This summer take part in one of our Summer Camps in England! We welcome Teens every summer in England so that they can enjoy activities, cultural discovery and improve their English in England

You will attend English courses with the other campers, usually on mornings, and have a program of activities, sports, visits and excursions on afternoons depending on the program chosen. You will be welcomed in a British host family to experinece a real British immersion or stay with your international friends in a safe and supervised residence

 Study English and have a safe and fun summer in England with Nacel!

Are you looking for the best summer camp in England for this summer? Nacel English School London is happy to offer your English language programs to reach your language goals! Have a look at our residential English summer camps. Find your English summer programs for high school students!

English courses for Teens in London
Spend your summer abroad and improve your English in London for a few weeks during English courses for Juniors.This teen summer…
Summer Camps United Kingdom - English junior course in London - Classroom
Nacel Educational Travel
  • Combine English course and British cultural discovery
  • Learn English outside the classroom
  • Explore London with your local teachers and on your own
  • Make international friends at the language school
  • Price from : 2490 GBP
English summer camp in London
Book your place at our international summer camp in London! Live a real British Boarding school experience during your next…
Summer Camps United Kingdom - Summer camp in London - campus
Nacel Educational Travel
  • A real British boarding school experience
  • Full supervised international camp
  • A safe and suitable study environment for teens
  • Explore London with teens from alll over the world!
  • Price from : 1190 GBP

What should I expect from my summer camps in England?

Nacel welcomes international students in England, for a fun and interesting experience of British culture! Our summer programs in England usually include English language classes in the mornings, and a program of activities, excursions, and cultural discovery in the afternoons.

Depending on the English language program chosen, participants are welcomed in :

  • either British host families, for a real British cultural immersion
  • or Student residences, in shared bedrooms, with adult supervision
  • or even in a British boarding school

Afternoons and sometimes weekends are dedicated to activities such as:

  • sports activities
  • cultural activities
  • excursions to points of interest in town or in the area
  • visits to main monuments and museums
  • experiences of British culture, meals, and traditions

Join now one of our summer camps in the United Kingdom to improve our knowledge of the English language, British culture, and the best English touristic venues!

How can I improve my language skills during the English summer camps in England?

Juniors study the English language with their peer's thanks to qualified and motivated English native teachers. Participants are tested on arrival so that they join the language group corresponding to their English level and skills. Our English teachers are experienced in teaching English to international teens and make sure that their classes are attractive and diverse. English courses are usually held 3 hours a week, 5 days a week.

We, therefore, provide you with English language lessons for about 15 hours per week: you will be taught English by a native English teacher, in a group of 12 to 15 students. Teachers are native English speakers so you will no doubt improve your understanding of the British accent! They will implement funny activities for you to enjoy your English studies.

Book your English summer course for Teens in England!

Learn English outside the classroom with Nacel!

We offer you to learn English in London:

  • while attending high quality English language classes with your teacher in the classroom: our courses follow an efficient methodology and our teachers used the most recent tools to provide you with efficient and enjoyable English lessons
  • ​While participating in our so called Realia lessons: we accompany you for your English lessons outside the classroom! You will receive vocabulary and material to prepare your visit of a London attraction or a cultural experience, and then use this new knowledge during the visit or the activity, for example to answer a quizz!

This Realia method to teach English outside the classroom allows you to use English in real-life situations and thus better remind vocabulary! This method developped by Nacel English School London further developp your English speaking and writing skills

Residential summer camps in England : you will experience London!

Nacel English School London offers residential English summer camps

Residential Summer camps in England provide a safe setting for teens. The majority of camp activities focus on having fun, while simultaneously teaching youngsters the English language. A perfect way to learn a language outside the regular classroom and increase cultural awareness and understanding!
We offer sleepaway residential camps in England during the summer.

Discover our English summer programs for high school students in London!

We offer two different English language summer programs in London

In both cases, you have the opportunity to discover London's attractions with your new friends! 

Summer camp in London: make the best of your summer in London!

Our summer camps in England allow you to make the best of your British summer experience

You will not only explore London and its main landmarks: 

  • London Eye,
  • Trafalgar Square,
  • Tower Bridge,
  • Westminster Abbey
  • or Buckingham Palace and many more! 

But also do British typical experiences such as: 

  • see a famous Musical in London with your international friends
  • participate in a typical Afternoon Tea
  • go a typical market on the weekend
  • do an afternoon shopping in Regent Street
  • meet VIP at Madame Tussaud
  • visit the London Zoo

As well as enjoy cultural events and Museums during your summer camp in London: 

  • explore the British museum with your English teacher
  • do experiences in English at the Science Museum
  • learn about London history at Tower of London!

Choose your best summer camp in England

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