Study English with Nacel! Most students nowadays have to study English and will use English during their studies and careers.

Do not miss the chance to improve your career perspectives! Travel to an English speaking country to really study the language with English native speakers. Practise your language skills in the everyday life! Learn English in the real life, live English with Nacel! 

Why learn English?

  • Do you want to read Harry Potter in English?
  • Interested in understanding songs of your favourite bands?
  • Do you prepare a tour of the National Parks in the USA?
  • Do you intend to travel around the world and be able to communicate in English?
  • Having a passion for American films or soap operas?
  • Interested in American history?
  • Needing to use English at work?
  • Looking for a job abroad?
  • Do you have the project to study at an English or American University?
  • Travelling to Australia or New Zealand for a gap year?
  • Travelling to New York or Sydney?
  • Needing to translate something from Spanish or French to English?

There are 1000 reasons why you may be interested in the English language! English is indeed nowadays a dominant international language in communications, sciences, business, entertainment or international relations.

English is a language originally spoken in England. This is the third largest language in terms of number of native speakers and the first language for most people in:

  • the Anglophone Caribbean,
  • Australia,
  • Canada,
  • New Zealand,
  • Ireland,
  • in the UK
  • and in the USA.

It’s a second langue for many people around the world and an official language in Commonwealth countries, as well as in international organizations. Over a billion people speak English at least at a basic level.

Would you like to learn how to speak English?

Learning English will offer you greater opportunity for your career and will allow you to travel around the world.

English is a so-called Anglo-Frisian language. This language belongs to the Germanic branch of the Indo-European family of languages. There are several accents and dialects of English around the world. English is also a stressed language and it may be a difficulty in pronunciation for non-native speakers. English grammar is very close to the other Indo-European languages.

English vocabulary is vast and rich: an English speaker is in many cases able to choose between Germanic or Latin words: come or arrive; sight or vision; freedom or liberty for example! The English language uses the Latin alphabet in writing forms.

English language classes, English language exams and tests

Convinced? Are you beginner in English? Then have a look at our programs designed to help you to learn English abroad:

  • in the UK,
  • in Ireland,
  • in the USA,
  • in Australia,
  • in New Zealand
  • or in Canada!

We offer classes from Basic English to Advanced English. Our teachers will help you to improve the four language skills: reading, speaking, writing, and listening!

If you already have an Intermediate level of English, don't hesitate to prepare English Language Exams in one of our language schools to let your skills and level recognized officially. Learn English and earn qualifications! 

  • TOEFL: The TOEFL exam (Test of English as a Foreign Language) test measures the ability of non-native speakers of English to use and understand English as it is spoken, written and heard in academic settings. It is an internationally accepted measure of academic English proficiency.
  • TOEIC: The TOEIC exam (Test of English for International Communication) is the most widely used English language test for professional English and is used in more than 5000 companies worldwide.
  • IELTS: The IELTS exam (International English Language Testing System) also measure the ability to communicate in English across all four language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking – for people who intend to study or work in English. The test is taken every year across 120 countries, and is one of the fastest growing English language tests in the world.
  • CAMBRIDGE EXAMS: This wide range of certificates for learners and teachers of English is taken by over 2 million people in 130 countries. They help people gain entrance to university or college, improve job prospects or measure progress in English.

Learn English now with Nacel!

Study English with Nacel! We offer our students several opportunities and locations to learn how to speak English.

Teenagers will enjoy an English, American, Australian or Canadian homestay immersion and get some English language lessons or have English courses on mornings and practice Sports activities on afternoons in our Summer Camp in England. They may also visit attend an exchange program in:

  • the USA,
  • Canada,
  • Australia,
  • New Zealand,
  • Ireland
  • or in England.

Learn English in London, Dublin, New York, Los Angeles or Miami! Adults looking for an intensive course will rather choose our one-to-one English courses or visit one of our English Language Schools.

Discover our wide offer right now to learn English abroad!

English high school abroad

High School Exchange in Australia

Experience a new adventure studying in Australia thanks to this High school exchange program!

A great short study abroad program for high school students. Exchange students are integrated into a high school and attend classes in the same way as a local Australian student. You can come for 4 or 10 weeks to practice your English, discover Australian culture and the school system. 

