Classic High School Exchange in France

Classic High School Exchange in France

Classic High School Exchange in France
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Study abroad and improve your French accent! A French host family and a French high school are waiting for you! Look for your student exchange in France with Nacel. 

A real High school exchange program in France! Becoming an exchange student in France allows you to improve your French language skills and to experience the culture and country from the inside, and not as a tourist!

Explore French in France, and choose an immersive High School Study Abroad in France

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  • study abroad All across France France
  • age from 13 to 17 years old
  • Language French
  • dates September to June
  • length Term, Semester, Academic Year
  • price from 6190 EUR
Classic High School Exchange in France : Description

Next possible start dates: August 2024 and January 2025. Apply now!

Your student exchange in France: Live with a French host family and go to a local High School in France!

Nacel organizes a cultural student exchange program in France dedicated to native English or Spanish speakers who study French at school: come to France for a few months, live with a volunteer host family and go to a Lycée! This is the best way for you to become bilingual and bicultural!

This French exchange program takes place in high schools all across France.

International students join school lectures as any other local student and graduation is possible, as long as the student remains at least 2 years in France (Grade 11 and 12). Most exchange students in France stay for a semester or an academic year and collect a transcript with subjects and grades from their French school.  

Only students with native English or Spanish mother tongues are eligible for this cultural exchange in France. If you speak a different language, please contact us to learn about alternative exchange programs in France.

Study Abroad in France / Subjects, grades, and credits:

Before registering for the High School exchange program in France, students must gather all necessary information regarding the recognition of their exchange program abroad

  • If a grade report is required at the end of the program (Full academic year or semester program only), students must inform their Nacel counselor with a list of specific classes that need to be attended.  Nacel recommends that students arrange a meeting with their school counselor to determine what subjects they need to attend while abroad, to be able to earn credits from their study abroad program. Nacel is not responsible for the procedures and information required for this process in the home country. However, our team of professionals provides you with full support to initiate the process. Note that your level in the French language will also determine your ability to earn credits: start to study the language even more intensively as soon as you book your exchange program in France!  
  • If you wish to graduate from a French Lycee, please note that it is possible as long as you study in years 11 and 12 and pass all exams with success. 
  • If you do not need to earn credits, your school year will be recognized in your career as an enriching gap year in France

Learn more about the French high School System: 

How will my French cultural exchange program with Nacel look like?

  • This French student exchange program in France has been exclusively designed for international students who speak native English or Spanish. Volunteer families welcome international students speaking English or Spanish because they hope that this cultural exchange will also expose their children to the foreign languages they study at school!
  • Our students are placed with volunteer host families all across France
  • Students are usually placed in day schools during their school year in France but also have the opportunity to attend a private 5-day boarding or even a private permanent boarding school in France
  • Students arriving in late August and starting school in September participate in a 3-day cultural and linguistic orientation camp in Paris, where they meet with all other exchange students, coming from all over the world!
  • All students have the support and assistance of a local coordinator during their whole high school exchange program in France. A 24/7 hotline is also available at all times. 

Looking for a shorter experience? Come for 2 to 10 weeks to experience French cultural immersion in a host family and French school

If you are rather a beginner in French or wish to study in English while you are in France, visit the website of our English-speaking high school in the Paris area. You will attend American subjects or/as well as IB subjects taught in English. You will attend one one-hour French class every day and also have the opportunity to live with a French host family to practise your French! Contact us to inquire. 

Classic High School Exchange in France : Video
Classic High School Exchange in France : Activities

Exchange students in France live the normal life of a French teen: you go to school from Monday to Friday, on mornings and afternoons, sometimes up to 5 or 6pm. Some schools do not teach on Wednesday afternoons. As an exchange student we invite you to take part into extracurricular activities to make new friends and practise the French language. Some schools offer sports or cultural activities but it is usually also possible to do activities outside of schools, in local clubs. 

