China and Arabic the next languages of the world? 

Among the 6,000 languages spoken in the world the ones that seem to stand out the most are Chinese and Arabic. Because of their diversity these 2 languages are considered highly important in the world and its demand is increasing more than German, French and Spanish courses.

There is evidence that more employers want languages and cultural skills, and the international savvy that language learning brings. Half of the worlds population conducts life in more than just their mother tongue.

  • Taking Chinese language lessons and becoming fluent in the language opens doors to nearly one-fifth of the world's population.

  • The Chinese language is essential for business people who want to expand into the Asian market, particularly the rapidly growing market for Western products and services in China. Not only because of its marketability but the beauty of the language itself is attracting more young peoples interest.

  • Chinese is based on a collection of monosyllables that become a vocabulary through pronouncing the syllables on different tones to indicate meanings. It all depends on the pitch on the syllable and you can be saying many different things.

In industries such as mineral exportation, trade and commerce learning Arabic has concrete benefits.

  • Being able to speak Arabic is a huge bonus for corporations like Coca Cola, Exxon/Mobile, Sony, Mercedes-Benz, Radio Shack among others. Leading the Bush administration in the United States funding for the learning of the language increased.

  • The money is used for graduate students learning the language both at domestic universities and study abroad.

  • Also, for those eager to understand the Muslim faith, you must understand the holy Quran which is written in a very ancient version of the language. Therefore, Arabic is a critical skill that needs to be acquired.

  • Nonetheless, Arabic has another fabulous writing system in which a skeleton of three consonants can become a world of related words based on what you squeeze around them.

All advantages aside, learning a new language is a good thing to do, and everyone should make it a point to learn at least one more language apart from their mother tongue.

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