7 Interesting benefits of joining a homestay program!

Many students dream of the opportunity to travel abroad. But far fewer are aware of their options to make this dream become a reality.

If you feel called to explore a world beyond that which is in front of you, a homestay program might be the perfect solution to fulfilling your dream.

Homestay students are given the opportunity to live in a welcoming home environment. During this unique international experience, you are treated as part of the family.

There are many interesting benefits for students who choose to take this path.

Does the idea of foreign adventure appeal to you?

A homestay allows students to live and learn in a new and exciting culture, surrounded by a supportive, local family. But, there are other foreign student programs that are available as well.

Understanding your options is key to choosing the best program to fit your needs.

Read on to discover the advantages of the homestay program and discover if it might be right for you!

What Makes a Homestay Program Great for Student Travel

Here are seven reasons why you should consider a homestay program.

1. Class Attendance Isn't Required

For some students, the thought of living in a foreign country is intriguing, but the thought of studying abroad is a little overwhelming. Especially when there is so much to absorb and learn, even without attending classes.

Here's a program designed to accommodate traveling during the summer. It doesn't interfere with your school year or your class schedule. This alleviates the stress of foreign studies, while still allowing students the opportunity to live internationally.

2. Language Immersion

You're bound to improve your foreign language skills by living and communicating with your host family and the locals that you'll meet while traveling.

You will be exposed to foreign language communications on a consistent, daily basis, conversing over dinner and meeting new friends.

This complete immersion model allows students to learn language and communication skills in a way that goes far beyond the classroom lessons that are taught back home.

The language benefits are one of the most often mentioned among homestay advocates and participants due to the outstanding level of success that many achieved during this period.

3. Exposure to a New Culture

There is no comparison to the rich cultural experience gained when you become part of a local foreign family.

Not only will you receive firsthand knowledge of daily customs and traditions, but you will experience music, religion, local festivities, mealtimes, chores, and holiday celebrations, just as if you were a true member of the family.

4. A more Cost-Effective way to Travel Abroad

Most of the homestay program student excursions last one to two months, instead of a full semester or year. And, while boarding costs are still a consideration, the expense tends to be far less than some of the other options.

You are essentially paying for room and board within a home, rather than an apartment all your own or with a roommate, which requires factoring in costs of utilities, day-to-day transportation, groceries, and more.

The homestay family enables you to experience life abroad without the financial obligations that accompany solo travels.

5. A home away from home

Students will appreciate having a place to call home, even if the home is only temporary. Many young people fear living in a different country, without any place to call their own.

Having a home base at the end of the day alleviates the anxieties and loneliness that can damper your overall experience.

6. You become a member of the family

While your visit may last only a month or two, many students find that their host families are forever.

Having this new family network and support is an invaluable component of your foreign travels, but it also often extends beyond that. Within a short time, you gain a rare closeness with the host parents and siblings.

Many students continue to keep in touch with their extended families, and even arrange visits, long after their assignment with them has ended.

7. Live and Learn with Locals

Anyone who has ever spent time in a country outside of their own will tell you that much of their day was filled with questions.

Unlike other foreign travelers, you don't have to search for answers to all of the questions that you are bound to have throughout your day. Nor do you have to spend countless hours attempting to fit in and live like the locals.

In this unique arrangement, you are placed directly with locals who are prepared to embrace a newcomer and support your growth. Not only that, you will be privy to all of the best-kept locals' secrets, including where to go, what to see, what to avoid, and what you don't want to miss.

They will make sure that you can enjoy the best foods, hangouts, and sights during your stay. It's like having a custom tour guide to accompany you on your trip. Who wouldn't want that?

Stay with a friendly host family abroad with Nacel : Here are some options!

  • Homestay and High school integration: Live with a host family and attend a local high schoolfor some weeks. From 2 up to 12 weeks. Available in France, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Spain.
  • Summer Junior Homestay: Spend a few weeks during the summer with a local host family. Improve your Language speaking skills, discover their lifestyle, and become the newest member of their family. Available in France, Italy, Spain, The United States, Ireland, Mexico.
  • Homestay with Language courses + activities: Take Language courses with other international students of your age, participate in nice activities during the afternoon, and stay with a local host family. Available in England.

Want to Learn More?

After reading this post, do you feel that this just might be the once in a lifetime experience that you've been waiting for?

A homestay program can truly be one of the most rewarding, educational, and even life-changing adventures that you'll ever take.

Don't let your dreams pass you by. Hundreds of students have traveled with Nacel and are part of the Nacel family.

For more information on how you can enjoy the benefits of a homestay program, contact us to find out everything you want to know!

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