Classic High School Exchange in France : Accommodation

French Host Families

During your High School Study Abroad in France, you live with a French host family. French host families are volunteer (they are not paid to host international students in their home), and have a great interest in meeting international students and learning about their language and culture. This program in a cultural exchange in France. International students are expected to enjoy great quality time with the family, join them in their day to day activities and teach them about their life back home. Communication is a key point during this immersion program as well as the cultural exchange.
Before matching any of our students with any family, our local coordinators carefully select the families based on the students’ needs and interests.   

Living with a French host family will allow you to improve your French language skills very quickly -and deeply-. You will soon dream in French thanks to your student exchange in France! 

Classic High School Exchange in France : Procedures

Study abroad in France: Application Process

Exchange students are required to submit their application at least 5 to 6 months prior to their arrival, due to placement delay and student visa procedures
Nacel advises you to start enquiring about your exchange program in France at least 6 months before departure, to allow our team to guide you in the process, inform you about the program, and arrange phone meetings with you before your application. 

  • International students starting in September must submit a full application by mid-March.
  • International students starting in January must submit a full application by mid-September at the very latest. 
  • Applicants are required to complete the online booking form. Once this is done you will be contacted by a Nacel counsellor who will share with you a personal login/password so that you can access your digital documentation and start your application for your student exchange in France. Once finished, your counsellor review it and confirm acceptance into the French student exchange program. 
  • Students are required to apply for their French student visa about 2 to 3 months before arrival (not earlier), with the help of the supporting visa documents sent by Nacel. Nacel also provides you with detailed documentation to help you process your visa application and is available during the whole process to assist you if needed. 

Please note: consult us first if you have any special diet or a medical issue (existing condition, chronic or mental health issues). Thank you!

Classic High School Exchange in France : Prices

Study abroad in France: High School Exchange program in France with Volunteer Host Families

Our High School exchange program in France provides international students with the opportunity to start a full school year, a term (3 months) or a semester (5 months) in September (or in January). You may also opt for a short term homestay and high school in France (up to 10 weeks). 

January intake: If you are from the southern hemisphere and want to become part of a full immersion program, for an entire school year, then this is a great and quite unique opportunity for you to improve your French language with us. We also welcome international students for a spring semester in France from January.

School Year Abroad in France 2024/2025:

School term :

  • August 25th 2024 to December 20th 2024 (with orientation/ soft landing camp)
  • February 1st 2025 to May 17th 2025 (no orientation)

School semester :

  • August 25th 2024 to January 18th 2025 (with orientation/ soft landing camp)
  • January 18th 2025 to June 14th 2025 (no orientation)

School academic year:

  • August 25th 2024 to June 14th 2025 (with orientation/ soft landing camp)
  • January 18th, 2024 to December 20th, 2025 (no orientation and no accommodation during the summer break)

* Price in Euros per participant.

Not included: Application Fees (65 EUR)

On offer: 

Price includes

  • Administration fees
  • School registration and school fees
  • Host family accommodation with full board (including school lunches)
  • Support, assistance and 24/7 Hotline during the whole program

Price does not include

  • International airfare
  • Travel insurance (luggage loss, flight delay etc.)
  • Visa, passport and medical exam fees
  • Extra activities such as sports, excursions, etc…organized by the school or others, extra language courses
  • Personal expenses and pocket money
  • Domestic transfer on departure day

Mandatory fees to be added

  • Meet&Greet + Orientation: 500 EUR
  • Supervised transfer on arrival to school/host family: 330 EUR
  • Insurance: 450 EUR
  • School books: 120 EUR
  • School transportation: Term 150 EUR -Semester 200 EUR - Year 250 EUR 
Classic High School Exchange in France : Deadline
April 15th for September intake; September 15th for January intake.
Classic High School Exchange in France : Eligibility

A minimum of two years of French language study (A2 level) are required to attend a High School exchange program in France.

We can unfortunately only consider English or Spanish native speakers for this student exchange in France.  

