Summer Homestay Immersion in France

Summer Homestay Immersion in France

Summer Homestay Immersion in France
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Improve your French and discover more about French culture by enrolling in this French summer homestay immersion. Live with us the summer homestay experience in France and share the everyday life of a host family in France! 

Spend a few weeks in France to improve your French speaking skills and become the newest member of your host family. Discover all about France with Nacel! You can choose the length and the dates of the French immersion in France. You can learn more about our Summer French exchange programs.

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  • study abroad France
  • age from 12 to 17 years old
  • Language French
  • dates June 29/30 to August 3/4 2024
  • length From 2 to 5 weeks
  • price from 1940 EUR
Summer Homestay Immersion in France : Description

Homestay Immersion in France: a truly authentic Summer French Exchange Program

If you are planning to spend your summer in France, practice the language and get involved in the culture in the best way possible then our Homestay immersion in France is the program for you!

This immersion program in France is designed for students who are not interested in going to classes but just to enjoy the beauty that France has to offer and improve their French in a very natural way. Our volunteer French host families are experienced in welcoming international students and motivating the students to join them in the day-to-day life of the French families. Students are required to be flexible and open-minded as our families come from different social and economic backgrounds, however always ensuring a rewarding and fruitful time!

Highlights of the summer French immersion program

  • Students are placed with volunteer French host families all across France.
  • You can choose the length and dates ( arrivals and departures are during the weekend)
  • You will have a firsthand opportunity to understand the French culture and improve language communication skills at all times.
  • No matter where the French host family lives, there are always wonderful things for the student to discover and enjoy.
  • Once you are accepted into this Homestay Immersion in France, you can buy your flights to Paris (CDG or Orly)! 

Facts about our French host families in France

  • In your application form for this Junior homestay in France, you can write down what you expect from this program. We will try to find a family that shares your interests!
  • A local coordinator is at the disposal of French host families and international students.
  • You will be able to contact your host family before your travel.
  • Underage students can travel to France with the unaccompanied minor service offered by the airlines. A Nacel escort will be waiting for him/her at the airport and will help with transfers.

Take this opportunity and contact your Nacel agent for more information about our Summer French exchange programs.

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Summer Homestay Immersion in France : Video
Summer Homestay Immersion in France : Activities

During your French immersion in France, you are a new family member and welcome to take part in the daily activities of your host family in France. Integration into the  French host family in France is the ultimate goal of the summer homestay experience in France. However, the French host families are not required to organize specific activities, visits or excursions. It means that you will share their everyday vacation program, which may include:

  • to go to cinema,
  • play board games,
  • go to swimming pool,
  • do sports,
  • make some excursions and visits,
  • go shopping, 
  • relax in the garden,
  • walk the dog,
  • make some handicrafts,
  • visit family or friends,
  • go to a restaurant,
  • etc.

You come with your own spending money to cover the cost of activities during your French homestay experience. 

Your French host family wishes to offer you the best possible summer homestay experience in France and expects a longtime friendship!

Summer Homestay Immersion in France : Extra activities

In need of French language immersion classes? Opt for our French homestay experience with French homeschooling

Interested in visiting Paris during your stay in France? Book your Discovery Tour program in Paris on top of your summer French homestay experience!

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Summer Homestay Immersion in France : Accommodation

You are welcomed in a French host family in France offering a full board homestay accommodation in France and interested in a Summer French exchange program. 

Our French host families volunteer to host a student, which means they are not paid to provide you with room and board. They are really enthusiastic and offer a warm welcome to their exchange student. They are also eager to share their lifestyle with a young person coming from abroad. The whole idea of the French summer homestay experience is to share ideas, cultures, language, habits! Their motivation? Show you their culture, help you with your French but also give their own children exposure to cultural differences and foreign languages naturally!  

Our French host families in France welcome their exchange student for several weeks in the hope that the experience will lead to a lasting friendship. They look forward to sharing not only their language but also their everyday life with someone eager to participate. They wish you will spend as much time as possible with them, talking, doing activities together. Do not stay in your bedroom! Your French language improvement will come from the constant immersion into the language, a complete French immersion in a French host family

Our French host families believe in intercultural communication and understanding!

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Summer Homestay Immersion in France : Procedures

Please note: The French immersion in France is not available to students in need of a Tourist or Student visa to travel to France. Contact us to learn more about our Summer French exchange programs. 

Summer Homestay Immersion in France : Prices

Summer host family immersion in France

* Price in Euros per participant. 

Application fees (65 euros)
Our French immersion in France is available between June 29th/30th and August 3rd/4th 2024. 


