Study Abroad in the best destinations in France! 

Spring is arriving in France and it's the perfect time to plan your study abroad adventure. Below is our editors picks of the hottest destinations for your language study abroad.

  • Paris Among the most iconic and popular cities in the world. At the end of your lessons what better than a walk by the Eiffel tower and the Jardins du Trocadro (the Trocadero Gardens)? Or gaze at the city view from the Sacr-Coeur (Sacred Heart) Church in Montmartre Hill. Learning French to socialize with all the locals from ol' Pari will certainly be the funnest and rich experience of your life.
  • Lyon The Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvire sits high atop the Fourvire Hill in Lyon, France. It offers a magnificent view over the city that will capture your imagination. What more can you ask for after your well day of study. [for some reason Im thinking about the hunchback of Notre-Dame while I write this (= ]
  • Rouen Is one of France's most ancient cities with a mix of amazing Gothic architecture next to the Seine River. The city was scene of the trial and execution of Joan of Arc in 1431 and the Gothic Cathedral painted by Monet can be admired today. The city holds so much history that you'll be ecstatic about learning their language.

There are so many exciting places to visit when you study in France.

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