Homestay immersion in the USA - learning English with hostmother
Home Schooling in the USA
  • From 14 to 16 years old
  • Language : English
  • Length : 3 weeks
  • Price from : 2490 USD
Homestay immersion in the USA - homeschooling classes
Homestay in the USA
  • From 13 to 18 years old
  • Language : English
  • Length : 3 or 4 weeks
  • Price from : 2090 USD

Nacel Homestay Programs United States highlights

Spend your summer holidays with an American host family!

Nacel offers international students to share the everyday life of a volunteer American host family for a few weeks during the summer, generally in July. International participants are warmly welcomed by the family members who quickly integrate their host into their lifes. During their homestay immersion in the USA, students get to know the local community as the host family is usually eager to present their host to their friends and neighbors. This is a very enriching cultural summer program that also allows the participant to improve his English listening and speaking skills.  More than a simple language course, the Homestay program in the USA  is a real cultural exchange. Be an American teen for some weeks!

Your English homestay in the USA is waiting for you!

Join now your summer homestay immersion in the USA!

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