Our student exchanges programs in Portugal can help you improve your Portuguese speaking skills and better discover the lifestyle of a Portuguese teenager.

If your mother tongue is English and you want to study at a high school in Portugal, don't miss out this Nacel International exchange program! During an academic year in Europe, you will meet new friends, classmates and teachers with whom you will create a friendship forever.

Become an exchange student and discover Portuguese culture by living with a portuguese host family that will welcome you as a member of the family. We will help you and assist you throughout your stay in Portugal.

High School in Portugal
Nacel International
Study in Europe to improve your Portuguese in Portugal by participating in this high school exchange. This country has charming…
  • From 15 to 18 years old
  • Language : Portuguese
  • Length : Academic Year
  • Price from : 7690 EUR

Nacel High School Abroad Portugal highlights

High School Abroad Portugal

Be an exchange student in Portugal!

Your exchange program in Portugal with Nacel: international students (native English speakers only) interested in discovering Portugal and the Portuguese culture will no doubt enjoy their High School year in this country. Portugal is a country situated along the Atlantic Ocean and as such, has always been very open to the world. Think about the famous Portuguese explorers of the 15th and 16th century: Vasco da Gama reached Indian by the sea and other explorers discovered Brazil!

During their High School program in Portugal, exchange students will be enrolled in regular classes with their Portuguese peers. They are placed in public schools. Most schools provide free tuition in Portuguese as a foreign language for exchange students. The exchange student is warmly welcomed by a Portuguese host family eager to share its everyday life, culture and language with an overseas student.

The relative freedom that teenagers enjoy in Portugal enables young people to enjoy a lot of time together, to make friends and to plan most of their activities with their group of friends. During their student exchange in Portugal, our exchange students are invited to attend two weekends of activities with Portuguese students. They may also be invited for other informal events such as dinners or evening events. International students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities to make the best of their time there.

Live a real cultural immersion in Portugal and discover a new way of life!

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