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My French host family was absolutely amazing. They were so much like my family, and they immediately helped me to feel at home. They made sure to plan enough so that I could see Angoulême but not feel rushed to do so. We did things like go to a “Fête de la musique,” Puy Du Fou, La Rochelle, and more. Though they weren’t required to do all of this, it made my stay there feel more memorable. I feel like a formed a valuable connection with them, and I would love for them to visit my family in the US, or for me to be able to see them again in France. 

In terms of my French, I definitely feel like I improved. There are things that are taught to us in school that don’t really apply to real life in France, like how negatives work and how to say “we.” Being in France for a month, i was able to learn a bunch of saying, colloquialisms, and new vocabulary that will help me in the coming years. I’d say that being totally immersed in a culture for 1 month really helps with learning language, given you have to speak said language all the time. 

 I would definitely recommend this program to students who want to better their language skills, experience a new culture, and form new relationships. It was a great program and definitely gave me more knowledge than I had. However, the only problem with the program was with the Paris Discovery tour. Mainly, there was not near enough time to do everything, and we found that some days, things were closed due to heavy traffic (like the 3rd floor of the Eiffel Tower). Otherwise, it was a great and fulfilling program. 

Finally, on the personal side, I have a connection with my Host family in Touvre, but I also did a lot of self-discovery there and realized that I also have a connection with France, too. I have grown a love for their culture, food, people, places, and language. I feel like there’s a piece of me left in France that’s hard to ignore, and I’m highly considering going back one day, possibly to study in college. The Nacel program helped me with that discovery, and I am always thankful for that. 


Getting to study in the United States for the school year 2018-2019 was a dream come true. My american dream came true! :) Yutah is absolutely breathtaking. My host family was awesome to me. I hope they come to visit me in Germany very soon! 

Engel N.

I'm delighted I came to College in England with Nacel, the lecturers are excellent...

​...they are always available to help if needed and as there are no barriers you can ask any questions. I'm currently predicted 3A*s at A-Level with the hope to go on University College London to study Economics and Business with Eastern European studies, with the dream of one day becoming a Director of a company or owning my own business.

My one word to describe my College would be lovely.

Milan C.
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