High School Exchange in Canada

Improve your English abroad by participating in our High school exchange in Canada!

Study for a semester or school year at a Canadian school in Montreal, Manitoba, British Columbia or Prince Edward Island! High school students of all nationalities are welcome! Achieve your academic goals abroad.

High School Program in England

Experience the life of a British College student and immerse yourself into the British culture and way of life.

Thanks to this High school program England, You will attend every week three academic subjects as well as English language classes. You may live with a British homestay or experience our international student residence. 

High School Exchange in Dublin

If you want to take your English to the next level, enroll in this high school exchange in Ireland!

Being bilingual open many doors and studying abroad will help you in your personal development! Become an Exchange student in Dublin for a term, semester or school year. You can practice your English language skills at school, in your host family's home and with your new Irish friends!

High School in Auckland

Be proud to say that you will become an exchange student in Auckland!

Auckland is one of the best students cities par excellence in New Zealand. University and high school students enjoy their stay there because the city has a lot to offer! Improve your English and become bilingual studying abroad for a term, semester or school year.

High School Exchange in the USA (J-1)

Study abroad in the USA thanks to our high school exchange program

If you always wanted to be an Exchange student in the United States, this is your opportunity! Improve your English there for a semester or for the school year. Live with an American host family and meet new friends at high school. 

Private High School exchange program in the USA (F-1)

If you intend to study at an American University  or College in the future, get ready now by participating in a private High school exchange program in the United States under the F-1 visa!

Studying abroad in the United States allows you to improve your English language and writing skills, discover the American culture and its school system. An American host family welcomes you as a new member of their family and you meet new friends at your high school. Gain experience and develop your skills by living the American dream.

St Paul International Scholars Program in the USA (F-1)

Live and study in the USA for a semester or a year! We offer you the opportunity to attend a private American High School located in St Paul, MN, where you are able to experience a typical American high school life in an urban environment. Our St Paul International Scholars Program offers you the best conditions to succeed and graduate!

You may graduate from this High School during your study abroad program in the USA! Do not miss this opportunity of a lifetime! And live a real American high school experience!

High School Exchange in Cork

Looking for an international education and improving your English? Find out more about this high school exchange in Cork and live a new experience! 

Become an exchange student in Ireland not far from home and at an affordable price.  You can study for the term, semester or school year.  An Irish host family will welcome you into their home as if you were just another member.  You'll practise your English with your Irish classmates and teachers at school. 

International Boarding School in Beijing China

Broaden your mind in China! Study and live at our international boarding school in Beijing and make new friends!

Become an exchange student in Asia and learn Chinese while you follow an American curriculum in English. In your free time, study, participate in activities or discover the city! The boarding staff and Nacel will accompany you throughout  this new adventure! 

Private High School in Monaghan and Cavan

If you speak English and would like to be an exchange student abroad, take part in this school exchange in Ireland!

Study abroad in Europe and in English for a term, semester or school year. Live with a Irish host family and study in Monaghan, Cavan or Tralee for a term, semester or school year. Go on a exchange year with Nacel.

Bilingual High School Exchange program in Montreal

Try a bilingual experience in Canada and discover its benefits on your personal and academic development!

Live with a French-speaking host family and attend an English-speaking high school in Montreal. Master both languages and live an unforgettable experience studying abroad. Participate in this student exchange program and open yourself to a world of opportunities.

High School Exchange in Ireland

Participate in this high school exchange in Ireland for a term, semester or school year!

Live with an Irish host family and attend high school as if you were just another Irish student! Can you imagine improving your English in a short time and becoming bilingual? Discover Irish culture by living an incredible experience abroad!

High School in Christchurch

Looking for a Study abroad program in New Zealand ? take a look to our high school program in Christchurch.

Live with a host family and attend high school just like other NZ students. Live a new adventure abroad and you will see that your English will improve in a short time thanks to this high school immersion program.

Hockey High School in Canada

If you are interested in sports and improving your English, participate in this Hockey High school in Canada!

