The currency of the program is the one reflected on the invoice. 
Prices shown on the website are valid for departures between 01/01/2022 and 30/11/2022.



In order to book your stay, please fill in the application form online, and send it directly through our website to NACEL INTERNATIONAL. 

To valid your booking, we will take a deposit of 300 USD (230 USD deposit + 70 USD application fees) on your credit card account. The final payment will be requested 6 weeks prior to the arrival at your final destination.
Nacel International will send you a letter that acknowledge receipt of the application form, and confirms your acceptance.


The prices indicated on this website are valid for any program starting between January 1st, 2022 and November 30th, 2022. For some programs, prices may vary because of local conditions, late registration or other reasons.


For late bookings, full payment should be sent to NACEL INTERNATIONAL with the application form. Nacel may refuse late and / or incomplete bookings without any penalties.
The bookings are closed without notices as soon as the number of participants allowed per program is reached.


Any change of program requested by the client will generate an extra cost of 80 euros, for administration fees. No change of program can be accepted less than 30 days prior to the beginning of the program.


The main objectives of NACEL INTERNATIONAL programs are the learning of foreign languages and the discovery of other cultures and civilizations. The program is not a touristic one. For some summer programs, a complete detailed itinerary will be sent to the participant 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the stay.
Between 3 days and 10 days prior to the arrival, the information on the host family will be sent to the participant. However, in case of late bookings (less than 6 weeks prior to the beginning of the session), or cancellation of one host family, this deadline cannot be guaranteed.


All cancelation requests must be signed and sent to NACEL INTERNATIONAL. The date of postmark, fax or e-mail reception will be considered the valid date of cancellation.  
Generally speaking, when the cancellation is confirmed more than 45 days prior to the beginning of the stay, cancellation fees are 265 €. Between 45 days and 8 days, 50 % of the total cost of the stay is requested. Less than 8 days prior to the arrival, 100 % of the cost of the stay is due. No refund will be done for a participant who begins a program, and who decides to shorten it. Application fees (65 euros) and deposits (200 euros) are never refunded.

Please note that some programs, such as High School programs, require a higher non-refundable deposit as well as have specific cancellation fees. These specific sales conditions are indicated on the program information sheet, available on request.

In case of visa denial Nacel cancellation policy varies depending on the program chosen by the student. Please refer to us if you have questions regarding the specific program that you want to book. As a general rule Nacel applies a 265 Euros cancellation fee in case of visa denial.


The organisation of the stays may be directly linked to a certain number of participants.
In case the number of participants is not reached 21 days prior to the beginning of the program, NACEL INTERNATIONAL may cancel the stay and refund all the money paid by the customer to Nacel. This cancellation cannot be less than 21 days prior to the beginning of the program.
Moreover, NACEL INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to cancel the application of a participant if the balance of the stay is not paid 31 days prior to the beginning of the program, or if the application is incomplete, or information are wrong, or if new information on the participant are not compatible with the program. Cancellation fees will apply like mentioned above, because Nacel will consider that the responsibility of the cancellation is due to the participant or to the parents.


Individuals can choose to take Nacel insurance or not. The participant will be given the insurance contract with its different clauses together with the program’s letter of acceptance.
Travel insurance and other extra insurances remain the responsibility of the student.


1. NACEL INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to refuse an application in case the participant does not respect the requirements of a program.
Any false declaration or lack of information can lead NACEL INTERNATIONAL to refuse an applicant or send him/her back to his/her home country, at his own charges.
2. In order to benefit from the stay, the participant must be autonomous and in a good health, compatible with all journeys, activities and locations. In case the health or some special requirements of the participant are incompatible with the stay’s participation, NACEL INTERNATIONAL can refuse the application or repatriate the participant if the stay has already begun.
3. NACEL INTERNATIONAL s responsibility only covers services included in the program. Other services contracted directly by the student or the agent are not the responsibility of NACEL INTERNATIONAL.
4. Locations indicated in the brochure generally cover a region. If a town is indicated, it is to understand that the student may be placed in the region around the town.
5. Tuition hours include breaks, tests, exams. There is no tuition on national and local bank holidays.
6. The dates, number of full boards, or half boards, or nights, indicated in the brochure are those known at the date of printing. In the case that this information changes the participant will be immediately informed.
7. In case the arrival and/or departure arrangements need to be changed due to lastminute- special events (flight delayed, connection missed, etc ) Nacel will reorganise the whole accordingly, and will charge the participant with the extra fees directly generated by the changes.


NACEL cannot be responsible in case of inclemency or any events due to circumstances out of our control.
Participants are responsible of their pocket money, passport or any other ID document, international transportation tickets.
Nacel would not be responsible in case of a participant being refused to enter or leave the foreign territory due to administrative problems, or because of non-respect of the national laws.


Complaints should be sent to NACEL INTERNATIONAL by regular post less than 3 months after the end of the program.


In case a group leader or a local NACEL representative could not go on with assuming a participant, whose behaviour could be prejudicial to the stay, the natural parents would take all the dispositions to organise the journey back to the home country of their child, at their own expenses and without any delay.
All applicants coming to a foreign country must accept to abide to national laws. Any offence or criminal action will lead Nacel to repatriate immediately the student in his/her home country at the parents expense.

Repatriation does not prevent the student to be taken to justice by local authorities. It is impossible to give a comprehensive list of offences, but alcohol, drug, sexual abuse, shoplifting will lead to immediate repatriation.


During the stay, photographs of a participant can be taken. The participant and its legal representatives agree that NACEL uses the photos to illustrate future documentations.
Photos on this website are just illustration and are not contractual.

Non medical information collected and registered on clients booking a Nacel program are informatically treated by Nacel. Except refusal from a client, private information like email and/or post address may be available to some of our partners.

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