Exchange Program in Ecuador - Virgen del Panecillo momunent
High School Exchange in Ecuador
  • From 15 to 18 years old
  • Language : Spanish
  • Length : Semester, Academic Year
  • Price from : 6890 USD

Nacel High School Programs Ecuador highlights

High School Programs Ecuador

Be an exchange student in Ecuador!

Your exchange program in Ecuador with Nacel: Ecuador is the samllest country in the Andes but is still very diverse in terms of landscapes and climates, from the Amazon area in the east of the country to the coast in the west. Also remember that the Galapagos islands belong to Ecuador as well! The local culture is family-orientated, hard working, very welcoming and friendly: exchange students quickly feel like at home with their volunteer Ecuadorian host family. These host families are trained to host an international student for a student exchange in Ecuador and are therefore well prepared.

The high school in Ecuador is quite different from the one exchange students attend in their own country. Ecuadorian high schools are also different from community to community, public to private. During this High School program in Ecuador, most exchange students will be placed in private schools. The school, rather than the student, determines the class schedule and choice of classes. There is not much flexibility.

Choosing this student exchange in Ecuador, international students will have the chance to participate in monthly activities such as using the Quito teléfériqo, sharing a Christmas dinner, or go to Bowling with the other exchange students. Excursions will also be suggested, for example to the Galapagos islands, to the Cuyabeno jungle, to the Salinas beach but you may also once take a train to the highlands!  

Spanish in Ecuador has the reputation to be the purest: participate in this high school exchange in Ecuador and go back home with advanced speaking, listening, reading and writing skills!

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