More than School, Notre Dame International High School!

Another blog to share with students interested in International studies:

You may read the adventures of students in an American School in Paris! Its really funny! You can see photos and the everyday life of these foreign students in the city of Paris. Its amazing how unknown people can be form a family!

  • This school offers students the opportunity to follow a progressive bilingual education.

  • Its students prepare the US High School Diploma.

  • Its a good way to learn with different people of various cultures and languages having common interests.

When people are learning new language. They are scared that people might judge them.

It doesn´t matter what people think when you speak. Everything is ok. When people correct you, it doesn´t mean you are no good. They correct you because they want you to learn and for you to improve on that language. It´s OK to make mistakes because when you make mistakes you learn from that mistake and that helps you improve. (By Josh Roy)

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