Looking for a language immersion and cultural travel abroad next summer? 
Interested in going to school abroad for a few weeks and share the everyday life of local teens?
In need of an intensive language course with a private teacher? 
Experience our language immersion programs with homestays.

Why choose a summer homestay immersion in France, in Spain or in any of the destinations listed below?  

  • Travel independently, on the dates and for the length YOU have chosen
  • Choose YOUR destination and YOUR language
  • Be fully immersed in the language you study and avoid speaking your mother tongue for a quick language improvement
  • Live a real cultural journey and meet with real local people! Make friends for a lifetime!
  • Use the opportunity to travel during school time and attend a local high school! 
  • Book intensive one-to-one language classes to boost your language skills quickly! 
Dutch Homestay Programs
Homestay immersion in France - international student with host family
French Homestay Programs
Homestay immersion in Germany - students visiting a castle
German Homestay Programs
Homestay immersion in Italy - visiting Pisa
Italian Homestay Programs
Portuguese Homestay Programs
Homestay immersion in Argentina - my dear host family
Spanish Homestay Programs

Discover our summer immersion programs for High School students!

Live with a welcoming and caring host family abroad for a few weeks and learn the language and culture from inside! The summer homestay immersion programs provide international High School students with an opportunity to become a member of a host family living abroad. During this summer immersion program, the student share the day-to-day life and special activities of a local host family. The program does usually not include language courses or group activities, even if it may be added as an option in some countries. Look at the various options for your language immersion with host family.

What should I expect from a language and culture immersion program?

International High School students are welcomed in a family not as a guest but as a real new member of the host family: the participant should therefore not behave as a tourist but as a new child of the family. Students should be prepared to participate in, and to adapt to the family life and to help with various tasks at home. The more the student will try to learn about the local customs, diet and habits, the more rewarding the experience will be! The student participating in a summer immersion program should be open-minded, mature and curious. He/she will make new friends, become acquainted with a foreign culture from the inside and make significant progress in learning a foreign language due to the constant immersion in the language studied. 

Most homestays are living in small town or on the countryside. Very few families living in city centres may welcome exchange students due to the size of their housing. The language immersion with host family is organized thanks to motivated homestays eager to welcome a student from abroad. 

What will I learn during my summer immersion program?

This exciting homestay language immersion program promotes international understanding. It is an excellent opportunity to learn another language and discover a new culture and way of life.
Language improvement comes from the constant immersion within a family as well as with their friends and relatives. For example during your Spanish immersion in Spain, you will most probably be able to meet a lot of neighbors, including Spanish teenagers: during the summer time, it is usual for Spanish homestays to spend a lot of time out of home and therefore meet with the local community!
This program is generally four weeks long, however some longer or shorter programs can be offered. We encourage you to stay as long as you can: the longer you stay, the more immersed you will be and the quicker you will learn new words, become more communicative, understand people better, express yourself more clearly.  

Some options may be added alongside your summer homestay immersion programs:

  • Home Schooling: attend some language classes during your English  host family immersion in the USA! This option is also offered in France.
  • School Integration (during school time only): for example during your Italian homestay in Italy or your summer immersion in Germany; this is also offered as an option to our homestay immersion in France and in most Latin American countries. Try out our English homestay immersion in Ireland! Meet with international classmates!
  • Discovery Paris with the French immersion in France (see program description).

Eligibility : This summer immersion program is dedicated to High School students from 13 to 18 years old. This program is suitable for students who are already quite autonomous and do not need a structured daily schedule. We recommend our participants to have a sufficient level in the language (1 to 2 years of study is a minimum) in order to be able to communicate, at least basically, with the host family members.

Destination :

  • Live in a German host family in various regions of Germany, 
  • Live a French summer immersion in France and discover Paris, 
  • Discover our Spanish homestay immersion in Spain or in Latin American countries,
  • Discover the Italian homestay way of life,
  • Enjoy an American summer homestay.

We have plenty destinations on offer for you language immersion with host family: click on your preferred destinations above!

Accommodation: Host family immersion. Students are hosted in homestays who will provide full board accommodation and laundry. 

Specification: Please note that participants cannot choose a specific area in a country for the homestay immersion. Nacel reserves the possibility to place the student anywhere in the hosting country. The goal of this program is to match a student with a host family, wherever they live, as this is not a touristic program. We try to match interests and hobbies as much as possible!

Dates: Individuals may choose dates all year round, depending on availability. June/July/August for summer programs or academic year for school integration programs.

Application deadlines: We need to receive application at least 2 months prior departure.

Embark for amazing summer homestay immersion programs!
Check our homestay program information depending on the language you wish to improve! 

French: French immersion in France
German: German immersion in Germany

  • Spanish immersion in Spain
  • Spanish immersion in Chile
  • Spanish immersion in Mexico
  • Spanish immersion in Argentina


  • English immersion in Ireland
  • English immersion in the USA
  • English immersion in New Zealand

Italian: Italian immersion in Italy
Portuguese: Portuguese immersion in Portugal

If you are older than 16 and in need of a more intensive language study program, opt for the most efficient language learning program: attend one-to-one language classes and benefit from private language courses abroad.

Intensive one-to-one language immersion classes with a private teacher for 16+ students and adults

The best way to learn a foreign language: live at your language teacher's home and get one-to-one private language classes.

Thanks to a homestay immersion with language courses in the country of your choice, you will be able to learn the language of your choice wherever you want in a short time! Live in your teacher's house and benefit from 15, 20 or 25 hours of private lessons per week. The content of these will be adapted to your interests and needs. Spend the rest of your free time visiting the area or doing other activities independently!

Discount: Travel with a friend! Share your teacher with a friend or family member and get a discount of 150 euros per week. 

Living in the teacher's home and getting private lessons is the only language learning system which prevents the student from speaking his/her mother tongue after class and thus destroying a great part of what he/she has learnt. The one-to-one lessons are the whole key to rapid learning. Students will have the unique opportunity to be in a full homestay immersion experience, to live with and be individually taught by their own private teacher. This one-to-one homestay immersion program is very intensive. 

Course Methodology: Each student is hosted by a private native teacher. This teacher has a further education diploma which might not be only languages. The methodology used during the private language lessons is always supervised by a local coordinator. The one-to-one language classes cover the 4 basic skills of the language learning process : oral and written comprehension, oral and written expression. Because the teacher is also in charge of the homestay accommodation, the Home Lessons program offers the unique opportunity of a full family integration. The student should indicate his/her level in the language studied. The timetable of the private lessons will be organized by the teacher.

Locations :

  • German private classes in Austria,
  • English private classes in Australia,
  • English private classes in Canada,
  • German private classes in Germany,
  • French private classes in France,
  • English private classes in Ireland,
  • Italian private classes in Italy,
  • Japanese private classes in Japan,
  • English private classes in Malta,
  • Spanish private classes in Spain,
  • English private classes in England,
  • English private classes in the USA.

Other destinations on request : China, Costa Rica, The Netherlands, Portugal etc.

Key program highlights: 

  • Dates : All year long. The student must arrive and leave on a Sunday.
  • Length : Minimum 1 week Home Lessons (length unlimited).
  • Discount: Book more than one week one-to-one course and save 152 EUR per week booked with Nacel!
  • Accommodation : Teacher’s family, full board.
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