Why join a Summer camp in France?

When joining a summer camp you combine learning French with fun activities, excursions, and practicing your favorite sport. Moreover, you meet other teenagers from all over the world and experience an immersion in the French language and culture. 

Learning French in France is more beneficial than studying French in your home country. The constant immersion and exposure to the language make the progression more significant as studying a few hours of French every week. Furthermore, by living the language for a few weeks during an immersion camp in France, you will gain confidence and feel more comfortable expressing yourself in class back home.

While becoming more fluent is one of the many benefits of studying French in France, there are also other advantages. Being away from home in a completely different environment helps you grow as a person and the cultural exchange gives you a broader perspective of the world. You will meet new people of different nationalities and experience new cultures all while studying French in France.


Which summer camp in France is the best for me?

Choosing a language camp can seem like a difficult task, but our recommendations will help you make the right choice. What the best summer camp in France is for you depends on several factors 

  • Your language skills, 

  • Level of immersion you are looking for.

  • The activities you would like to do. 

  • The supervision level.

At Nacel we have 65 years of experience in language travel and we are there to guide you and give you practical tips and advice. Contact us for more information.

What is the best age to go to a junior overnight stay in France?

Before deciding to go overseas to a Summer camp in France you need to ask yourself the question: ‘Have you ever been away from home for a longer period of time?’ If this is your first time away from your parents, it's better to try to do a camp in your home country first. Some children are comfortable being away from home at the age of 12, others at the age of 16. In general, we recommend going on an overseas language immersion not before the age of 13, unless you travel with a friend or family member.

How much does a summer camp in France cost?

All our summer camps include housing, meals, activities, and supervision. Prices vary from 1089 EUR for one week French Sports camp to 2850 EUR for 2 weeks for a Premium French Summer camp at the French Riviera.

It depends on the level of luxury you are looking for. Do you want A/C, or have a private bedroom? Or do you like to share your room with other Juniors and make new friends easily? Check out the complete offer of Junior Summer Camps in France here.

What activities are offered during a Summer camp in France?

There are many different types of summer camps. However, they all have in common that they include a wide variety of activities and focus on improving your French while having fun.

We offer a wide range of French language summer programs in France.  For the sportive students, we have the French sports camps in Vichy or Macon, for beach lovers, we offer Premium language camps in France at the French Riviera and for culture enthusiasts, we can recommend one of our 2 French language summer programs in Paris. Choose between the French courses for Juniors in Paris or the Teen summer camp in Paris. Ask one of your Nacel Educational Advisors for advice.

There are plenty of options to choose from to ensure you will have the best summer of your life!

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