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Language School

Book a language course in an international language school abroad: best price for value guaranteed! Choose your destination, the length of your stay as well as your accommodation. Design your own study program and learn a new language!

Summer Camps

International Summer camps and junior language courses with activities and sports! Supervised programs for teens to have a safe and fun summer abroad with other teenagers. Discover our international summer camps and courses for teens abroad for high school students!

Who we are

NACEL Educational Travel is an international boutique-style Language Travel agency. What does it mean? We offer you:

Selected and Quality Educational Programs with Personalized Advices and Attention.

We are a multilingual and multicultural team as we speak French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch to better serve you.

Our team members studied and worked abroad themselves and can easily relate to you and share their experiences and expertise with you.

We strongly believe that foreign language knowledge and cultural awareness are essential in today's society.

What we believe in

People from all parts of the world are now seamlessly connected thanks to technology and travel opportunities, we strongly believe that everyone, of all ages, needs to be better prepared to interact with people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, both on personal and professional levels.

This is why NACEL Educational Travel offers short-term or long-term Educational Programs for each level and age, designed to not only guarantee:

  • language acquisition and improvementas well as cultural discovery;
  • but who also help our students reach their academic or professional goals; 
  • and develop essential personal and intercultural skills.

Those linguistic and soft skills acquired during a Study Abroad Program allow our students to benefit from every opportunity the world has to offer.

What we do for you

We help our students and their parents to choose the most suitable Study Abroad Program based on multiple criteria, taking into account our students:

  • needs, preferences, requirements,
  • personal objectives,
  • academic goals,
  • time available,
  • educational project
  • and budget.

We have over 20 years of experience in advising, accompanying, and supporting international students from all over the world to ensure a successful, safe, and rewarding Study Abroad Program.

To ensure the well-being and safety of our students, we aim to build long-term relationships with our Educational Partners based on Mutual TrustQuality Standards, and Cooperation.

Start now your Educational Travel Abroad with NACEL.

Who you are

Regardless of your age, we believe that language travel is a valuable life experience for everyone. Discover the ideal study abroad programs designed to fit your unique identity and aspirations.

Middle School Student

Middle School Student

As a middle school student, you have started to learn a foreign language at school and wish to improve your language skills and start discovering the world by yourself. 

As a parent, you wish to offer your Teen an opportunity to travel abroad for a few weeks, learn a foreign language, discover a culture, and meet people from different backgrounds. Safety, support, and supervision are important for you. 

NACEL Educational Travel helps you make the right choice for your child. Contact us so that we can listen to your needs and better advise you.

Discover our International Summer Camps and Cultural Homestay Immersions Abroad. A perfect combination of language, cultural discovery, and fun suitable for this age. 

High School Student

High School Student

As a High School student, you dream of exploring the world, learning a foreign language, increasing your study opportunities, and meeting international friends. Nacel's educational travels abroad offer you to enlarge your horizons. 

Ready to spend a few weeks, a few months, or even a year abroad? Embark with us on a High School Study Abroad program. Get personalized guidance and support for this challenging but rewarding study abroad program. 

Available during the summer break only? Meet new international friends on our summer camps abroad and forge long-lasting friendships with host families worldwide thanks to our cultural homestay immersions

University Student

University Student

As a University Student, you wish to improve your knowledge of a foreign language quickly and efficiently. You need to reach your academic goals and prepare for official language tests.

You wish to experience the language in real-life situations, meet students from all over the world and expand your study and career opportunities.

Let us guide you to find the most suitable language learning program abroad. Explore our Language Schools Abroad and our One-to-One Language Lessons at the Teacher's Home.

Professional - Adult Student

Professional - Adult Student

As a Professional or a mature Adult Student, you believe in life-long learning and self-development. You wish to dedicate some time to improving your language proficiency and intercultural skills while discovering new places and people.

You need or wish to develop those skills for your professional and/or personal life.

Learn more about our Private Language Lessons offered in many attractive destinations all over the world.

Learn or improve a language while living a cultural immersion thanks to our Language and Cultural Experiences Abroad

I studied in England for 20 weeks. It was awesome!

Ryan F.

 “This city is a great place to study as it is much safer and quieter than a city, and as well as having its own shops, it doesn’t take very long to get to other cities. I have travelled to many places around UK since I lived here.”


My knowledge of English was not sufficient so, with my father, I decided to study in Ireland. My feelings and expectations before departure from Slovakia were clear: to learn the language, get to know a new culture and learn how to be independent.……When I first met my host family, I was properly nervous...Today, after five months with them I have to say that a better host family I could not even ask for…”

Erik T.
Quality and Price Guarantee

Quality and Price Guarantee

We perform a rigorous program selection to offer you the best quality at fair, negotiated prices, with a clear presentation of what is and is not included in each package.

Oustanding Customer Service

Oustanding Customer Service

Our experienced, multilingual advisors will help you find a program tailored to your requirements and to ensure that your trip is organized to suit individual needs.

Confirmed Bookings

Confirmed Bookings

Once we receive your deposit payment, your booking is 100% secure and your place on the program is guaranteed. If Nacel must cancel a program, we commit to giving you a full refund

Security and Assistance

Security and Assistance

Our 24-hour emergency phone number and network of local representatives, guarantee our service and commitment to provide assistance at all times during your trip.

Nacel has over 60 years creating unique cultural, educational and linguistic experiences for students from all over the world. Every year Nacel welcomes students from different races, gender, and social backgrounds.

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