Participants must show that they are mature enough to participate in the student exchange in France that requires:

  • Interest in learning about French language and culture: this is a cultural exchange in France. 
  • Deep desire to integrate into a different family and actively share their everyday life
  • Enthusiasm for improving French language communication skills
  • Willingness to make new friends among their French local community
  • An open and flexible attitude towards a school year in France

If you speak no or very little French, we advise you to consider a French international school in Paris area: Notre-Dame International High School. Inquire now: 

Classic High School Exchange in France : Testimonials

“Hellooo! Thank you very much for all the help you all gave us! Fernanda is back home, very very happy with great experiences! It was a wonderful time she had at the school in France! Thanks, thanks, thanks. Tania 


On behalf of my daughter Andrea and myself I want to thank you both for giving Andrea the opportunity to have an incredible inter-cultural experience for a year during her stay at Cholet. Be sure that your efforts have definitely contribute of making of Andrea a better human being. Best Regards.


We talked to our daugther yesterday and she was so happy! She loves it in Rodez-the town, the school, the school staff and the Nacel staff.  She also said she has girls to sit with at lunch and that everyone has been so nice to her. She also said that she is speaking French more and her understanding gets better every day. The experience she is having now is what she expected from the program so I think this is a good match for her. 

Thank you again for all you and the team have done to help with this transition


I appreciate hearing this positive feedback. I have also heard from Ella that she is very happy and really likes her host family. She gets along very well with all, including her host sister. She is enjoying participating with them in their family life. She is also playing in a local soccer club, and her family helps facilitate this. We are very grateful to NACEL for choosing such a great fit for Ella for a host family.

I also appreciate that one of your representatives went to meet the family and talk to Ella. Ella also said that it is getting easier to understand French spoken in her class, and she is doing above average in her grades. She has also made friends at school.

I have had some email communication with Christelle, Ella’s host mom, and she is also very positive. I like her very much. Thank you again for your efforts.


Dear all. Everything is lovely. I don’t understand everything in school but it’s only my first week. The food in the canteen is really good. You get a starter, main, dessert and extra cheese and bread! Everybody is really nice to me and they try to show and explain everything to me. I am right in the mountains, which means you can go skiing. Even for just an afternoon. We went on Wednesday and it was really fun. I’ve been to the next big city which is really nice. It has lots of little roads and shops. I went there with my host parents and we went to the cinema and afterwards we had dinner in a Thai restaurant. It was really nice. I take the bus to school which is very easy and only takes about 5 min! 


I know Katherine has had a FANTASTIC experience made so good by her host family - we were so very very lucky to end up with the Barriendos family, they have treated Katherine as one of their own and shown her so much.  School has been fabulous, the teachers so very kind and Katherine has made many new friends.  Her host sister has been simply amazing!  And most importantly, and the reason for her travel, Katherine's French has improved beyond expectations. Thank you again. 


I just wanted to give some great feedback on the experience so far for Ella staying with the Martin family. They are giving her the MOST wonderful time, embracing her as a part of their family , plus taking her all over France to incredible places and going out of their way to make sure she sees and experiences so much of the culture and lifestyle....The mum Isabelle sends me emails at least every other day- which I know she is not obligated to do at all! - and includes amazing photos of the things Ella is doing... Not just the sightseeing parts (which is lovely to see too) but everyday things like her teaching Ella to cook 'Boeuf Borguignon' from scratch, and playing boardgames at the kitchen table with the family.. The family are being incredibly hospitable and generous and just all round embracing of Ella. She is having the experiences of a lifetime!  A HUGE THANK YOU NACEL for facilitating all of this. We are very thankful she is with such a beautiful, hospitable family... Kind regards


Just wanted to say thank you - Victoria had a wonderful experience on her exchange in France. It’s been really worthwhile!


