Are you looking for the best summer camp in Spain for this summer? For the sporty students, we have Spanish + Horse Riding, Soccer, Tennis, or Watersports and for beach lovers, we offer summer camps in Barcelona, Valencia, or Malaga

This country is well known for being one of the favorite destinations to spend the summer holidays. Thanks to our best Summer Camps with Spanish courses, you will improve your Spanish within a few days.

In Spain, you will be able to listen to the famous Spanish accent and Spanish music, taste Spanish food and you will also be able to meet other students of your age. Learn more about our Spanish Summer camps in Spain. Do not miss our International language camps in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, or Valencia! Find your Spanish summer programs for high school students!

8 Summer Camps
Spanish Horse Riding summer camp in Spain
Add horse riding lessons to your overnight language camp in Spain. Learn Spanish in class in the mornings and continue with your…
Summer Camps Spain - Spanish Horse Riding summer camp in Spain -  Restaurant
Nacel Educational Travel
  • From 12 to 16 years old
  • Language : Spanish
  • Length : 2 or 4 weeks
  • Price from : 2590 EUR
Spanish Soccer summer camp in Spain
Soccer and learning Spanish, the perfect combination for active boys and girls! Soccer is the most popular sport in Spain and a…
Summer Camps Spain - Spanish Soccer summer camp in Spain - Soccer practice
Nacel Educational Travel
  • 16 lessons of soccer per 2 weeks
  • Possibility to share a room with Spanish Teen
  • In Malaga and Madrid
  • from beginner to advanced
  • Price from : 2540 EUR
Spanish Tennis summer camp in Spain
Improve your Spanish and practice your favorite sport at the same time! Meet international students and Spanish teens at this…
Summer Camps Spain - Spanish Tennis summer camp in Spain
Nacel Educational Travel
  • From 12 to 16 years old
  • Language : Spanish
  • Length : 2 weeks
  • Price from : 2540 EUR
Spanish Watersport summer camp in Spain
What better place to enjoy the Spanish weather than on the water? Join us for the Spanish Watersport Summer Camp in Barcelona and…
Summer Camps Spain - Spanish Watersport summer camp in Spain - Sup
Nacel Educational Travel
  • From 14 to 18 years old
  • Language : Spanish
  • Length : 2 -4 weeks
  • Price from : 2590 EUR
Spanish courses for Teens in Valencia
You are looking for the best summer camp in Spain to improve your Spanish, while having a great time in the sun and meet…
Summer Camps Spain - Teen Spanish Summer camp in Valencia - Cooking workshop
Nacel Educational Travel
  • Suitable study and living environment for teens
  • Perfect place to enjoy the Mediterranean sea!
  • Quality Spanish classes at all levels
  • 300 days of sunshine per year!
  • Price from : 1790 EUR
Teen summer camp in Barcelona
Take Spanish courses at this summer school in Spain and participate in Teen activities in Barcelona! Book your place at…
Summer Camps Spain - Teen summer camp in Barcelona
Nacel Educational Travel
  • A full city experience in Barcelona!
  • Complete program of classes and activities
  • Modern residence in the heart of the city
  • Mix with Spanish students of your age!
  • Price from : 2290 EUR
Teen summer camp in Madrid
At this International summer camp in Madrid, you take Spanish courses and participate in fun activities!Travel to Madrid in order…
Summer Camps Spain - Summer Spanish language camp in Madrid
Nacel Educational Travel
  • From 12 to 16 years old
  • Language : Spanish
  • Length : 2 weeks
  • Price from : 2290 EUR
Teen summer camp in Malaga
Book your summer camp in Malaga and enjoy a Spanish summer on the beach! Malaga welcomes you in Andalucia to offer you a great…
Summer Camps Spain - Spanish summer camp in Malaga - swimming pool
Nacel Educational Travel
  • From 12 to 18 years old
  • Language : Spanish
  • Length : 2 or 4 weeks
  • Price from : 2290 EUR

Why choose our International Summer Camps in Spain?

If you learn Spanish as a foreign language, travel to Spain during the next summer to do a Spanish summer camp. You will boost your language skills while meeting new friends from all over the world. Discover our Spanish immersion programs for high school students in Spain. 

Here are the reasons to choose one of our best Spanish camps in Spain in 2024

  • Spanish Summer camps in Spain dedicated to teens (13 to 17 years old)
  • Supervised Spanish courses for all levels
  • Committed and dedicated camp staff
  • Fun activities and excursions
  • Accommodation and meals included!
  • Support, assistance, and 24-hour hotline during the whole summer camp in Spain.