Nacel helps you to study in Canada for a semester or school year. Experience a completely unforgettable English immersion. Attend high school and live with a Canadian host family

IB Schools in Canada

If you're looking to go beyond your limits, the International Baccalaureate in Canada is for you! 

The IB program allows you to develop your skills and competencies to the maximum. Get one quality international education for a semester or school year abroad with Nacel.

High School exchange in England

Study in England for some weeks in order to experience the life of a British student!

Thanks to High School exchange in England, you will be able to live an immersion abroad and discover the educational system in England and the british accent! 

High School Exchange in South Africa

Are you an adventurous student and want to improve your English abroad? find out more about our school exchange in South Africa!

This program is for you if you are a high school student and would like to experience an unforgettable experience in Africa by living, studying, improving your English and participating in cultural, sports or tourist activities with other international and African students. 

A-Level in England

Prepare yourself for successful University studies in the United Kingdom while completing an A-Level in England

You will specialize yourself  into three or four academic subjects for two years and improve your study and writing skills before applying to your preferred British University

English homestay programs

Private English courses in London

If you are on a business trip or holidays, take advantage of this intensive English course in London for a few hours to improve your language skills!

Study English in London while living a Foreign language immersion. A native English teacher will adapt the content of the private lessons so that you can improve the language in a short time. Accommodation in your English teacher's house and meals included.

Private English courses in Bournemouth

Study English in England near the beach! Try Private English courses in Bournemouth.

Learn English in a homestay abroad! Live at your teacher's house and study English for one week or more. In the south of England, you will find the best beaches in the country, concerts, festivals, shops, forests and beautiful landscapes. Travel with a friend and study English in Bournemouth together!

Private English courses in Manchester

If you are going through Manchester or Liverpool for a few weeks and want to learn the language, take private English courses at the teacher's home.

Listen and speak English throughout your stay in England. This program includes accommodation, meals and private English classes. Take advantage of cheap flights to Manchester, learn English in a homestay, meet new friends, discover the area or take part in fun activities.

Private English courses in Toronto

Are you on a business trip to Canada and want to study English for a short time? Learn the language with a native teacher.

If you are in the country for a short time, try to study English in Canada. The original and incredible touch to improving the language is that you will live in the home of your teacher and his family. Immerse yourself in Canadian culture and live a full immersion with private English courses in Toronto

Private English courses in Vancouver

Book an intensive English course in Vancouver and fall in love with the quality of life and exceptional natural surroundings.

Take your English to the next level by living an incredible cultural immersion with a language course made by a native English teacher in his home in Vancouver. Share with his family and meet new local people. Speak English all day long! When you're not studying, discover the area, take part in activities or go partying.

Private English courses in Dublin

Learn English in a Homestay in Dublin. Dinner, Bed and Breakfast and English courses in Dublin at your teacher's home!

Search cheap flights to Ireland. Learn the language in no time and discover Dublin by day, evening or night. This homestay with Private English courses will help you improve your language skills in one week. If you go during the Saint Patrick's Day season, fun is guaranteed. 

Private English courses in Malta

Book your Low Cost flights to Malta! Have a great time learning English and visit the best nightclubs and Bars!

It's always good to travel to a beautiful island, but it's much better to travel and take an English course in Malta. With this private English course, you'll be able to improve your language skills in no time thanks to this English fulll immersion. There are many things to do in Malta: excursions, boat parties, wine tours, swimming in crystal clear waters and much more!

Private English courses in the USA

We have very intensive English courses in the teacher's home in the USA for some weeks!

Take a private English course in the United States personalized to your interests and needs to improve the language in a short time! An authentic English Immersion with Americans. Best of all, in your free time you can do whatever you want in one of the main places to visit in the USA! Live a full English immersion in America.

Private English courses in Sydney

Study English and discover the Australian way of life, living in Sydney too!

Learn English in a homestay. Listen and speak English throughout your stay in Sydney. Practice makes perfect. Follow a fully personalised English course with a native teacher at home. In your spare time, you can sightsee, take part in activities and meet new friends!

Private English Courses in Melbourne

Take advantage of cheap flights to Australia! Staying at your English teacher's house is an option for learning English quickly and easily.

