Let us introduce you to a paradise country in the South Pacific Ocean: New Zealand.

Many of our exchange students love living in "NZ". We offer different study abroad programs so that you can study in the country. It stands out for its safety, quality education, and cultural diversity.

Find out more about New Zealand and understand why it's an excellent choice for learning English.

Why should you study English in New Zealand?

Understand why we think New Zealand is a wonderful place to learn English!

  • To learn English in New Zealand with Nacel is the best and affordable way to improve your English abroad.
  • Admire New Zealand's fabulous landscapes after your English Courses.
  • Discover Maori culture while you learn English in New Zealand: dances, songs, tattoos…
  • After your English courses, go to eat at a local restaurant and taste a cosmopolitan, multi-influenced cooking.
  • While you learn English in New Zealand, discover outstanding wildlife, and perhaps observe a kiwi, which is the emblematic bird of New Zealand.
  • Do you like sports? New Zealand is the heaven of sports lovers
  • Play rugby with your classmates after your English courses.
  • While you learn English in New Zealand, discover a fabulous flora, whose most species only exist in New Zealand
  • Our host families will know how to make you discover their culture after your English courses.
  • Nacel has more than 60 years of experience in language courses and high school exchange programs and it's a language course leader in the French and European market.

Since 1957, Nacel offers a wide range of English courses in language schools and of high school exchange programs in New Zealand. Our local coordinators will make your language trip in New Zealand an exceptional and unforgettable experience. Learn English in New Zealand.

We offer you English courses in one of the most beautiful destinations of New Zealand: learn English in Auckland!

Invest in your education, learn English in New Zealand with us and travel cheaper and more local. Hundreds of students have already traveled with Nacel. You are welcomed in the Nacel's family as well!

Do you want to know more about New Zealand?

Let us give you some key information:

  • Country: New Zealand
  • Inhabitants: 5,257,220 (2023 est.)
  • Climate: Temperate with sharp regional contrasts
  • Capital: Wellington
  • Government’s type: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
  • Currency: Neo Zealander Dollar (NZD)
  • Main religions: 36.5% Christianity, 2.7% Hinduism, 1.3% Islam, 1.1% Buddhism, 1.3% Māori religions, 1.9% other, 48.2% no religion
  • Official languages: English and Māori
  • National holiday: Treaty of Waitangi - 6 February (1840)
  • GDP per capita: $ 53,809 (2023 est.)

English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. English is a pluricentric language, with variations of expressions and accents according to the countries.

If you wish to discover the Pasifika festival, and Māori Natural History Gallery, do a Kayak tour to visit places around Auckland. Take the opportunity to live a matchless experience thanks to our English courses in New Zealand!

Source: Wikipedia.

Did you know that New Zealand...

... is a complete country when it comes to natural beauty? Here you can find beaches, mountains and fjords.

... has many national parks? Fiordland National Park is a UNESCOworld heritage site.

.. is home to unique animal species? Such as the kiwi, tuatara, and kakapo.

... is famous for its adventure sports? You can go bungee jumping, skydiving and rafting.

... is renowned for its dance, the haka, before every rugby match? The national rugby team, the All Blacks, stole the show at the opening of the games.

... keeps Maori culture alive, including in the kitchen? You can try Hangi, made with meat and vegetables cooked in a hole in the ground, or Kumara, which is a type of sweet potato, or if you prefer, try the sea urchin, called Kina.

Enjoy studying English in New Zealand and experience it all. Book now.

Want to know more about studying in New Zealand? We'll explain!

Let's explain the New Zealand education system. Classes usually start at 8:45 in the morning and finish at 3:10 in the afternoon, depending on the institution.

There are three levels of education in NZ: primary school (5-11 years old), intermediate school (11-13 years old) and secondary school (13-18 years old).

The subjects change according to the school and level, here are some examples: Arts, Sciences, Foreign Languages (French and Spanish available), Social Sciences or

You can also do extracurricular activities: sports (such as Athletics, Karate, and Rugby, among others), music groups (such as Boys Barbershop Quartets, Jazz Band, Orchestra, etc) or Audio-visual lighting, Creative Writing, and Photography, among others.

New Zealand is a great place to learn English with an education system renowned for its quality.

See how many possibilities there are in NZ? We're here if you have any more questions. Get on board now and learn English in New Zealand with Nacel.

How do you apply for a student visa to New Zealand?

Some requirements must be met in order to obtain your student visa for New Zealand. We have some recommendations to help you have a great trip.

First, you must have a valid passport; it is important to check that it is valid for the duration of your trip. Fill in the visa application form and take a photo.

Select the program you are most interested in and have the acceptance document from your chosen institution ready.

Other documents may be requested, such as proof of financial resources and health insurance. There is a checklist that you can follow step by step, just click here.

All the detailed information can be found on the website, click here.

And don't forget, we're here to help you and make everything easier.

Is New Zealand the right Study Abroad destination for you?

Contact us now! Whether you decide to participate in English courses at a language school, to an academic year in New Zealand, or to live a full homestay immersion in a New Zealand, we offer a whole range of study abroad programs to meet your needs, and that will allow you to learn English in New Zealand!

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