High School Exchange in Canada

High School Exchange in Canada
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Improve your English abroad by participating in our High school exchange in Canada!

Study for a semester or school year at a Canadian school in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia or Prince Edward Island! High school students of all nationalities are welcome

Live a full Canadian experience, choose a High School Study Abroad in Canada

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  • study abroad Canada
  • age from 15 to 17 years old
  • Language English
  • dates August to June
  • length Semester, Academic Year
  • price from 16640 CAD
High School Exchange in Canada : Description

Why study in a Canadian High School?

Canada has become one of the most attractive places to complete an educational exchange program: international students discover the rich diversity of the Canadian culture while enjoying an efficient school system. International students that enroll in a High School in Canada will have the opportunity to attend a public or private school and live with a welcoming Canadian Host Family.
Nacel offers a vast range of exchange programs in Canada, all over the country. We offer opportunities in 4 main destinations: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Prince Edward Island. 

Type of High School Study Abroad in Canada:

  •     so called Credit Programs: see below
  •     so called Non Credit Programs: see below

    Study Abroad in Canada: Highlights

  • Credit or Non Credit programs available!
  • From 8 weeks to Full Academic Year programs.
  • 4 different provinces on offer in Canada. Each province has its own distinct landscapes and history, ready to be explored. Canada’s warm and friendly hospitality surrounds the student each and every day.
  • During their high school exchange in Canada, students live with a host family and attend the local public or private high school.
  • Transfers from the closest major airport to and from the host family are included in the price.

    What does the student exchange program in Canada include? 

    • Local supervision during whole program and local orientation
    • School and Host Family placements in Full board
    • Official documents to obtain visas
    • Reimbursement of mandatory school fees for Core Subjects
    • Medical, accident & liability insurance.
    • Local assistance and 24 hour emergency support
  • High School Exchange in Canada : Video
    High School Exchange in Canada : Accommodation

    Our high school exchange in Canada provides full board.
    Exchange students will be welcomed by warm Canadian host families and learn firsthand about one another's culture.
    You will have the opportunity to develop your language and social skills by meeting new friends and sharing experiences with your host family. Canadians are always looking forward to learn about your culture, yourself and everything about your home country.  Host families are selected by our local coordinator, based on availability and your interests and hobbies.  
    Canadian host families are also well known for supporting exchange students, by offering care at all times. International students will feel like at home, from the moment they arrive.
    Students can also count on the full support of our local coordinators in Canada, who will be more than glad to offer any extra support, in case students are feeling homesick, need some extra reinforcement with school subjects, or need a mediator with the host family. Students must be aware that they might be placed in several host families during their exchange program in Canada. 
    The personal growth and communication skills gained from an experience abroad can make an important difference in college and career goals. Apply now for your high school study abroad in Canada!

    High School Exchange in Canada : Procedures

    In order to apply to an exchange program in Canada, you must make sure to fill out your application considering the next steps:

    1. One of our professional education counsellors will be in touch with you to arrange a meeting with you and your family to decide if you qualify for the program. During your interview we will consider your language level, your motivation to adapt into a new society, as well good school performance. 
    2. When you are prepared to apply, you should finish a web booking. When this is done, we'll be sending you your application form. You will need to revise it carefully, and send it back to us in a PDF file. 
    3. When you are accepted in the High School exchange in Canada, we will issue the formal admission letter and invoice.
    4. We will start working on your host family details, once they are ready, they will be shared with you.  
    5. We will issue all the essential VISA materials for you to start the procedure at the closest consulate. 
    6. Once your visa is valid, you need to book your flights and share the details with us so we can arrange your pick up from the airport, there your local rep or host family will be waiting to welcome you. 

    Program Deadline: 

    April 1st for arrival in August; October 1st for arrival in January. Late applications may be accepted up to May 1st, depending on availability and visa delays.

    High School Exchange in Canada : Prices

    High School exchange in Canada

    * Price in Canadian Dollars per participant.

