Why to learn a second language ?

In our global society of today most people are aware of the advantages of learning a foreign language. It is interesting to note that almost fifty percent of European Union citizens speak a second language while only a quarter of Americans have this ability currently.
However, with such simple access to language courses and flexible schedules and resources it has become so easy to study a language now that many more people are taking the opportunity to broaden their horizons. It is always much easier to learn while we are young and learning a language while still a student or shortly afterwards is the best time. The learning process is much easier and there is more time to enjoy the benefits. The advantages associated with knowing a second language are many:

  • Having another language is a decided advantage in the job market, and when two candidates have equal CV in other respects, the one with a second language will often win out.
  • In the business world, a second language is becoming particularly necessary as more businesses open links with countries around the globe seeking to establish trade and services. These companies all need employees with second language skills.
  • Besides the excellent career advantages there are some personal ones as well. Travel is obviously a major benefit and having conversational ability in the country you are visiting is such an advantage, not only for asking directions, ordering and other essentials, but also in understanding the culture and enriching the whole experience.

Ultimately, learning a second language while young is a smart move and opens up so many opportunities that are not available to others. The combined benefits of job prospects and travel are too good to miss. Since 1957, Nacels programs have provided young people with the opportunity to discover new things about themselves and the world around them in safe and fun learning environments. Contact us for more information!

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