How about learning Dutch in a vibrant country famous for art, music, and architecture? The Netherlands. Although small in size, the country is giant in attractions. What's more, Holland has an efficient public transport network, with trains, buses, and streetcars that enable you to discover the country's highlights easily. And don’t forget the extensive cycle path system.

Did you know that the Netherlands has more bikes than its inhabitants? Cycling is a way of life! Enjoy cultural immersion as you visit museums and art galleries housing masterpieces by world-famous artists such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh.

Join us on an unforgettable journey with our homestay and high school exchange programs, designed for students aged 14 to 18,5. You can even do a gap year in the Netherlands!

Click below to choose your favorite program and access a ton of information: detailed descriptions, immersive videos, interesting activities, testimonials from other students, and program costs. Your adventure to discover all the Netherlands has to offer starts now!

Why should you study Dutch in the Netherlands?

Discover why we think the Netherlands is a good place to learn Dutch!

  • To learn Dutch in the Netherlands with Nacel is the best way to improve the language abroad.
  • The Netherlands is a country a country with a strategic location. You can reach any European country in a few hours.
  • Dutch is a Germanic language, it has many similarities with English and German. This makes it easier for English and German speakers to learn.
  • Another important point is that Dutch is spoken in more places than you think. In addition to the Netherlands, it is also spoken in Belgium and other places such as Suriname, Aruba, and Curaçao, among others.
  • Nacel has more than 60 years of experience in language courses and high school exchange programs and is a language course leader in the French and European markets.

Since 1957, Nacel offers a wide range of Study abroad programs and Dutch courses. Discover our high school exchange in the Netherlands. Our local coordinators will make your language trip an exceptional and unforgettable experience. Learn Dutch in the Netherlands.

We offer you Dutch courses in one of the most beautiful destinations in Holland: learn Dutch in the Netherlands!

Invest in your education, learn Dutch in the Netherlands with us and travel cheaper and more local. Hundreds of students have already traveled with Nacel. You are welcome in the Nacel's family as well!

Do you want to know more about Netherlands?

Let us give you some key information: 

  • Country: Netherlands
  • Inhabitants: 17,965 millions (2023 est.)
  • Climate: Generally cool winters and mild summers
  • Capital: Amsterdam
  • Government’s type: Constitutional Monarchy
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Main religions: 55.4% no religion, 37.5% Christianity, 5.2% Islam and 1.8% other
  • Languages: Dutch (official), West Frisian, Papiamento (regional)
  • GDP per capita: $ 61,769 (2023 est.)

Source: Wikipedia.

Did you know that the Netherlands...

... people use bicycles as their main means of transportation? That's right! It's a country where people get around by bike, with over 35,000 km of cycle routes.

... has an excellent education system? The Netherlands is known for having a high-quality education system with an international reputation

... you can taste a lot of cheese? The country is one of the world's largest producers of dairy products.

... has more than 1,000 windmills? This is an iconic symbol of the country and they are used to drain water from the lowlands.

... has an affordable cost of living? Compared to other European countries, the cost of living in the Netherlands can be a decisive advantage when you're researching where to study.

Cool, huh? Come and learn Dutch in the Netherlands with Nacel.

Do you want to know more about studying in Netherlands? We'll explain!

The school year in the Netherlands starts in August and ends in July. Classes usually begin at 8:30 am and finish around 3:00 pm.

The education system is divided into three stages: Basic (4-12 years old), High School (12-18 years old), and College (18-21 years old, can be longer depending on the level).

The compulsory subjects are: Dutch, English, Gymnastics, Social Science, and Cultural Arts, students can choose 2 elective subjects.

Take advantage of your trip by choosing the option of a Bilingual Program where half the lessons are in Dutch and half in English. In this case, as well as developing your Dutch, you can also improve your English.

Nacel offers the perfect program for you! Click here and tell us more about your plans. We'd love to hear what you have to say!

How to apply for a student visa to the Netherlands?

If you want to have a trip where you can study Dutch without complications, you need to plan well. We have some tips on your student visa to the Netherlands.

First, you need a valid passport, fill in the application form and take a photograph.

You also need to have a registration certificate or a temporary certificate of registration as a pupil at a secondary school.

On the website, you can answer the questions and it will detail the documents required. To make it easier, click here.

We are here to assist you every step of the way, count on Nacel to enhance your experience and learn Dutch.

Is Netherlands the right Study Abroad destination for you?

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