These English courses in the teacher's home are 100% tailored to your interests. This program also includes accommodation and meals. Everything you need to make the most of your stay learning English abroad. Explore Australia's second largest city.You can do whatever you want in your free time. Yes, you read it right. Come and live this adventure with a friend.

Private English courses in Australia Other destinations

We love Australia, English courses, accomodation on full board and affordable prices!

If you are an adult who enjoys adventure, like: travel, learn languages, immerse yourself in the culture of the country: This is your program! Live in your teacher's house in Australia, take private English lessons and share with an Australian family. In your free time, discover the area and take part in activities.

Homestay in the USA

The most efficient ways to improve my English? A summer homestay in the United States!

Live with an American host family for 3 or 4 weeks and discover the lifestyle, culture and customs. Live a real short immersion abroad. You will notice that your spoken English will improve quickly and effectively.

Home Schooling in the USA

What if you participate in this Homestay in the USA with a language course during the summer? Travel to the United States for 3 weeks to live with an American family!

Thanks to this English Immersion with Americans, you will be able to improve your spoken English! including vocabulary! as you will benefit from a 15 hour English course made by a family member. Live a very American adventure with Nacel!

Private English courses in Oxford

Accommodation, meals and English course in Oxford for you! Learn the language and spend a very pleasant stay in England.

Immersion with an English course in your teacher's house so that you learn the language in a short time. Visit Oxford in your spare time and meet new friends. Oxford is a city of students very lively full of things to do. Go to the famous university, palaces and castles, you can even discover its intense nightlife.

Private English courses in Cambridge

Live a cultural immersion while doing an intensive English course in the home of a native English teacher in Cambridge.

Cambridge is without doubt one of the most beautiful and charming cities in England. Full of architecture, things to do and fun. It's the British style. This program includes everything for you to spend a pleasant stay learning the language in England.

Homestay and High School in Ireland

Grow as a person while living an unforgettable experience with this High school exchange in Ireland for a few weeks and at an affordable price.

Live an English immersion with Irish people! Meet local students of your age while living with an Irish host family and studying at a local school. Go back home being bilingual and with new knowledge of Irish culture! 

Homestay and High School in Auckland

They say New Zealand is a wonderful experience. Go on adventure with Nacel and enroll in this High school exchange in Auckland for 10 or 12 weeks.

Living with a host family and attending a local school is the essence of a full English Immersion with New Zealanders. Get to know their culture, traditions and values. What it's like to be an exchange student near Polynesia? Find it out traveling with Nacel!

Homestay and High School in Christchurch

What is the education system like in New Zealand? Grow as a person and discover it with this 10 or 12 week school exchange. Improve your English by being an exchange student in Christchurch for a few weeks. Live with a host family and make new friends at the school. Discover New Zealand's lifestyle, history and culture.

Homestay and High school in Australia

Participate in this short-term school exchange in Australia, chosen by the majority of our students.

Discover the Australian education system and Aussie lifestyle while improving the language with this full English Immersion surrounded by your Australian host family and schoolmates. Travel and become an Exchange student in Australia.

Homestay in Ireland

Improve your English speking skills abroad with an Irish host family thanks to this homestay in Ireland.

During the summer, spend 2 or 3 weeks with a local family to experience the everyday life of a host family in Ireland, to improve your English listening comprehension and spoken English. Learn more about Ireland's culture and traditions.

Homestay and High School in Canada

What is Canada's education system like? Find out for yourself by living there with this Homestay and school integration in Canada.

Living with a host family and attending to a Canadian school for a few weeks or months is what you need to improve your English and meet your academic goals abroad! All high school students are welcome!

Homestay Immersion in Sydney

Experience a homestay immersion in Australia! You are welcomed by an Australian host family interested in helping you discover Sydney and improve your English at the same time! You are immersion into the Australian culture and way of life and discover Sydney from inside, with local people! Travel to Sydney with Nacel!

English language school

English school in Miami

What better than studying English in the United States near the beach! There are many things to see and to do in Miami.

Travel with or without friends and combine studies and vacations in Florida! Take a general English course or prepare to take the TOEFL/IELTS exams. Enjoy your English courses in Miami! In your free time, meet new friends, enjoy the city, participate in activities, take a day cruise in the Bahamas or much more! Do not limit yourself and improve your English in Miami!

