Importance of learning a second language

Why to learn a second language ?In our global society of today most people are aware of the advantages of learning a foreign language. It is interesting to note that almost fifty percent of European U... read

Compare English Language Test Scores

Compare English Language Test Scores With the different scoring systems of available English language proficiency tests, its confusing to match results from one to the other. When applying to a langu... read

Hottest Destinations in France

Study Abroad in the best destinations in France! Spring is arriving in France and it's the perfect time to plan your study abroad adventure. Below is our editors picks of the hottest destinations f... read

The benefits of learning a foreign language

Benefits of learning a foreign language!We currently live in a global community in which speaking a second language is not a plus but just a must. Learning a new language will not only enhance your pr... read

Have you ever heard about Spanglish?

Spanglish! Have you ever heard about this term?Spanglish is a hybrid of Spanish and English that mainly Latinos living in the USA use. Spanglish is slightly different from place to place. It's spok... read

Some good reasons to learn Arabic!

Some good reasons to learn Arabic!Arabic, as part of the Semitic languages, is a very ancient language. As a result, it has had a strong influence in many other languages. For some of you, you can be ... read

Language School in Granada: Marie's Testimonial

Language School in Granada: Marie´s TestimonialMarie is a French student aged 26. She decided to study in Nacel's language school in Granada for 4 weeks. Afterwards, she accepted to give us a short i... read

10 Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

If you like to learn a new language? We give you 10 reasons to learn a foreign languageFeeling like learning another language could be interesting but you need to be totally convinced? Learning a for... read

Top 10 mistakes you should not do abroad!

Do not fall into these mistakes and made your trip a safe trip!Students' safety while abroad is really important for us at Nacel. There are common mistakes one quickly learn not to do abroad, like dri... read

How to learn a foreign language with Nacel?

Advices from Nicolas Comby, Director of Language Studies at Nacel, for learning a foreign language.We meet today to discuss the broad topic of learning a foreign language, whether you like a languag... read
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