    Not included : Application Fees (65 EUR)

    On offer: 

    • Semester Abroad Canada
    • School Year Abroad Canada
    • Mini High School Experience Canada

    Price includes

    • Administration fees
    • Host family accommodation with full board (students have to prepare their own lunch bag)
    • Mandatory school fees (schools will ask for a deposit for books) – core subjects only-
    • Medical, Liability and Emergency Repatriation Insurance (not for short term programs)
    • Custodianship Declaration and notarized documentation for the visa application
    • Documentation for application of Study Permit / Visa
    • Support, assistance and 24 hour emergency phone number during the whole program

    Price does not include

    • International airfare
    • International Travel Insurance
    • Visa, passport and medical exam fees
    • Extra activities organized by schools and other
    • Daily transfers from family to school (bus passes)
    • School supplies and calculators, uniforms and sport uniforms, club or team fees
    • Extra language courses
    • All domestic transfers in Canada
    • CAQ fees (Certificat d’Acceptation du Québec) for French Canada
    • Individual transfers for arrivals outside of scheduled arrivals and departures
    • Legalization of High School Transcripts (225 CAD)
    • Personal expenses and pocket money
    High School Exchange in Canada : Deadline
    April 1st for an arrival in September, September 1st for an arrival in January
    High School Exchange in Canada : Eligibility

    Program Specific Requirements:

    • Applicants must be between 15 and 17 years of age.
    • Students must have a minimum of 2 years of studies in English to be accepted in the program.  
    • Students must be secondary school students in their home country.
    • Students must not have completed more than eleven years of primary and secondary studies.

    We are offering a 2 different exchange programs in Canada:

    1. NON-CREDIT PROGRAM: For those exchange students wishing to come to Canada on a cultural exchange only and not requiring credits, we can offer a lower program cost. Students choosing this option are placed in schools by Nacel Canada. Students will get a « report card » which is given on a term basis. It is different from an official transcript that is only for grade 12 with all the marks for grades 10,11 and 12, and also the report card doesn’t have the signature of the principal or the school stamp.

    2. CREDIT-PROGRAM: For exchange students wanting to gain credits during their program in a High School in Canada, they will have to pay the full international tuition rates, hence a higher cost. Exchange students choosing the credit option can choose the school they wish to attend. Students who successfully complete credit programs may apply their credits towards subsequent school grades or use them to apply for entrance to college or university. This program is offered in Winnipeg, Kelowna, Montreal and Prince Edwards island. 

    Native-English speakers are also welcomed! 

    High School Exchange in Canada : Testimonials

    I've always seen some movies that were shot in Toronto. And the fact that I'm studying in Toronto right now and visiting those mythical places, makes me think I'm a very lucky girl. My Canadian family is very cairng to me! 


    Everything's OK. Here everyone speaks English, my host family speaks English, at school everyone speaks English. So my English is improving very fast! I hope soon to be able to rap in English as well. Greetings


    I could not have asked for a better study abroad experience! Thanks for all your help! I am enjoying very much my stay in Canada. Regards!


    My friend participated in this school program last year in Canada. Her parents told great things about the Nacel team to my parents. Cause I have a good level of English they encouraged me to participate. I had never heard so much about Canada in my life. I had always heard more from the United States than from other countries. During the application and visa process I felt a lot of support from Nacel. Knowing that the team would follow all my adventures closely in Canada calmed me down because I was too afraid to travel to a new country for me and not know who to turn to. Since I arrived, I feel very accompanied by my host family, school friends and the local coordinator. If I could give a piece of advice to someone who is interested in studying in Canada, I would be serious: just travel. Live and discover - everything will be fine! You will remember this experience fondly in the future. So make the most of your stay abroad.


    Yesterday was my first day of school. I stay here for a semester. I think schools in Canada are much more well-kept than in my country and the food in the canteen is good! Thanks Nacel, I will send you pictures soon! 


    This school program was tailor-made for me! Everything I was looking for in an exchange program, this one has it.

    My country is very far from Canada, but my host family is so lovely and caring to me that I feel good and forget that I am far from my real family. My dream is to be able to study at a Canadian university and that's why it's important that I'm studying at a Canadian High school now. Canada is much better than my country and I feel very fortunate to be studying here for the school year. I'm really looking forward to it! 
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