Sports camps in France

For your sports enthusiasts, our overnight camps in France provide an intensive sports program in the form of a summer camp! Nacel offers French immersion camps in France for students from all over the world. These junior camps in France are ideal for sportive students who have completed at least 2 years of French studies and want to become more fluent. The sports camp allows your teenager to practice his or her favorite sport during their school vacation and on top of that improve his or her French!

However, a sports camp is not just about sports but it is also about team spirit, making friends, living together and sharing a common passion!

Discover today the different formulas available for your child's next sports camp!

Standard summer camp or sports summer camp, what are the differences?

The sports camp has many similarities with the classic sleepaway summer camps that most parents and children already know. What are they?

  • The possibility of accompanied travel between the child's or teen's usual place of residence and the camp's location;
  • Accommodation in a group center, in single or multiple rooms, with full board;
  • Trained and qualified staff to ensure the safety and well-being of your child;
  • A variety of activities, in the morning, afternoon, and even in the evening.

Unlike a classic camp, a sports camp focuses on the intensive practice of a particular sport, the offer is very diverse. Soccer camp, gymnastics camp, handball camp, basketball camp, fencing camp, horseback riding camp, or dance camp, discover on the next sports vacation for your child!

Why choose a sports camp?

Choosing a sports summer camp for your child or teenager is to give them the opportunity to choose a stay with activities that they really like, corresponding to their desires and interests ;

  • to develop his team spirit, his fair play, and his empathy;
  • to become better in their chosen sport
  • meet new friends who share the same passion;
  • to combine calm and dynamic activities, sustained rhythm and relaxation, sports, and animation/games.
  • Improve their French while being totally immersed.

Like the classic camp, the sports camp also allows your child to develop autonomy and responsibility, learn about daily life in a group and socialize with other children/teens.

Primarily focused on sports, these camps can also be semi-intensive, balancing the practice of a sport with another educational activity, such as improving their French language skills.

Find the right formula that will win everyone over!

How to choose the next junior sports camp for your teenager?

The range of sports camps in France is very wide and it is sometimes difficult to find your way around. What are the essential qualities of a sports camp? There are 5 of them:

  1. Comfortable accommodation: The structure of the sports camp must allow your children to be welcomed comfortably: accommodation in individual rooms or in dormitories, sanitary facilities that comply with standards, and a sufficient number of catering services adapted to the practice of sports is necessary for your children to make the most of their stay
  2. Quality sports facilities: The sports facilities offered during the sports camp must ensure that your children can practice their favorite sport in complete safety, with up-to-date equipment that is in very good condition and adapted to intensive sports practice.
  3. Appropriate supervision: The sports camp must be supervised by a complete team of sports educators, qualified camp counselors, and a staff member in charge of your children's health.
  4. Balanced schedule: The organization and rhythm of the sports camp should be adapted to the age of your child: it allows for intensive or semi-intensive sports practice, alternate sports and relaxation, dynamic activities, and rest/relaxation/recuperation.
  5. Sharing of values: the sports camp must encourage the young athletes to develop their team spirit, their fair play, the knowledge of their own capacities and those of others, and the respect of their teammates or opponents of the day. It also helps them to better respect their bodies, adopt a healthy lifestyle and learn the right gestures to protect their bodies as athletes.

The "sports" summer camps selected by Nacel for your teenagers strictly respect these specifications. Entrust your children to the French specialist in quality sports camps!

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