Let´s take and English course and have some holidays!

You're eagger to learn English, thinking of Great Britain but you're not fan of rain?
Don't worry, there are so many locations in the world you can go to learn English, you cannot even imagine!
et rainy United Kingdom, we've got a very interesting suggestion for you...

Have you ever heard of "Malta"? Even if you have, you might not be able to locate it on a world map, am I right? =)

  • Malta is a small island located in the Mediterranean, 100 km south of Sicily and 280 km north-east of Tunisia.

  • Its national and official language is Maltese (an Arabic based dialect written in the Latin alphabet).

  • English is a co-official language in Malta due to its strong British influence, since Malta has been a British colony between 1814 and 1964.

  • Other languages are also spoken in this small island such as Arabic and Italian.

If you decide to learn English in Malta, you'll be able to improve your English skills and enjoy sunny holidays at the same time.
Indeed, Malta is famous for its Mediterranean/Subtropical climate and its wonderful historical monuments as well as its typical villages.
You'll enjoy the beautiful sea where you can dive. There are also very original villages such as Its nightlife is also known to be great.

Don't wait any longer and book your English course in Malta!

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