Price includes

  • Administration fees
  • French Host family accommodation with full board
  • Airport pick-up and transfer from Paris airport to the host family (on arrival and departure)
  • Support, assistance and 24/7 Hotline during the whole program
  • For Homestay in France and Discovery Paris: transfers to Paris, local transportation, accommodation, full board, supervision and guided tour

Price does not include

  • International airfare
  • Travel insurance (luggage lost, flight delay etc.)
  • Visa, passport and medical exam fees
  • Extra activities organized by the family or others
  • Extra language courses
  • Personal expenses and pocket money
  • Medical, Liability and Emergency Repatriation Insurance
  • School integration (if any)*
Summer Homestay Immersion in France : Deadline
Exchange summer homestay in France: apply at least 4 months before arrival.
Summer Homestay Immersion in France : Eligibility

A minimum of one to two years of French language study is required to experience the everyday life of a French host family in France. 
Participants must show that they are mature enough to participate in the French homestay in France, which requires:

  • Interest in learning about French culture and language: this is Summer Cultural French exchange program. 
  • Deep desire to integrate a different family and share actively their everyday life
  • Enthusiasm for improving language communication skills
  • Willingness to make new friends
  • An open and flexible attitude during the Immersion in France
  • Between 12 and 17 years old

Please note: consult us first if you have any special diet or a medical issue (existing condition, chronic or mental health issues).

Summer Homestay Immersion in France : Testimonials

"I found my homestay to be very fun and effective. My French skills improved and now I have friends in France. Overall a great experience."


Just thought I’d get in touch to say that I stayed with a French host family in July 1985 through Nacel. I’m now a French professor, and have stayed in close touch with my family. About to visit their youngest son (like a brother to me) in Oaris in May and will also take a train down to visit my French mother and other siblings. That homestay changed my life. Merci.


Just thought I’d get in touch to say that I stayed with a French host family in July 1985 through Nacel. I’m now a French professor, and have stayed in close touch with my family. About to visit their youngest son (like a brother to me) in Oaris in May and will also take a train down to visit my French mother and other siblings. That homestay changed my life. Merci. 


My flight back was great! I've been attending summer cross-country practices and in a couple of days, I'm starting my senior year of high school.   After my homestay, I feel more confident when I speak French and know a lot more everyday words that were missing from my vocabulary. The Batons were wonderful to stay with and I especially liked accompanying them to their local band practices every week. I would strongly recommend this program to others! 

When my daughter Riley turned 10, we wanted her to have a summer experience abroad to learn French. Nacel recommended that we postpone the project because she was still very young and did not know French at all. We enrolled her in French courses so that she would be ready for this program in 2019. This summer, my daughter was accepted into the program because she was already 13 years old and had an A2-B1 level of French. Her family was very kind to her and I am very grateful to them. She had fun in France. Estelle taught my daughter how to cook some nice and easy salads. I am very happy with Nacel's service and professionalism.  If in the future, my daughter feels ready to do a school exchange in France, I will contact Nacel because we are like family.

I lived in Montmarault with the Bonnets. They were very kind from the first moment I arrived. Their house was beautiful and they had horses. I learned to ride with them. We went to the town market every Saturday and I met the family's friends. We hung out with my host siblings friends as well. I keep in touch with them and I hope they come to see me in Florida very soon. Florida and Montmarault are very different but my host family made this cultural exchange very pleasant.


This homestay is the program every high school student should do once in their life, in any country they want! I chose France because my grandparents were French and I was always interested in this culture even though French culture wasn't present at all at home. Being able to practice French with native people has helped me a lot. This experience has helped me to be a better person and more open-minded. You have to share more with people. Sharing is important.




I've realized that I have a very strong connection with France. Her culture. Language and food I love. It was very sad to say goodbye to my host family, as living with them under their customs has changed my life! At home, I have taught my parents to cook ratatouille, haricots verts avec herbes de Provence, and oeufs a la coque. They love it. 


The family has been extremely generous with Esmee and we are so grateful. 


'The family you placed Sydney with was so nice. The daughter is coming to stay with us for a couple weeks in October!' 


I stayed in Annecy with another girl my age and her mom! They were so welcoming and showed me around the town. I had a great two weeks with them, and I really got to know them. I was also able to hangout with other french teenagers! Representatives from Nacel checked in on me and how I was doing, which was great! Nacel organized my transportation from and to Paris, as well as my flight back home. Everything was very organized and we had no problems! Nacel did a great job in choosing a host family for me that matched my interests and language level! The activities we did, like hiking, swimming, and bike riding were so fun! I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their french and experience the french culture! 

Thank you so much for finding a great family for me and helping me with this great experience!

Naomi M


“Ok, thank you! And thank you so much for all your help along the way. Me and my family have really appreciated it!” Lillian M,

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