The Best Way to Learn Spanish: 3 Amazing Options

Are you looking for ways to improve your Spanish? Even if you're not planning on traveling, the ability to speak this language is a great skill to have. More than 37 million people in the US speak Spanish at home. The best way to learn Span... Read

Tips for learning French

There is no better and more appealing way of learning the French language than as a foreign exchange student in France in one of our Homestay Programs. The opportunity to become immersed in the wonderful French culture, meeting new friends and gainin... Read

Testimonial from One of our Study and Volunteer Participants

A recent note we received from one of our Educational Travel students! We love hearing from our students, both during their program as well as after. And even more so when they share with us that their experiences learning abroad have provided them w... Read

Advice to the young - Study abroad

To study abroad has become an increasingly vital part of growing up, but there are more benefits linked to attending language schools abroad than the mere experience of making it on your own in a strange environment. At an age where you are not just ... Read

The nasal twang of your French tutor

So you are finally on your way to attend private French lessons in Paris itself, what could be better, you are set up with a highly recommended French tutor and you have listened to a lot of tapes and watched a lot of that famous French cinema to get... Read

LEARNING ENGLISH ABROAD - the adventure of a lifetime

The adventure of learning English abroad is a thing to keep in mind as you are sitting in the classroom feeling bored, with half your attention span more than half way out the door. Signing up for an English language school is like a premonition to w... Read

Germany: a country full of treasures!

Do you like the sea, mountains, cities that are constantly moving and historic small towns of Germany full of history with an incredible architecture? Each of the 16 states of Germany has its own history and scenery all different but all beautiful. ... Read

The Music Day in France!

Music Day is the celebration of music and a way to discover new talents. This day has evolved from a few scattered in the streets to a major event of the early summer. The Music Day has been initiated by the Culture of Minister Jack Lang June 21, 198... Read

ESTA procedure to enter the United States

Study, work or travel in a foreign country often requires a lot of paperwork and especially for the U.S. territory. Indeed, the ESTA procedure is one of the necessary administrative procedures to study in the United States. Since 2009, participants m... Read

Welcome to the United States !

We want you to have a very good experience studying in the United States with your host family, so here are some shrewdnesses to help you become the best young foreign guest: -Above all, allow yourself the opportunity to experience a new culture and ... Read

Live in a host family abroad and discover a new country!

You wish to get acquainted with a civilization and a culture different from yours? You look for an accommodation during a traineeship abroad? You wish to improve your language knowledge but independently, without attending any language course? This s... Read

Adding a Foreign Language to your Degree

Just like choosing a career for your future if you want to progress faster, it would be a good idea to take a total-immersion course in a country where the language is spoken natively to add a bonus asset to your degree. A semester abroad to become f... Read

A Japanese student in France: discover her experience!

This is the story of Kana S. who came to study in France for a year. Originally from Osaka in Japan, she decided to leave her family to integrate a French host family and a French high school in order to learn the French language. She wrote a testimo... Read

Who doesnt dream abroad to Canada?

Its the 2nd largest state in the world, its a bilingual country: English and French. Wonderful landscape, its one of only country where summer like winter all its amazing. Heritage American and French, various cultures are in the place. For exampl... Read

More than a school, Notre Dame International High School!

Another blog to share with students interested in International studies: You may read the adventures of students in an American School in Paris! Its really funny! You can see photos and the everyday life of these foreign students in the city of Pa... Read

Prepare the TOEIC exam!

The TOEIC is the most recognized English test in the world. Many companies of all around the world use it. His goal: to measure and certify the English level of international people whose mother tongue is not English.It may be students looking for jo... Read

Let's go to Glasgow!

Scotland is a sweet country with beautiful landscapes. Based in Glasgow, Scotland's largest city, the Glasgow School of English provides the ideal location to enjoy the culture, history, arts and music, great food, outdoor sports, and beauti... Read

Learn English in LIVERPOOL!

Do you know Liverpool? The city of The Beatles and the famous football team of Reds. What better way than to combine the fun of learning English and enjoy the fun of the culture of this country and this city full of resources. For learn the Englis... Read

Spend a year abroad with a High School program!

If you're eager of improving your skills in any foreign language, take this opportunity! The Academic Year Program enables a young student (between 13 and 18) to go for the whole academic year abroad. You can also take part in for a shorter perio... Read

How can I learn a foreign language?!

You're eager to learn a new language? Here are some advises on what you can do to achieve it! Learn on your own: you can begin to learn any language on your own, for example by reading newspapers or books in the language in question, listening to... Read

Follow the path of champions with Sports Summer Camps!

Some weeks ago we told you about the French organism SEJ (Sports Elite Jeunes) and their original discount for the 2010 FIFA World Cup on soccer summer camps. Did you know that if you take part in these sports camps you could follow the path of some ... Read

Mum will love soccer and the FIFA World Cup more than ever

For the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, the French organism SEJ (Sports Elite Jeunes) decided to launch a special and original discount. Mums, you who usually hate soccer, you'll now like it more than ever. You know what? If your teen get en... Read

Have you ever heard about Spanglish?

Spanglish is a hybrid of Spanish and English that mainly Latinos living in the USA use. Spanglish is slightly different from place to place. It's spoken in Gibraltar (it's called Llanito there), but mainly throughout the American continent... Read

How to deal with culture shock when going abroad

Three weeks ago we talked about "culture shock" and tried to understand better what it deals with. Here are some advices to make the culture shock less important and the recovery easier when going abroad.1) Cultural relativism: focus on the... Read

Some good reasons to learn Arabic!