English school in Oxford

Learn English in the UK and let the famous city of Oxford immerse you in its history and in the greatest fantasy novels.

Take part in the English courses in Oxford for students and adults at our language school. Enjoy sightseeing or other activities in Oxford during your free time! You will fall in love with this lively student city full of things to do. Don't forget to visit the famous Oxford University during your stay abroad!

English school in Brighton

What to do in Brighton in Summer? Well, learn English, discover the city and its festivals and concerts near the beach.

You can combine studies and holidays in England! Improve your English abroad in this coastal city. Accommodation, English language courses and some meals included! You can travel with or without friends. In your free time, you can do endless activities! Come and have a great stay and speak English fluently. Enjoy our English courses in Brighton!

English school in Dublin

Follow the list of the best things to see and do in Dublin while you study English in the Irish capital!

Ireland is one of the favourite destinations for fans of Guinness, traditional pubs and parties and above all to celebrate St Patrick's Day. Come and travel whenever you want to improve your English and live an unforgettable total immersion with new friends! Accommodation, English courses in Dublin and some meals included!

English school in Cork

Good news if you want to study English abroad at an affordable price! There are English courses in Cork at our language school!

The program includes: accommodation, English classes and a few meals. All for you to spend a super stay learning or improving your English in Ireland! Classes are for students or adults of all levels. You can even prepare for TOEIC or IELTS. Study English, Discover Cork and meet new friends!

English school in Galway

Disconnect from your very ''urban'' lifestlye and live in Ireland by participating in our English courses in Galway.

Fall in love with Irish culture by living a full immersion in English. Discover the city, take part in activities, music festivals or go for a drink with new friends. Live with a host family or in a shared flat. Study English and live and unforgettable experience. You won't want to leave! 

English school in Cambridge

Pack your suitcase to move in Cambridge for a few weeks and take an English course at a language school.

In your free time, visit the shops, fabulous monuments and museums of this city and don't hesitate to experience the nightlife in Cambridge. Meet new friends, explore the area, join a food tour or much more! Study English in Cambridge and you will see that you will improve your level of English. London is 1 hour away by train! Enjoy our English courses in Cambridge with Nacel!

English school in Malta

Studying English can be a lot of fun if you take English courses in Malta and enjoy the island in your spare time.

Disconnect from the routine and live in Malta for a few weeks with this program that includes accommodation and English courses. There are countless activities, things you can do and visit in Malta! Learn English in Malta, meet new friends and live a new experience in this Mediterranean island country.

English school in New York

Visit all the places seen in American series and movies studying English in New York!

Learn English in the United States. Take an English courses in New York for a few weeks and go sightseeing in the city that never sleeps in your free time. You can travel with or without friends. You will meet new people and have a great time. Our language school in the United States offers English courses for students and adults. Go back home speaking English fluently!

English school in Fort Lauderdale

What are you waiting for in order to live a new experience in the United States? Take English courses in Fort Lauderdale.

If you like very sunny destinations, Visit Florida is a must! Study English near the beach. This program is ideal if you want to combine study with vacation. In your free time, take part in water activities, go to the beach, go shopping or party with your new friends from the language school!

English school in Boston

Find out what the USA have for you, while you study English in Boston. Accommodation, English course and some meals included!

Our language school offers English courses in Boston for students and adults. A great opportunity to discover Boston and at the same time work on that American accent. Make new friends in the United States and return home speaking English fluently.

English school in Los Angeles

Everybody comes to Hollywood! Can you imagine crossing your favourite celebrities in the street? Take English courses in Los Angeles!

If you love movies, you definitely have to study in Los Angeles! Improve your English at this language school so that you can watch your American series or movies without subtitles! Accommodation, English classes and a couple of meals a day included! Meet new friends and sightsee in your spare time. There are lots of things to do in L.A! 

English school in San Francisco

Do you want to live in California? Take English courses in San Francisco and improve your American accent!

Whether day or night, San Francisco has a lot to offer its students. At the language school, you can meet new friends and take your English to the next level. Discover the city and take part in activities during your free time!

