How to Help Your Child Learn a Language at Home

How to help your child learn a Language at home!The older you get, the harder it is to begin learning a new language. But for children, it can be as easy as in, deux, trois (that's one, two, three in ... read

5 Benefits of Taking French Courses in France

5 Benefits of taking french courses in France ! Studying abroad is a rewarding experience that extends well beyond that time spent in the host country. It travels with you throughout your life. ... read

Language tips when in a new country

New Country ? Learn some language tips!Learning a new language is always a challenging prospect, even for people that aren't necessarily trying to achieve fluency. Students who are learning a language... read

Importance of learning a second language

Why to learn a second language ?In our global society of today most people are aware of the advantages of learning a foreign language. It is interesting to note that almost fifty percent of European U... read

Compare English Language Test Scores

Compare English Language Test Scores With the different scoring systems of available English language proficiency tests, its confusing to match results from one to the other. When applying to a langu... read

Germany is a country full of treasures

Come to Germany! A country of treasures.Do you like the sea, mountains, cities that are constantly moving and historic small towns of Germany full of history with an incredible architecture? Each of t... read

Prepare the TOEIC exam!

How to prepare for the TOEIC exam?The TOEIC is the most recognized English test in the world. Many companies of all around the world use it. His goal: to measure and certify the English level of inter... read

How to learn a foreign language with Nacel?

Advices from Nicolas Comby, Director of Language Studies at Nacel, for learning a foreign language.We meet today to discuss the broad topic of learning a foreign language, whether you like a languag... read

Sports camps in France for teens

Sports camps in FranceFor your sports enthusiasts, our overnight camps in France provide an intensive sports program in the form of a summer camp! Nacel offers French immersion camps in France for stu... read
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