Spanglish! Have you ever heard about this term?

Spanglish is a hybrid of Spanish and English that mainly Latinos living in the USA use.

  • Spanglish is slightly different from place to place.

  • It's spoken in Gibraltar (it's called Llanito there), but mainly throughout the American continent, for example in Puerto Rico, along the United States-Mexican border, in California, Florida and many other places.

  • It is also known as the "unofficial" language of Miami, where both English and Spanish are commonly used in the daily life.

  • Spanglish makes the "Americanization" of the Latinos easier, without necessarily making them lose their own language and culture.

  • Speaking Spanglish means switching from English to Spanish and back again in the same sentence, or making English words sound Spanish.

Some examples: - "Espero que I'll be back for the meeting the week after" - "T tienes las keys!" - Market is 'marketa' (instead of mercado in Spanish) - 'Faxear' = to fax - Stress is 'estresar' - 'Averaje' for the English word average

And a lot of otras cosas! :)

If you're interested in improving both your English and Spanish, I would advise you to go to these bilingual places where Spanglish is spoken. You can for example attend a Language School in Miami!

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