High School Exchange in Andalusia (Select program)

Enjoy this High School exchange in Andalusia and speak Spanish fluently!

Travel to Spain to experience the life of a Spanish high school student: you will live with a Spanish host family who will introduce you to their language and to the local culture. Discover the cultural diversity of Spain as an exchange student in Andalusia! 

student exchange in andalusia - Granada City SpainHigh School Exchange in Andalusia - American Exchange student eating spanish paella High School Exchange in Andalusia - International Student in Spain MillerHigh School Exchange in Andalusia - Student enjoying of countryside in Spainexchange program in andalusia - Beach in Malaga Andalusia Spainexchange program in andalusia - American Student enjoying a bike ride in Andalusiaexchange program in andalusia -American student with her Spanish host family
  • study abroad Spain
  • age from 15 to 18 years old
  • Language Spanish
  • dates September to June
  • length Term, Semester, Academic year
  • price from 8440 EUR

Student exchange in the South of Spain

Your High School exchange in Andalusia with Nacel.
Exchange students are hosted in a Spanish host family living in Andalusia and attend regular classes in a local public, concertado or private High School. There are no classes on afternoons during the high school program in Spain; some Spanish high schools offer optional workshops/extra-curricular activities in the afternoon, which may be at an extra cost. Popular sports are Football, Basketball and Nautical sports in some schools. Students attend 10-12 subjects a week. 10th grade offers a good number of mandatory subjects, while 11th and 12th grade offer students to specialize into Science, Social Science or Humanities (as well as Arts in some schools). 

Andalusia is a region full of history and culture: immerse yourself into a true Spanish and Arabic history! The region also offers students the opportunity to enjoy wonderful landscapes: trek in the mountains on the afternoon and swim in the Mediterranean Sea in the afternoon! You will no doubt enjoy this Mediterranean climate allowing you to spend long days outdoors! 

Please note that placements may also be arranged in other locations in Spain. Inquire!

Attend public or private high schools in Spain

The Spanish educational system is divided into 3 stages: elementary education (from 6 to 12 Y.O.), secondary education (from 12 to 16 Y.O.) and the baccalaureate degree (from 16 to 18 Y.O.). Main subjects of the secondary education are mandatory and cannot be chosen: Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Physical Education, Plastic and Visual Education, Spanish and Literature, Foreign Language (English), Mathematics, Music, Technology.

During the 2 years of the bachillerato, students should take at least Physical Education, Philosophy, Spanish and Literature, Foreign Language and History. There are 3 more subjects to study, depending on the Spanish high school's offer: Technical Drawing, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Latin, Greek, etc. Each school also offers some optional subjects that may be chosen depending on the interest of the student. The grade and subjects chosen depend on availability at school and on the Principal's decision.

Study abroad in Spain

Spanish host families are warm, open and outgoing. They enjoy the opportunity to share their culture, country and way of life with a young person from another country. Host families receive a small stipend to help them cover hosting costs. They open you their home and family and hope to build strong friendship and exchange great moments with you. 

If you are an English native speakers, don't miss your dedicated High School exchange in Spain


Study abroad in Spain and live with a Spanish host family, providing full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and much more!
Please note that placements may also be arranged in other locations in Spain. Inquire!


Please request more information through the contact form.  


High School exchange in Andalusia, Spain

* Price in Euros per participant.

Not included : Application Fees (65 EUR)

Price includes

  • Administration fees
  • Host school placement and local orientation
  • Host family accommodation with full board
  •  Airport pick-up and transfers to/from host family (closest airport)
  • Support, assistance and 24 hour emergency phone number during the whole program
  • Medical, Liability and Emergency Repatriation Insurance

Price does not include

  • International airfare
  • Travel insurance (luggage lost, flight delay etc.)
  • Visa, passport and medical exam fees
  • Extra language courses
  • Books, lockers, laboratories, yearbook, class ring, letter jacket, student activities etc…
  • Local transportation from and to school
  • Extra activities such as sports, excursions, etc…
  • Airport transfers different from arrival and departure dates or at another airport
  • Domestic flights
  • Personal expenses and pocket money
Apply at least 4 months before arrival.

Exchange students must be interviewed in their home country before being accepted for a High School program in Spain.
A minimum of two years of Spanish study and good academic results are required to study in Spain.


My family is great. I really like it here! In my classes, it is still difficult to understand however, the tutor is great. she helps me a lot with my homework because it is hard to read in subjects like anotomía and filosofía and when I don’t have homework, she helps me with Spanish. As for my spanish, I would'nt say that it is that good yet but it has improved since I have got here… Love, Hannah


After only 3-4 days of adjustment, Cameron has been doing very well. The entire process of arriving and having someone meet him in Seville and drive him to Cadiz was fantastic and much appreciated. The first few days was by Cameron’s own admission were difficult. Adjusting to a new culture, new language and maybe second guessing the decision - I am sure is all very normal and something you see regularly. I can’t say how important it was that Alejandro his local coordinator was there to assist, advise and guide.

Cameron’s host family has been fantastic. I am so pleased that he is with such an engaging and loving family. His host mom sends me pictures and videos occasionally and I really enjoy and appreciate it!  He is becoming quite good friends with his host brother that is now in college in Seville.

It took only a few days after arrival for Cameron to become actively involved in all that Cadiz, his family, school and Alejandro had to offer. Alejandro has helped Cameron with his school and classes, getting him  involved with surfing, arranging the Spanish classes and tutoring and overall being a fantastic mentor and friend. He has also kept me informed which has been nice as well.

For Cameron, it has been Alejandro that has been instrumental in making the program a success so far.

Cameron is now taking an intense Spanish course and we both feel the timing of this class will be perfect. We feel that he is making good progress.

I am happy to say that Cameron is really having a great time. He has met friends, learning a new language, become part of a loving family and is taking full  advantage of this amazing opportunity.  I am very pleased with everything Nacel and your team has done to get him to this great place.

I will keep you posted throughout the year.  Please let me know if you have any parents that need a reference or even advice during the preparation and deciding process of doing the Nacel program in Cadiz

Mrs. E (16)
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