Dear young people of all nationalities! Welcome to our summer camp programs! Improve your language skills by enjoying a safe and fun summer abroad with Nacel International!

During June, July and August, we offer summer camps with language courses and various activities: sports, games, craftings, outings and much more! In our French camps in France, you can travel with your best friend and enjoy a discount! You can practice: tennis, basketball, football, gymnastics, dancing, horseback riding, handball, swimming; whatever you want!

A team of professionals: leaders, coaches and language teachers will organize all the activities during the Summer camps. Nacel will keep your parents informed of all your adventures during the program. Meet new friends of your age and practice with them the language of the country. Here you can find more information about all our summer camps and sports campus in different countries around the world.

French summer camps - soccer summer camp in France
French Summer Camps
German summer camps - planning to play Volleyball
German Summer Camps
Japanese Summer Camps
Spanish summer camps - surfing in Santander
Spanish Summer Camps

What should I expect from my summer camp in France, Germany, Spain, the USA and England with Nacel?

Nacel French summer camp, Spanish summer camp, English summer camp and German summer camp share a unique ethic: we aim at developing a team spirit, empathy and a fair play attitude among the campers, while improving their language practice in the daily life.

The goal of the language and sports summer camp is to develop the participant's knowledge of the local language in an international context: during the summer camp, participants share various sports or activities with young people of many countries but use a unique language, the local one: French, German, English or Spanish. Practising sports together is universal: communication will develop smoothly while training and playing all together.

Keep healthy: All our summer camps have a non smoking policy.

AGE : 12 to 17 years old. Note that the summer camp in Germany is available for students aged 11 to 16 years old only.

LENGTH : 2 weeks during the summer holidays, so July and August (3 or 4 weeks possible for our French summer camps and our German summer camps).

LANGUAGE LESSONS : All our summer camps provide campers with language courses in small classes of 12 to 15 , at 2 or 3 different levels. Campers will attend French classes, German classes, English classes or Spanish classes for an average of 15 hours per week. Lessons are delivered by qualified teachers, native speakers of the language taught. Languages are: French, English, Spanish and German.

The French summer camps offers 15 hours of French lessons per week in groups of 8 to 12 students.
The Spanish summer camps and the English summer camps in England and the USA also offer 15 hours lessons in groups of 10 to 15 students. 
The German summer camps offers 20 lessons per week, but the course lasts for 45 minutes. Groups are set with 12 students.

Note that our French summer camp in France is a real summer immersion program, as you are surrounded by French teenas and chaperones all camp long!

During the summer camp, emphasis is set on oral language practice though students will also have a full exposure to grammar and written language. Groups and courses may be arranged differently; please check each program description.

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES : Our campers may choose to practise one specific sport or various sports during their summer camps.

  • Summer camp in England: various sports
  • Summer camp in the USA: Basketball or Tennis summer camps
  • Summer camp in France: Basketball summer camp in France, Soccer summer camp in France, Tennis summer camp in France, But also Gymnastics summer camp in France and Rugby summer camp in France! A wide choice to suit everyone's preferences!
  • Summer camp in Spain: an amazing Surf summer camp in Spain
  • Summer camp in Germany: various sports

    A large range of outdoor activities are also offered during the sports camps, so that campers can enjoy the sun and fresh air during their holidays. 

    SOCIAL ACTIVITIES AND OUTINGS : Social evenings are organized every night during the sports summer camp: social games, karaoke, discos, etc. Social evenings may be organized during the multiactivity summer camps. There is usually a weekly excursion to discover the area (please check the summer camp description for each country).

    LOCATION : Summer camp in France (Vichy), Summer camp in Germany (Augsburg), Summer camp in Spain (Santander), Summer camp in England (Ipswich, Summer camp in the USA (New York).  

    ACCOMMODATION : During the summer camps in France, Spain, England and the USA, students are accommodated in multi bedded bedrooms, with shared bathrooms. The three meals are provided on site : both lunches and evening meals are hot meals.
    Note that the summer camps in Augsburg (Germany) are arranged with a full board host family accommodation, allowing an even greater immersion in the language.

    ARRIVALS : Students must arrive (and depart) on the fixed arrival (departure) date at the closest airport indicated for each program. An individual airport pick up and transfer is organized to drive campers to their summer camps.

    Opt for enriching and funny summer holidays: choose the most suitable summer camps in France, Germany, England, Spain or the USA!

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