Classic High School Exchange in Germany

Classic High School Exchange in Germany

Classic High School Exchange in Germany
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If you have studied German, improve it abroad by enrolling in a High school exchange in Germany! Living in Germany with a host family and studying at a local school will help you improve your German speaking skills and get to know the country's culture and traditions. Make your school year abroad in Germany with Nacel! 

Boost your German in Germany, and choose a High School Study Abroad in Germany. Looking for a shorter experience? Discover our summer camps in Germany

High school exchange in Germany - brandenburg gate in Berlin GermanyHigh School Study Abroad in Germany - International Students during their first day in GermanyHigh school exchange in Germany - Traditional German Townexchange program in Germany - International Exchange Students in Germanyexchange program in Germany - Traditional medieval Castle in GermanyHigh School Study Abroad in Germany - Beautiful location in Germany for Exchange students to visit student exchange in Germany - Join our High School Program in Germany and become an exchange student
  • study abroad Germany
  • age from 15 to 18 years old
  • Language German
  • dates August to July
  • length Trimester, Semester, Academic year
  • price from 4490 EUR
Classic High School Exchange in Germany : Description

Next possible start date: January 25th and August 2025. Apply now! 

Student Exchange in Germany: Study in a local high school and live with a German host family

Nacel's student exchange programs in Germany offer you the unique opportunity to live with a German family and study at a local high school. Like just another German teen! 

Our High School exchange in Germany offers you the highest quality immersion and educational program to improve your German language skills and enjoy the German culture

The primary purpose of this program is to engage with the exchange students in such a way that they feel right at home! Based on your application, Nacel will carefully select a great host family match for you, while at the same time granting you the opportunity to become part of one of the top educational systems worldwide.

Our Classic exchange program in Germany places students all across Germany and students may not choose a specific location. Your host family is volunteer and welcomes you as a new member of the family. If you wish to choose your destination, opt for your Select exchange program in Germany

What should I expect from this High school exchange in Germany?

  • You can study one trimester, a semester, and up to a complete academic year at a German High school.
  • You will live with German host families who will welcome you as a new family member.
  • As soon as you arrive in the country, you will attend an orientation session with your local coordinator who will provide you assistance and support throughout your program. We will keep your parents informed of your adventures in the country.

Your High School in Germany

Most exchange students in Germany attend the local “Gymnasium” or “Realschule”. With classes ranging from Year 5 to Year 13, the “Gymnasium” is the most advanced school type in Germany; most International students attend Year 10 or 11. Excellence in German proficiency will lead to higher grade placements, however, please note that placement decisions are at the sole discretion of the school Principal.

You will attend: 

  • ​two or three foreign languages,
  • Physics,
  • Biology,
  • Chemistry
  • and usually civics/social studies,
  • Mathematics,
  • Music,
  • Art,
  • History,
  • German Literature,
  • Geography,
  • Physical Education
  • and religious education/ethics.

A few afternoon activities are offered at some German schools – mainly choir or orchestra, sometimes sports, theater, or languages.

Accreditation of Grades:  During their exchange program in Germany, students should collect relevant information prior to their departure about the possibilities and processes involved in gaining credits for their studies in Germany. If a transcript of grades is required and/or specific classes need to be attended, this must be ask to the school principal on arrival and is not guaranteed. 

Graduation from this program is not possible. 

Your Exchange Program Duration

Academic year:  September to July

  • September to February
  • February to July

Visa information: Information regarding visas is provided after acceptance into the program. To learn more, visit the Embassy of Germany website.

Sign up for this exchange program in Germany with Nacel! 

Classic High School Exchange in Germany : Video
Classic High School Exchange in Germany : Extra activities

Teenage life in Germany includes extracurricular activities that German students attend at school or in local clubs on afternoons, such as Sports, Language courses, Arts, Music, Theater, Gym, etc.

We encourage you to sign up for extracurricular activities: you make new friendspractice German in a different environment than the classroom, stay fit and busy, and build strong relationships with teens from different backgrounds. This is an additional value to your exchange program in Germany. 

Classic High School Exchange in Germany : Accommodation

During your High School Study Abroad in Germany, you live with a German host family. German host families are warm, welcoming, and protective at all times. Students will be expected to join their host families for activities, such as taking part in outdoor activities, dinner time, and trips as well as helping with some basic housework tasks. Communication is very important during this program. Our host families are carefully selected, we take into account their genuine desire to share their language and culture with our international students.   

Your journey starts by meeting your German host family who opens their home and heart to you. Your German host family does not just host you and provides you with room and board. They introduce you to the family culture and German life and are your passport to this immersive German adventure!

They are your family away from home and guide you throughout the experience with the support of your local coordinator!

You create memories of a lifetime and build a strong relationship with your German family for the rest of your life.

Travel & Orientation

Once you land in Germany, you are warmly welcomed by your host family and/or your local coordinator. Your local coordinator remains in touch with yout hroughout your stay in Germany and is a support worker: you can rely on this staff to help you at any time during your exchange in Germany. Your local coordinator will conduct an orientation so that you settle in in your new life and can start this adventure with all the necessary information and tips!  

