Why students should study abroad in high school?

How old is old enough to go overseas? Specifically -- to study overseas?

There are study abroad benefits, and you should embark on this adventure while you're still young. But rather than waiting until college, your high school years are an ideal time to study abroad.

You can see a new country, experience the rush of traveling, and contribute to your education.

Study Abroad in High School

Here are a few reasons why you should study abroad in high school.

  • High School is Different in Other Countries

Are your studies bogged down by annoying students and unsafe school conditions?

That's how many high school students live their life. But not all countries tolerate this behavior. Certain countries have strict education standards and have a no-tolerance rule for bullying and bad behavior.

If this appeals to you, consider looking into a country with incredible high school education standards.

Some countries have different high school culture than your country. Certain countries have different breaks, study different days of the week, and some countries offer schooling that's fully remote.

When you study abroad in high school, you experience interesting high school cultural differences.

  • Study Abroad is More Affordable Than You Think

One of the main reasons why students don't want to study abroad in high school is because of the cost.

Maybe their parents can't afford their expenses. High school students also don't have the opportunity to save money for their travel expenses.

But studying abroad is more affordable than you think.

Certain trips include packages such as airfare and other educational activities. For high school study abroad trips, you usually stay at a family's house who can help pay for your needs such as food and clothing.

What about private schooling? Certain countries have cheaper high school education programs. Some countries offer intensive education for free; you may need to pass a test to qualify, but you'll receive free schooling.

Does your school lack a study abroad trip or foreign exchange program? You have other options.

There are plenty of programs available where you live with a family for free. You'll usually be asked to clean, cook, and help take care of their kids. But you can still attend high school or do your schooling remotely.

  • It Looks Great on Your College Application and Resume

Are you applying for a prestigious university? To enroll, they will look at several aspects of your educational history.

This goes beyond your grades -- these universities want to know your extracurricular activities and everything you've done to achieve success. This includes study abroad in high school.

Study abroad looks great on a college application. Because you lived in a different country, your cultural views expanded.

All of these are positive qualities that universities will take into consideration.

Study abroad also looks great on a resume. If you're applying for an internship or an entry-level job, any employer will appreciate seeing a study abroad trip on your application.

An employer finds positive and unique qualities in each employee. A study abroad trip is your chance to prove your open mind, your ambition, and how you like going outside of your comfort zone.

  • Travel While You're Young

You hear this advice consistently: if you want to travel, do so while you're young. Why is that? When you're young, you're not held down by responsibilities such as children. You have free reign to explore the world.

There are setbacks while you're in high school. You can't do certain activities until you're a certain age and you usually need a guardian to assist you during certain trips.

But there's nothing in the world like traveling, and it's best to travel while you're young.

  • Easier to Learn a Foreign Language

When you're in school, you have plenty of opportunities to learn a language. If you aren't already bilingual by the time you reach high school, then high school is the perfect opportunity to learn a second language.

But what's an easier way to learn a second language? Immerse yourself in the culture. You can learn plenty of material from a book and tests, but nothing prepares you more than being around people who only speak a foreign language.

When you force yourself to speak to someone in a foreign language, you learn the language faster.

If you go through language schooling, it could take you years to become fluent in a second language. But when you live in a different country, you learn their language more quickly.

In this modern age, bilingual individuals have a better chance of landing a great job. Many positions even require bilingualism. When you study abroad in high school, you take steps closer to bilingualism.

  • Helps You Find Your Career Path

As a high school student, you usually don't think about your career. You're too busy socializing and staying young.

But traveling makes you a different person. You're out of your comfort zone, surrounded by strangers in a foreign place.

You experience new beginnings while reflecting on yourself and your life. When choosing a career path, going to another country helps you understand who you're meant to become.

Maybe you experienced something in another country that you love. Maybe your new high school offers classes and activities your former high school didn't. Or maybe, your new home offers an experience your home never provided.

  • Time to Study Abroad in High School

There are many exciting opportunities when traveling abroad.

You meet new friends, experience a new country, and have the opportunity to travel. But study abroad gives you the opportunity to attend a new school, learn a new language, and grow as a person.

If you desire to travel, don't wait until you're held back by adult responsibilities. Travel the world while you're young and study abroad.

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