School year abroad in an International School in Paris

School year abroad in an International School in Paris

School year abroad in an International School in Paris
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Have you ever considered studying abroad in an international boarding school in Europe? If you dream of immersing yourself in the European culture while continuing your high school studies in English, don't miss our American boarding school located in the Greater Paris Area.

You join the school in 12th grade to graduate with a US High School diploma or attend a 10th or 11th grade and earn US High School semester credits. You learn French intensively during your high school studies in Paris. Notre Dame International High School is a boarding school in France, where you can enjoy both studying and having fun with your French and international friends. Our School Year Abroad in Paris is the perfect choice for you!

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  • study abroad Verneuil-sur-Seine (near Paris) France
  • age from 15 to 18 years old
  • Language French
  • dates September to June
  • length Semester, Academic Year
  • price from 11400 EUR
School year abroad in an International School in Paris : Description

Your School Year Abroad in Paris Greater Area

Your Exchange Program at an international school in Paris starts here!

Notre-Dame International High School Paris (NDIHS) is a study abroad program delivered by Nacel and Notre-Dame Les Oiseaux, a prestigious French High School with a long history of excellence. This large campus welcomes about 3000 French students from 3 to 20 years old. Notre-Dame International High School (NDIHS) is a private boarding American program in France, part of Notre-Dame Les Oiseaux. This program welcomes international students from grades 10 to 12 and introduces an exciting opportunity for exchange students in France to learn the French language and culture while attending an American curriculum held in English.

The US High School curriculum (10th to 12th grade) is taught by English-speaking teachers (History, English, Mathematics, Science, Arts, and Physical Education); the special French curriculum is provided by the French sister school Notre-Dame Les Oiseaux. Notre Dame is a bilingual international school in France

Our international school in France is located in the residential town of Verneuil-sur-Seine, 38 kilometers from Paris city center. Verneuil-sur-Seine, located on the River Seine, is “a town in the countryside”, offering all the facilities of a residential town, the proximity of Paris, but also a rich natural environment, with parks, gardens, forest, rivers, and lakes. The school is 35 minutes from Paris by public transportation. Transports have been developed between Paris city center and Verneuil, and the school itself is located 500 meters away from the train station where the students can take a train to the Paris city center (Gare St Lazare).

Study Abroad in an American school in France

Notre Dame International High School's (NDIHS) curriculum is based on a tried-and-true American curriculum, ADvanced accredited. NDIHS offers exchange students an American-styled high school education in English, leading to a US High School diploma. In addition to the American curriculum, the school offers an extensive French language and culture program. Courses, both American and French, are administered by qualified American and French teachers, who offer a bilingual study environment.

Course offerings include: 

  • Block 1: Integrated Maths 10; Integrated Maths 11; US History
  • Block 2 : Lang and Lit I; AP Human Geo; AP Bio; Business
  • Block 3: World History; Integrated Sciences 10; AP Calculus AB; Lang and Lit II
  • Block 4: Lit and performance; World elective; French intermediate
  • Block 5: French beginner; Health/Forensics; STEM; Economics/US Gov
  • Block 6: Integrated Sciences 11; AP English; AP French; International Politics/Philosophy
  • Block 7: PE; Art

Graduation is possible after completion of the required US High School credits.

Live a unique French cultural immersion in Paris during your high school studies

As an international school in Paris, the school offers various types of accommodation to its students:

  • Day schooler: this is possible for students whose families live in Paris or the Western suburbs of Paris;
  • 5-day boarding: this is perfect for students whose parents live in Paris or its surroundings and who do not wish to commute every day;
  • 7-day boarding school: this is suitable for students whose parents live overseas and who wish to experience boarding life;
  • 5-day boarding + weekend homestay: this is a very nice balance between dorm life and a real French host family experience;
  • full-time homestay: this is perfect for students who wish a deep French cultural immersion and to boost their French skills 

The Boarding house welcomes both French and international students: this is a great place to socialize with your peers! 

