Great summmer in France , learn French and play sports.!

You want to impove your French skills but don't know what to do... Well, there are so many different ways to learn French in France like we've seen in the previous articles! But if you like practising sports and if you have free time in July or in August, then the French and sports summer camp in France is definitely made for you... Let's mix study with pleasure!

  • Nacel Summer Camps in France are incredibly popular! It seems indeed that summer camps organized by Nacel, a well-known language travel agency that has been existing for more than 50 years now, have a big success within young people! Bookings for these programs don't stop to increase year after year... and many of the sports camps are already full!

What are the keys of this awesome success?

Sports camps in France are organized in Vichy since several years now! Their success comes mainly from word of mouth, since students who take part to the summer camps even advise their schoolmates to book a place in the same program! It seems that former participants are very enthusiastic about the fact that sports summer camps in Vichy combine French language courses and sports activities. Indeed, many different sports are available such as Tennis, Basketball, Soccer and even Rugby and Golf! Some of these camps are really popular and get full very quickly.

Here is Pablo's testimonial, a 16 year-old Spanish boy who took part in the program: "I enjoyed the experience very much and it was great that everybody at the camp was so friendly and helpful to us. It was a very enjoyable way to learn French. Thank you."

The students who take part in the summer camp in France mainly come from English-speaking or Spanish-speaking countries. This kind of French and sports summer camps enables them to improve their French skills while having fun through sport! They also enjoy sharing a lot with the French-speaking chaperones who supervise them during the sport activities. Many times chaperones are professional sportsmen or women. Even if most of the camps are full, I advise you to book the last available places of the Sports and French summer camp in France if you want to make a lot of friends from everywhere and spend an unforgettable summer!

Have a look at what is still available!

  • Tennis + French

  • Basketball + French

  • Multisports + French

  • Football + French

Get further information about this French and sports summer camp in France and book your program now! Be sure you'll enjoy the variety of the camps!

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