I am the mother of Adrienne. All went well with her time in France. Nacel was an excellent support. Her host family was perfect - kind, warm and supportive - Adrienne remains in contact with them and will see them this summer again. Her school was great! the teachers were kind and supportive. The only problem was that Adrienne was homesick. But that is her nature and she worked hard to deal with this. Thank you so much for all you have done. This has been a life changing experience for Adrienne. All the best.


Studying in France is the best! The Nacel team is very close to you and you are always listening. I had a lot of support from my local coordinator, Amelie! The advice I could give to students interested in doing a school exchange in France is to make the most of their time! It doesn't matter if you don't speak French very well, the important thing is that you try and don't watch videos or listen to the radio of your country of origin. 


We are overwhelmed with the hospitality and kindness everyone including those in Nacel and, of course, the entire family has shown Hannah over these last months.  It is our feeling that Hannah really does love her host family and all the opportunities they have created for her and we believe that Hannah is gaining tangible and immediate benefits from this experience not only by improving her French but by learning about herself including her strengths and weaknesses.  


Mailee couldn't be happier with her placement.  Your team has done an exceptional job in finding the perfect family for her!  They have already emailed each other and sent videos.  Now they are chatting via social media.  Lots of photos!  Thank you so much! Mailee's mom


Celine, we're golden! Christie and I want to thank you and the whole Nacel team for giving Carolina this opportunity to study abroad and taking care of her so well.  Vive la France! Mark & Christie A.


We were all very happy to welcome Hannah to our family! A very nice young girl, very calm and invested. It was a great experience for our family. It is with pleasure that we will repeat this experience!


Hanna is really sad to leave but has established great connection with her host family and is adamant to come back to visit (she’s going to study at the University College of Dublin in Ireland so might be even easier!) and maintain her French because she really even more loves the language. This has been an incredible experience for her and helped her to mature even more! 


Thank you so much for your assistance in making sure Nadia makes it safely to her flight.  We’re very much looking forward to seeing her, and also sad that she is leaving her kind host family that she has grown so close to. 


Mariia has come to France and met with her host family. She is very happy! We believe, that Mariia will get excellent life experience. Mariia's way to France was very long, about 10 months :-) Thank you very much for your help on all steps!!! We will continue to stay in touch with you. Thank you very much, Julia.

“Emma is really enjoying it there!” Mother of Emma M.

“Thank you so much for all your help during his study abroad.” Mother of Holden C.


“We will be very pleased to speak with other families about the program.  We are particularly grateful to you, Celine, for your effort, attention and professionalism - it has been a pleasure dealing with you”. Father of Elizabeth H.


“I am immensely grateful for this year. Our Oleksandra has a great experience with school and family, learned a lot about culture and language, and, because of the fantastic support in a tough and unexpected situation (war in Ukraine).” Mother of Oleksandra L., High school exchange in France


“We have loved this experience and our family is making plans to go to France for the end of the program and meet Katreina’s host family!” Mother of Katreina P.


“You've been wonderful and we can't thank you enough.  We love his host family and really enjoyed spending time with them.  Tai had an amazing experience and his host brother Malo already has plans to come to the states in February.  I trust our relationship with his host family will remain strong throughout the years.   Thanks for all of your efforts!” Father of Tai P.


From my perspective, I would recommend Nacel to other students/families as our experience with Emily’s exchange was positive.  Nacel supported us through the entire process from initial application, to acceptance and payment to the visa application process.  The visa application process was the most complicated part of the process but the complexity with that was due to the requirement of the third-party provider here in Australia who assists with the granting of the French Visas.  The rest of the process was relatively smooth.  What we really liked was that the host families who Nacel found for the students were not compensated so they seemed to be participating for the right reasons and were genuinely invested in the process. Emily’s host family was just beautiful and welcomed her completely into their family. Her host sister’s were also a perfect match as they were the same age as Emily.  While school initially was challenging and there were very few other girls, Emily settled in and loved the school experience and was sad to leave!

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