zealand or to live in total immersion in a New Zealander family, we offer a whole range of programs to meet your needs, and to allow you to learn English in New Zealand!

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