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Top 10 reasons to learn Spanish in Chile with Nacel

1. Chile is a country on the rise, and has seen strong recent growth as both a study abroad and a vacation destination.

2. Chilean cuisine is actually very unique, as it was not only influenced by Spanish cooking, but also by other cuisines throughout Europe like Germany, Italy, Croatia and France.

3. Chile is home to a wide variety of festivals.

4. Chile is a land of geographic extremes, and it is absolutely paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

5. Chile has an extensive network of universities and associated facilities.

6. Chile is a great destination with a varied (and sometimes unstable) political history.

7. Emerging countries are often great destinations for students, and Chile is no exception.

8. Visit the Chilean part of Patagonia. At Isla Magdalena, there are more than 120,000 penguins living around.

9. Chile is home to many species of animals, including eight of the world’s largest species of sea birds.

10. After you’ve completed your Chile study abroad experience, increase your exposure to Latin America by visiting another country.

Since 1957, Nacel offers a wide range of Spanish courses in Chile. Our Chilean coordinators will make your language travel in Chile an exceptional and unforgettable experience.

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Chile in short

Country: Republic of Chile
Number of inhabitants: 16,888,760 (July 2011 est.)
Climate: temperate; desert in north; Mediterranean in central region; cool and damp in south
Capital: Santiago
Government type: republic
Currency: Chilean peso (CLP)
Religions: Roman Catholic 70%, Evangelical 15.1%, Jehovah's Witness 1.1%, other Christian 1%, other 4.6%, none 8.3% (2002 census)
Languages: Spanish (official), Mapudungun, German, English
National Holiday: Independence Day, 18 September (1810)
GPD per capita: $15 400 (2010 est.)

Chilean Spanish is the variety of Spanish spoken in most of Chile. Though still entirely mutually intelligible with standard Spanish, Chilean Spanish has distinctive pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and slang usage. Spanish speakers often say that Chileans speak very quickly and "mix up words".

If you wish to go to Santiago city, you can stroll and visit the place d'Armes in the pedestrian streets. Cultural level, you can visit the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art.
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Book a Spanish language course in Chile with Nacel!  Whether you decide to go to an academic year in Chile or in a Spanish language school, we offer a whole range of programs to meet your needs that will allow you to learn Spanish in Chile!

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