Classic High School Exchange in Germany : Procedures

All applicants to an exchange program in Germany starting in August must be completed by February and those starting in February must have their applications completed by August. 

Upon completion of the online booking form, students will be immediately contacted by a Nacel program coordinator and receive all the corresponding application form. Once this is done, we will begin the process of looking for a suitable host family and a great High school program for you in Germany.

Information about the host family and school will be provided a month prior to arrival. Nacel will also provide you with all the pertinent documents to complete your VISA application. Please bear in mind however, that students are solely responsible for this process, but we will provide guidance and support during this step! 

Classic High School Exchange in Germany : Prices

High School Exchange in Germany

* Price in Euros per participant. 

Not included : Application Fees (65 EUR)

High School Abroad in Germany:

Start Dates: 

  • September start
  • February start

Price includes

  • 20+ years of experience providing high-quality study-abroad programs
  • Processing of student applications
  • Host school placement
  • Host family accommodation with full board
  • Arrival orientation meeting (semester and academic year only)
  • Airport pick-up and transfer from the closest airport or train station, on arrival and departure
  • Necessary documentation for the student to obtain a student visa for Brazil and visa guidance
  • Support, assistance, and 24/7 Hotline
  • Regular Progress Feedback
  • Access to an in-country support team, and Nacel Student Support staff

Price does not include

  • International airfare
  • International Travel insurance
  • Visa, passport and medical exam fees
  • School material, school books and excursions, lunches
  • Local transport from and to school
  • Extra activities organized by the school and others
  • Extra language courses
  • Personal expenses and pocket money
  • Mandatory German insurance (cost will be added to the program fees, approx 470 EUR/year)
  • Special dietary requirements, e.g. gluten-free, vegetarian etc (50 € per month)
  • Emergency Repatriation and Liability insurance
Classic High School Exchange in Germany : Deadline
Apply at least 6 months before arrival.
Classic High School Exchange in Germany : Eligibility

For this High School Abroad in Germany, you:

  • must be between 15 to 18 years old
  • need to be interviewed by our counselor before being accepted for a High School Program in Germany.
  • need to have a minimum of two-year of German (A2) study (either in a face-to-face language class or online).
  • need to have good grades at school.

Motivation and Enthusiasm are an absolute requirement for your foreign exchange student in Germany! 

Classic High School Exchange in Germany : Testimonials

This year our family was host to Jana from Slovakia. It was a unique experience that helped our family to communicate with a foreign schoolgirl. We got acquainted with the culture and traditions of Slovakia and tried to show Jana the customs of our region, as well as the customs of our family. For half a year of living, Jana became a member of our family, we are very used to her and we will see her depart with sadness. Sincerely, Natalia Z. Host family of Jana J. from Slovakia, after her school year in Germany. 


Next week i go home, it was a very nice experience, which i can't forget anymore. I've learned a lot, improved the language, and done things I've wanted to do since I was little, like fencing. I met a lot of nice people who helped me, with whom I had a lot of fun and had this experience. In school it was difficult to understand the teaching well, but nevertheless I discovered a new teaching method and it was very interesting for me because everything is different in school in Italy.

I liked living here very much and I hope I can have another finite experience like this. The city is also very nice, and where I live right now is a multicultural neighborhood, with many shops and restaurants of people coming from other countries, and I have tried new interesting dishes coming from Spain, Turkey, China. During this time I was breathe in Munich in order to

to visit my sister, I drove alone with the bus for 10 hours, but I

I don't think I would have done that before, so I think I'm more independent and enterprising. I hope that I will still be able to interact with the people I met here and hopefully come here. Many greetings


Next week, I am leaving! I am so sad! my host family was the most adorable host family in the whole world and I am going to miss them very much! I It was my first time being away from home and I learned how to truly be independent. It was awesome being able to navigate an unfamiliar city and fully immerse myself in a new culture. I definetely recommend to try to participate in a high school excahnge program abroad at least once in lifetime.


Hi! I am Kimberly, from the USA. I went to Germany because I wanted to challenge myself and improve my German. Throughout the school year, I learned more than I would have ever imagined in my time studying in Germany. My classmates help me a lot to better understand some subjects. My host family and friends know they can visit me anytime in the USA! I will be happy to welcome them like they were with me.


Germany is the best country! My parents and I are considering to apply again  for this program next school year. 


Glad to have participated in this beautiful program. It's the first time I've spent Christmas away from home and it's been very magical! German people have beautiful traditions and Christmas markets! When I return to the United States I will teach them all recipes to my parents. We will do together: Plätzchen and they will love it! It's very tasty!


Germans aren't like people think. They are not always in bad humour. They are very respectful and very nice people when you know them better. My host family got along well with everyone! The people of the neighborhood were also kind and asked me many things about my country Bolivia. They are very interested in cultural things and appreciate the Latin culture. Being an exchange student in Germany for the whole school year away from my family was difficult because I missed them a lot, but later as I met more friends at school, I felt better and comfortable. I didn't have problems with German because I was already studying in a German school in Bolivia.

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