Visit our school website and contact us now

School year abroad in an International School in Paris : Video
School year abroad in an International School in Paris : Extra activities

The school offers various leisure sports activities and clubs open to both French and international students. International students may also have access to extracurricular activities offered outside of campus in local clubs and cultural facilities. The town of Verneuil-sur-Seine is very active and offers excellent sports and cultural activities for all. 

School year abroad in an International School in Paris : Accommodation

International school in Paris: Accommodation options

Option 1
Host family accommodation, 7 days a week, with full board (including short breaks, bank holidays, Christmas, Winter & Easter holidays). During your studies in our international school in Paris, enjoy living with a French host family to boost your French skills and become bicultural

  • Semester: 3450 EUR
  • Academic Year: 6400 EUR

Option 2
Boarding House accommodation, 5 days a week, with full board (excluding Christmas, Winter and Easter holidays)
For weekends:
- weekend homestay 

  • Semester: 4150 EUR
  • Academic Year: 8100 EUR

- weekend boarding (only available to students staying for a complete school year)

  • Semester: 6900 EUR
  • Academic Year: 13800 EUR

Our international school in Paris area is a Boarding school in France. The Boarding House is located on campus and welcomes French and international students, during the week as well as eventually on weekends. 

Option 3
No accommodation.
This option is only suitable for students already living with their parents in Paris city center or in the neighborhood of the school and who can commute easily each day to school with their parents or public transport.
Our international school in Paris welcomes Day schooler; school lunches are included. 

More information on accommodation fees.  

School year abroad in an International School in Paris : Procedures

Please request more information about our international school in France through the contact form
This Paris international school welcomes students from all over the country.  Inquire or visit the website of our French international school

If you come to visit international schools in Europe, you are welcome to see us at Notre Dame International High School and meet our faculty and students or even shadow some classes for a few hours! 

School year abroad in an International School in Paris : Prices

International school in Paris, France

 * Prices in Euros per participant.  

On offer: 

  • Semester Abroad Paris
  • School Year Abroad Paris

Price includes

  • Administration fees
  • Host school placement and tuition fees
  • School lunches
  • Textbooks (rental) and facility fees
  • Airport pick up and transfer on arrival and departure only
  • Support, assistance and 24/7 Hotline during the whole program
  • Medical, Liability and Emergency Repatriation Insurance

Price does not include

  • International airfare
  • Travel insurance (luggage lost, flight delay etc.)
  • Visa, passport and medical exam fees
  • Boarding and/or host family accommodation as per described above, with laundry for 7 day options
  • Extracurricular activities organized by the school and others
  • School material, subject fees* (if necessary), field trips, TOEFL and SAT testing fees, school clubs, school account fee, and other miscellaneous school fees (around 600 EUR)
  • Local transportation card (450 EUR)
  • Weekend lunches for students choosing 7 day boarding accommodation
  • Personal expenses and pocket money 
School year abroad in an International School in Paris : Deadline
Apply at least 4 months before arrival.
School year abroad in an International School in Paris : Eligibility

Exchange students interested in studying in this international school in France must be interviewed in their home country before being accepted for School Year Abroad in Paris (preferably in English).
A minimum of three years of English study (B1/B2) and good academic results are required to study in Paris. French is not mandatory but a plus.  

School year abroad in an International School in Paris : Testimonials
A school very committed to the education of its students. I recommend it 100%.


I appreciate very much knowing that Sean has such wonderful support from both the admission team & academic faculty available should he need any assistance settling into his new home life & school life. It is quite an adjustment for any young child to make moving so far away from home & all that is familiar. Sean is an outgoing & curious child who makes friends very easily, so I am confident his transition will go smoothly


The overall experience of attending school abroad and living with a (wonderful) host family has been very positive. For Sean to experience the vibrant & rich French culture first-hand has been invaluable to getting to know his own French lineage, as well as just having a lot of fun. Living and studying amongst a very culturally-diverse population, in a very dynamic part of the world, has opened Sean's eyes to a very interesting life that extends far beyond the confines of our small Connecticut town. And, most importantly for Sean, the friendships he has developed with his host family and with fellow NDIHS students & teachers alike will be treasured for a lifetime. My husband & I are forever grateful for the experiences & opportunities Sean was afforded through your program

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