Arabic, as part of the Semitic languages, is a very ancient language. As a result, it has had a strong influence in many other languages. For some of you, you can be sure that you use several arabic words every day without even being aware of it! As ... Read

Work and Travel in Australia: what else?

Some days ago we introduced you to the Work and Travel program in New Zealand. The same program also exists in Australia! Have you ever dreamt of visiting Australia? Make your dream come true! Let's work and travel in this big country! Australia ... Read

Interested in studying abroad? Let's go to Canada!

Combining secondary school studies and homestay in an English speaking or French speaking host family... it's the best way to dramatically improve your English and/or French language skills, don't you think?! Maybe you should consider enrolli... Read

Language School in Granada: Marie's Testimonial

Marie is a French student aged 26. She decided to study in Nacel's language school in Granada for 4 weeks. Afterwards, she accepted to give us a short interview to speak about her experience. If you plan to study Spanish in Granada with us, this ... Read

Life in Germany: Useful Vocabulary to Travel in Germany

You will stay in Germany for a while. Here are some useful sentences and words to use while there! Meeting people How are you? Wie geht es Ihnen? I'm happy to meet you! Es freut mich, Ihre Bekanntschaft zu machen. Did you travel well? Haben sie d... Read

Canadian Host Family : About Manners and Meals in Canada

Going to Canada? The advices below will help you with meals and manners there! :-) Meals -Food in Canada can be different from the one you are used to. Try to sample everything, and if you don't like something, say it (politely and tactfully) to ... Read

Host Family in England and Ireland: Food Tips!

You are going to Ireland or to England, and you will be hosted by a local host family? Here are some useful information and advices related to food and meals! About meals! Generally, there are 3 meals in the UK: -Breakfast: you will generally have ca... Read

How to get College Credits for Language Courses Abroad

You definitively want to earn credits with your language course abroad. Don't worry; it can be really simple, as long as you organize the procedure in advance! Whether you are thinking to go with a well structured program or are planning a more ... Read

Work and Study in Canada: Ababacar's testimonial!

Here is Ababacar's testimonial. Ababacar, a young 26 years old French student, is currently participating in the Work and Study program in Canada. The Work and Study program in Canada allows students to learn English in a carefully selected langu... Read

Free Time Abroad: 10 Ideas of Activities!

So, you will be going abroad, but you are a bit anxious on what to do during your free time and how to take the most out of it? Stop worrying, here are plenty of ideas to enjoy your free time abroad! 1 Before going, check how much free time you will ... Read

Tips to Improve a Language on Your Own!

When it comes to learn a foreign language, there are many options. The most effective is a travel abroad to learn the language! But if you cant afford to learn a language abroad or if you are planning to improve your language skills before your langu... Read

10 Tips to Cope With Homesickness

During a language travel abroad, you are away from home, from family, from friends Sometimes, you can feel as lost and have a strange feeling, which is called homesickness. Homesickness is when you miss your own country and family. Its different from... Read

How to Prepare Yourself to a Language Travel Abroad?

Participating in a language trip abroad is an important decision, which requires a lot of preparation. Here are some advices on how to prepare yourself for your language trip abroad!1-The first important thing is to carefully choose where you will be... Read

Discovering London and Learning English at the Same Time?

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the United Kingdom? Discover London, its worldwide famous places, see changing the guard, visit the Royal Palace Nacel offers an exceptional program that combines language courses and a visit of London and its s... Read

International Prom at Saint Paul Preparatory School!

Prom night is a very famous tradition from the American High Schools. Many teen movies have a prom night inside, from  Grease to Twilight. Who has not dreamed of living one of these parties for real? Students at the Saint Paul Preparatory School... Read

Travel abroad and Visa: How Can I Know What I Need?

Travelling abroad is not always easy. It may come with many complicated stories, from the planning to the departure back home. However, most of the time, you are helped through the preparation process by qualified staffs. But for some issues, you wil... Read

10 Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

Feeling like learning another language could be interesting but you need to be totally convinced? Read these reasons and youll want to start learning a foreign language right away!  1-You will be able to increase your global knowledge, understan... Read

10 Reasons to Learn English

Learning English is almost an evidence for many people around the world. We wanted to give you some reasons why learning English is so important!  1-English is the most spoken language around the world. 1 out 5 persons understands it! 2-Many of ... Read

Scholarships and financial aids for Spanish students

Spanish students who want to learn a language abroad may have the opportunity to receive scholarships for their trip abroad. Here is a small review of the scholarships Spanish students could be eligible to: -Becas MEC: These Becas MEC are schola... Read

Top 10 Advices to Cope with Cultural Shock!

When one goes abroad, especially for a long stay, he can feel overwhelmed by a strange feeling named cultural shock. This is not a fatality, and cultural shock can be fought! Find out how by reading these 10 advices! 1-First, you must know what ... Read

Top 10 mistakes you should not do abroad!

Students' safety while abroad is really important for us at Nacel. There are common mistakes one quickly learn not to do abroad, like driving on the right side in the UK. Please don't even try it :) But for some other mistakes, a quick remind... Read

10 tips to raise money to fund your language trip abroad!

Many students want to participate in language course abroad, but money is often an issue. At Nacel we tried to find the best tips for you to raise some money to help financing your language courses abroad! 1-Do jobs for your neighbours and family lik... Read

10 Reasons to Learn a Language Abroad

Learning a language abroad is always a great choice. If you're here on Nacel's blog, you surely already have your own motivations to learn a language abroad... But maybe you'll find some new one in this post! 1- Getting the right accen... Read
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