Are you a high school student and would like to improve your English in an English-speaking country by attending a school? Here are our student exchanges programs in New Zealand!

In this country exchange students are welcome for a term, semester or full academic year between February and December! You can experience the life of a New Zealand teenager during your study abroad program in New Zealand thanks to these high school programs!

Meet your new classmates and teachers at a school in Christchurch or Auckland and wear the typical school uniform. If you want to and work hard in class you can even graduate abroad with Nacel International!

Nacel, your high school study abroad organization to study in New Zealand. 

High School in Christchurch - High School students on their first day of class
High School Exchange in New Zealand
Nacel International
Looking for a Study abroad program in New Zealand ? take a look to our high school program in Christchurch.Live with a host…
  • From 13 to 18 years old
  • Language : English
  • Length : Term, Semester, Academic Year
  • Price from : 12590 NZD

Nacel High School Abroad New Zealand highlights

High School Abroad New Zealand

Be an exchange student in New Zealand!

Your exchange program in New Zealand with Nacel: The particular geographic location of New Zealand, kind of isolated from the rest of the world, has created an incredible biodiversity. Made up of two main islands and some smaller ones, offering at the same time high mountains, fiords and beaches, New Zealand will for sure surprise you at every corner. Enjoy outdoor activities in the wonderful and majestic landscapes of Lord of the Rings!

During their High School exchange program in New Zealand, we place international students in two State schools located in:

  • Auckland
  • Christchurch

    New Zealand is known for academic excellence and for the varied and rich sports, arts and music programs offered in schools. Exchange students no doubt find an extracurricular activity that allows them to meet with other exchange students and local teenagers. Outdoor education is very important in this country and you have many opportunities to practise outdoor sports in the mountains, on the countryside or on the coast. Teaching, sports and art facilities are excellent.
    Exchange students receive a strong support to help them integrate into the school community and their freindly host families will make their best to make their student exchange in New Zealand an enjoyable one.

    New Zealanders are known as friendly and interested in learning about other people’s culture and society. Discover a multicultural society made up of a mix of the British immigrants and local Maori population, learn the famous Haka of the national Rugby team, trek in the mountains like a Hobbit! Become a real Kiwi!

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