English school in San Diego

Have you ever been to La Jolla? It's your time! Study English in San Diego, near the beach!

Learn English abroad and live in Southern California for a few weeks without or with friends! Also, Meet new friends while your English courses in San Diego at our English Language School. After the English course, In your free time, enjoy the beach, eat seafood, go out and party, do some water sports and much more!

English School in Sydney

Discover the Australian way of life by living in Australia and taking English courses in Sydney!

Disconnect from the routine and live a new experience in a sunny country with a different culture. Learn English abroad. There are so many things to do in Sydney! Don't miss this opportunity to take English courses with native English teachers at the language school. English courses in Sydney available any time of year!

English School in Auckland

Discover New Zealand with a complete programme of English courses, accommodation, material and assistance and go on a trip!

Auckland is where nature and the city complement each other. Learn English abroad at a Language School in New Zealand. Improve your English by living a full English immersion for a few weeks. In your free time, discover the area, meet new friends and travel around! There are usually good offers. 

English School in Toronto

Listen to your dreams! If you're between 16 and 99 years old, take English courses in Toronto and discover the city!

Study English at a language school in Canada with other international students, have fun and have a great time during your free time! You can discover the area, participate in activities proposed by the school or travel on weekends!

English School in Vancouver

Learn English abroad and discover British Columbia in your spare time! English courses in Vancouver for students and adults.

Study English in Canada. We have intensive English preparation courses for the TOELF or TOEIC exams and general classes. Meet new friends from other parts of the world, discover the area doing tourism and participate in activities proposed by the language school. English courses in Vancouver for students and adults!

English school in London

Live the best time of your life practicing and studying English in London! Travel alone or with your friends and discover the city!

Immerse yourself in the English culture and become bilingual. When you're not studying at the English language school, go shopping, sightseeing, eating at local restaurants, making friends, partying, special events and much more! Learn English in London and fall in love with those things that don't usually appear in tourist guides. Enjoy our English courses in London!

English study and volunteer

Work Experience in England, EU students

Do you have an intermediate level of English and are you looking for internships abroad? Let us help you and find them in London!

Become a trainee in North London! We can help you find an internship in the following sectors: tourism, veterinary, dentistry, automotive mechanics, law, office management, hairdressing and beauty, retail, non-profit organisations, food and drink, media and arts.

English summer camps

English language immersion camp in Canada

We all dream of visiting Canada! Study English and live with a Canadian host family in Ontario!

Take English courses for 3 weeks and participate in activities during the afternoons. Apart from improving your English abroad, you can meet new friends and discover the area!

English and Sport summer camp in England

Live a bilingual English and French experience abroad during the summer camp in England.

Take English classes in the mornings and play sports with other French students in the afternoons.  During this two-week camp in Ipswich you will be able to participate in cultural activities and excursions as well. Improve your English and French during this immersion abroad!

Summer English Courses in London

Spend your summer abroad and improve your English in London for a few weeks!

Take an English course and participate in activities with other international students. Live with a host family and improve your English in a short time! Meet new friends and discover the city. This is real immersion with English courses.

English language immersion camp in Dublin

This English camp will allow you to take English courses and participate in activities in Ireland!

Dublin welcomes international high school students for 2 or 4 weeks during the summer. Meet new friends, your host family, improve your English and discover the island's most important city. A real homestay program with English courses

English language immersion camp in Monaghan

Do you want to learn English in the summer? English courses for young students in Ireland. Fun and full immersion guaranteed!

Perfect for studying English in Ireland with other international students of your age in the mornings and participating in activities in the afternoons. To maximise your opportunities to practise English, you'll live with an Irish host family!

Basketball Summer Camp in New York

Do you like basketball and learning English? practice both at basketball summer camp in New York!

A fun and supervised program for students from 13 to 18 years old who want to travel to the United States to improve their language skills, meet new friends and discover this American city.

English and Computer Programming camp in London

Learn with this English and programming camp for students between 14 and 17 years old for two weeks in London!

If you like the world of computers. This immersion with classes abroad is the ideal way to improve your English and learn about programming and coding. Live with a host family in London to make the most of your stay.

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