Join us on one of our Summer programs for teenagers in Spain!

Nacel Spanish Immersion camps in Spain: an overview

Nacel offers High School students from around the world to join immersive Spanish summer camp experiences in Spain. Those camps are usually open to teenagers aged 12 to 19 years old. Join us during the summer of 2024 for a sunny and international summer in Spain! 

You have several options to choose from. Residential camps in Spain offer you to attend Spanish language lessons while living and having fun with international and sometimes Spanish teens. 

We offer sleepaway/overnight residential camps all over Spain during the summer.
Discover our summer programs for high school students!

Need more information or advice? Contact us now and we will help you make the best choice for your international summer camp in Spain in June, July, or August 2024.

  • Spanish Plus Sports summer camps: if you want to practice Sports while boosting your Spanish skills, join passionates of your sports for some dedicated sports activities. The camp is not an intensive Sports Training camp but allows you to practice your favorite sport for a few hours during your summer camp in Spain. Sports offered: Horse Riding, Soccer, Tennis, Watersports
  • Spanish City Summer Schools for Teens: if you would love exploring a city with your new friends, choose the Barcelona summer camp or the Valencia summer school in Spain. These summer programs allow you to visit the city, walk around, and have some free time in town! 
  • Beach summer camps in Spain: if you can't survive the summer without a Beach experience, choose the summer camp in Barcelona, the Teen summer school in Valencia, or a summer camp in Malaga

Choose the best summer camp in Spain for you! Learn Spanish in Spain this summer!

Can I improve my Spanish and practice sports in Spain?

​Yes, you can! We offer summer camps with sports in Spain:

  • Improve your Spanish skills by studying the language with experienced teachers.
  • Speak Spanish with locals, your Spanish teachers, and staff on campus.
  • You will meet international students of similar age.
  • You will participate in fun sports activities at our Spanish summer camps in Spain such as Soccer, Watersports, Horse Riding or Tennis!

Discover our Teen Holiday Summer Camps in Spain and choose your best summer camp in Spain:

Spanish summer camp in Barcelona 2024

If you love summer and enjoy big cities, this Residential Summer camp in Barcelona is your camp!

Students take Spanish courses from 9:00 AM -12:30 PM at a language school from Monday to Friday. There are afternoon and weekend activities. Examples of activities: Tennis, soccer, sailing, Standup paddleboarding, windsurfing, canoeing, and a lot more!

If you are 16 years old or older and your parents sign an off-campus permission, you can go out in your free time. You will live with international students at our overnight camp in Barcelona. 

Learn more about this Spanish language summer camp in Barcelona.

Spanish summer camp in Madrid 2024

Travel to Madrid in order to take Spanish courses with other international students every morning from Monday to Friday.

Fun activities are available on afternoons and weekends! Soccer, paddle tennis, robotics, and a lot more!

Join this Residential summer camp in Madrid.

Book our Residential Teen Camp in Spain, if you wish to improve your Spanish, discover the Spanish culture, and have fun with other teenagers, our summer camps in Spain are the right choice for you to make!

Discover our Sports camps in Spain:

Book you Summer language and sports camps in Spain

How can I improve my language skills during the Spanish immersion camps in Spain?

If you wish to concentrate on your Spanish skills, opt for our summer Spanish immersion courses for Teenagers in Spain! This is a language course in a small setting with max 10- 12 participants per class and 24-30 participants during the organized activities per week.

In the mornings, Spanish classes will take place at the language school. Participants are grouped in small teams of 10 to 12 students. There is a language level test on arrival and an individual check at the end of the Spanish summer camp. All the teachers are Spanish native speakers and have a diploma that allows them to teach Spanish to international students.

Those summer camps are also Holiday summer camps in Spain. Participate in fun activities and enjoy free time activities and excursions! You will be welcomed in a Spanish host family or a student residence.

Do not only study Spanish, live it: opt for Spanish courses for Teens in Spain next summer. The course is offered from mid-June to mid-August!

What are the best City Summer Camps in Spain in 2024 to learn Spanish?

If you would like to study Spanish but also explore a big city such as Barcelona or Madrid or even a middle size city such as Valencia, opt for our Teen holiday courses in Spain

Those Teen Spanish Courses are all included: you live with a Spanish host family or at a student residence, attend Spanish classes every morning with students having the same language level like you and participate on afternoons, evenings and weekends in activities and excursions dedicated to students of your age

If you would like some free time to explore the city on your own, choose : 

Ask for advice to select the best camps and summer schools in Spain 2024 with Nacel. 

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